7 Ways To Turn Your Rooms Into A Self Sanctuary

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With the global pandemic and more people working from home, we're spending more time in our homes and bedrooms. As a result, we can often neglect our environment in favor of getting work done. How can we bring our attention back to our rooms and turn them into a self-care sanctuary?

7 Ways To Turn Your Rooms Into A Self Sanctuary

1. Separate Work And Sleep

If it can be avoided, do not work in your bedroom. Many doctors note that working from your bedroom can disrupt sleep. Working from your room makes you associate the space with being alert and awake. 

To make our rooms a sanctuary, we need to fall asleep and rest at ease. If you work in your room or bed, it will make it harder to switch gears when it's time to relax. Try working in a separate room. Taking frequent breaks to leave the room can also help.

You can also incorporate a routine to switch from work to relaxation. This routine could be in the form of changing clothes, journaling or even going for a walk. Doing any of these will help you change mindsets from work to play.

2. Tidy Up Your Space

Taking the time to make sure your room is clean and organized will make it more comfortable. Clutter will not only add chaos to your life but to your head as well.

You want your room to be a place of retreat. To do this, organize loose papers and objects. Try to make sure everything in your room has a good home. Digging through drawers to find something will only add to the feeling of discomfort.

Consider the layout of your room as well. Figure out what the purpose of your space is and what you're trying to accomplish through it. For example, to make your bedroom a place of rest, you should move your calendars and workspace.

3. Personal Reminders

Having personal reminders and sentimental objects will only add to your comfort. Your room and personal space should be a reflection of who you are and what you value.

Ask yourself what mood and feeling you are trying to create with your room. If you're trying to make the mood of motivation, hang up a vision board. If you want to feel relaxed and at ease, consider the lighting.

Placing sentimental objects is also a good decision. If you are away from your friends and family, hanging photos will make you feel at home. Try asking one of your friends to make you a piece of art. This piece of art will remind you of that relationship and the good memories you have.

4. Consider The Five Senses

You can utilize your five senses to add comfort to your room. If you like a more quiet and Serene space, removing screens and sounds will help. If you want to feel more energized, plugging in a sound system is the way to go.

Our sense of touch can't go neglected either. Find a texture you like, and incorporate the texture into your bedding sheets and pillows. If you're somebody who doesn't like oversized heavy bedding, go with a lighter option.

When it comes to scents, there's a wide variety of options. You can use candles, incense, and oils to make your room feel more like a retreat. Make sure to find a scent that calms you and doesn't give you a headache. Take out your trash regularly or remove your garbage can entirely to remove negative smells.

The visuals in your room are also important. If you have an unsightly piece of furniture, consider swapping it for something more pleasing. Find out what colors and shades you like and decorate your room accordingly. These decorations can be in the form of paint, wallpaper, and even art.

You can also use taste to up your comfort. If you like to have snacks readily available, consider placing a jar of your favorite candy on a nightstand. If you find yourself craving water, make sure to have your water bottle filled at all times.

5. A Bit Of Nature Never Hurt

Try incorporating a bit of nature into your space. There are proven benefits of houseplants. In addition, indoor plants can reduce stress, anxiety and improve the quality of your air.

Taking care of a house plant can also be therapeutic. Having a plant to take care of will get you out of your head and make your room feel more like a retreat.

6. Create Intentional Spaces

Having a space in your room for a passion or hobby is a must. If you like reading, try placing a chair dedicated to the activity. The same goes for journaling. Or, maybe you like to wind down by being more creative. Incorporate a space where you can express yourself freely. If you're a more active type, you might like a more open space. You can use this extra space for yoga or light exercise.

7. It's Your Space!

Remember that this is your space. You can customize and personalize your room however you see fit. What might be comfortable to others might be uncomfortable to you.
Suppose you like loud sounds and dark colors. That's perfectly okay. Alternatively, you could like a quiet room with lighter shades.

Part of self-care is finding out what works for you. Your sanctuary will differ from somebody else's. Explore different ideas and play around with the various aspects of your personality. However, you decide to create your sanctuary, do it with the right intention.

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