10 Best Red Christmas Tree


Break from tradition and celebrate the season with a red Christmas tree. It is bold, festive, and eye-and catching. Red Christmas tree is a great way to add 'hot and spicy' with some sass to your holiday collection this year.

The color red can make you feel passionate and energized. At the same time, it makes you feel warm and loved. It is a color you will want to add to your home this holiday season.

Before Purchasing...

Before you add a red Christmas tree into your holiday addition, here are some questions you should consider. What color shade you are going for a light, dark, or bright red Christmas. How tall does the tree need to be to fit perfectly right in your home? Are you looking for a fuller or a slender tree look? Do you want a tree that comes pre-lit, or would you like to place the light yourself?

10 Best Red Christmas Tree

1. Red Tinsel Christmas Tree

red christmas tree

Slim and sleek, this 6' tinsel tree with matching stand is perfect for display in corners or areas with limited floor space.

2. 3' Red Tinsel With Led Light

red christmas tree 2

A beautiful 3' red lush Christmas tree comes pre-lit. 

3. 5' Red Artificial Christmas Tree

red christmas tree

Beautiful red Christmas tree that comes pre-lit. 

4. Bold Ombre Christmas Tree 

Not sure which shade of red? Check out this pre-lit ombre Christmas tree. 

5. Full Body Pine Tree

red christmas tree 4

A 5' full-bodied and dazzle ruby red Christmas pine tree comes pre-lit with 250 LED bulbs.

6. Shiny Tinsel Christmas Tree

red christmas tree 6
Break free from traditional design and opt-in for a tinsel film and shiny Christmas tree this year. It is pretty on its own without any decorations.

7. 5ft Vintage Cute Skinny Small Pop up Christmas Tree

red christmas tree

Get this cute pop up 5 feet red Christmas tree for under $20!

8. Festive Red Christmas Tree

red christmas

A fun and festive red Christmas tree that is available in nine different sizes. Available lit or unlit. 

9. Sparkling Red Christmas Tree

red christmas

Sparkling, pop up red Christmas tree that comes pre-lit. When the season is over, it can be collapsed just as easily and stored away for next year.

10. 4' Medium pine red tinsel Christmas tree

red christmas

4' Medium pine red tinsel Christmas tree that offers sparkle and shimmer.

How To Decorate A Red Christmas Tree

The red Christmas tree has a bold color and grant look, so it is beautiful on its own with some Christmas light. If you are looking to decorate it and do more, here are my tips.

When decorating your red Christmas tree, keep a simple design. Because the color red is bold, you don't want to have too many colors, patterns, or shape ornaments. Having too many things going on will take away the bold and sassy beauty of the tree. The right color decoration that goes well with red includes gold, white, or silver.

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