20 Beautiful Living Room Floor Lamps


place. It is where you entertain family and friends, have cozy movie marathons, and a place for reading. All make this room the center of your home that deserves more than just an overhead light, and factors to consider when looking for light ideas.

An ideal living room should have layered lighting that illuminates all four corners to create a pleasant atmosphere and sets the mood of the living room. Floor lamps are the perfect addition to your living room. They are stylish, unique decor element, and it sets the vibe. 

To help you to find your perfect living room floor lamp, we have put together 20 beautiful living room floor lamps ideas for you.

20 Beautiful Living Room Floor Lamps

1. Overarching Floor Lamp

Overarching Acrylic Shade Floor Lamp

A modern lamp that sweeps up from its base into a graceful gravity-defying arc. 

2. Bower LED Floor Lamp

Bower LED Floor Lamp

A contemporary floor lamp that is top with glass globes, and the slimming, sculptural body is captivating from all angles. It is a piece that is both dynamic and harmonious.

3. Light Rods Floor Lamp

Light Rods LED Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is your sculptural art. It has adjustable arms that can be repositioned to create your ideal form.

4. Wood LED Floor Lamp

Linear Wood LED Floor Lamp

5. Pine Lake Reading Floor Lamp

Pine Lake 68" Task/Reading Floor Lamp

Illuminate your space with a clean, modern style floor lamp.

6. Arched Floor Lamp

Montes Arched Floor Lamp

7. Tripod Floor Lamp

Newnan 59" Tripod Floor Lamp

A Native American inspired floor lamp that brings brilliance and simplicity. 

8. Bulb Floor Lamp

Hendley 72" Floor Lamp

Light up your space in style with this distinctive floor lamp. 

9. Lantern Floor Lamp

Lynn 62.5" Floor Lamp

The floor light with style is the perfect option for illuminating your space.

10. Column Floor Lamp

Stefanie 62.8" Column Floor Lamp

A stylish and multifunctional floor lamp that is perfect for space-saving.

11. Bungalow Inspired Hangover  Arched Floor Lamp

Myrtle Avenue Hangover 70" Arched/Arc Floor Lamp

This perfect unique rattan for your beach house. 

12. A Touch Of Nature Overhang Task Floor Lamp

Wadlington Overhang 61" Task Floor Lamp

This floor lamp brings a touch of outdoors right inside. 

13. Column Art Floor Lamp

Quintan 72" Column Floor Lamp

14. Novelty Floor

Waconia 60" Novelty Floor

A stunning floor lamp that adds elegance and shimmers to your living room.

15. Cozy Arched Floor Lamp

Nocera 76.5" Arched/Arc Floor Lamp

Cozy with a statement floor lights that looks like a piece of art. 

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