21 Dreamy BOHO Living Room Ideas


Today, the term "boho" is used to define things that unconventional and artistic. Bohemian style is all about expressing your style regardless of the current trends. This style will put your creativity to test and break from tradition. Layering different patterns, experimenting with color schemes, and replying on eclectic accessories, the task and style isn't for everyone.  

We have put together 21 dreamy bohemian living rooms for some inspiration. 

1. Get Creative With Your Art

Get Creative With Your Art

Source: @the_blended_home

Branch out of your usual art print and decorate with colorful basket. This wall of baskets accent gives the space a color pop and texture. Naturally, this wall is the feature wall. 

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2. Green, White and Orange

Green, White and Orange

Source: unknown

One successfully way to design a boho style living room is to stick with a color theme and stick to it. 

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3. Au Natural

Au Natural

Source: @boniainterior

This living room looks like the perfect cozy place to sit back and relax. The space is simple to mimic and you only need a handful of items. 

4. Boho Mid Western Style

Boho Mid Western Style

Source: @bohome.design

Beautiful Mid Western style inspired living room. 

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5. Bright And Hanging

Bright And Hanging

Source: @marzena.marideko

Grab a seat in the hanging chair, lets discuss your home design. 

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6. Petite Boho Living room

Petite Boho Living room

Source: @lovelilythelabel

The compact living room is big on style. The white and neutral make the space feel big and crisp. The brown leather pillow gives the space a texture and a color pop. 

7. A Wall Down Memory Lane

A Wall Down Memory Lane

Source: @lifewithsonnyjade

A walk through memory lane with this boho style living room. 

8. Boho Earthy Living

Boho Earthy

Source: @lovelilythelabel

What could be more creative than adding some hanging air plants to your boho nature vibe living room. 

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9. Trendy Boho Living Room

Trendy Boho Living Room

Source: @kylamagrathinteriors

Boho chic living room with soft color pop. Alot of textures from the pillow to the throws. 

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10. Boho Chic

Boho Chic

Source: @livingroomdecor_

Cozy boho chic living room with chunky textured, and soft fluffy throws. 

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11. Vintage Tropical Boho Vibe

Vintage Tropical Boho Vibe

Source: @myhome_my_way

Vintage tropical boho vibe with black and white tropical foliage arts. 

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12. Neutral Bohemian Living Room

 Neutral Bohemian Living Room

Source: @honeyimhomeinteriors

Neutral boho living room let nature supply the main color. 

13. Boho With Southwestern Influence

Boho With Southwestern Influence

Source: @lovelilythelabel

Boho style with a touch of Southwestern influence. The leather couch and the wheat feather really sets the statement for the room. 

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14. Fun With Pattern

Fun With Pattern

Source: @lounima_darideco

This living room got the pattern and texture going on. The fluffy white rug, textured purple pillow, and the pattern pillow adds a fun dynamic to the space. 

15. Minimalist Boho Living Room

Minimalist Boho Living Room

Source: @lovelilythelabel

All you need is white and more white with a kiss of nature. 

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16. A Pop Of Color

A Pop Of Color

Source: Unknown

The orange and textured green pillow really adds a color pop to this neutral color space. 

17. Color Combo Boho Living Room

Color Combo Boho Living Room

Source: unknown

The pink and green is the perfect color combo give this bohemian style living room a pop. 

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18. Bright And Airy 

Bright And Airy

Source: @sandradeco__sweet_home

White on white and still can define the space and adds texture

19. The Nature Look

Rattan All The Way

Source: @lovelilythelabel

Boho state of mind. Rattan all the way from furniture to lighting. 

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20. Bright Bohemian Style Living Room

Bright Bohemian Style Living Room

Source: @woodlab_belgrade

Light and bright. Have fun with pattern and texture. 

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21. Bright With Texture

Bright With Texture

Source: @emilia_boho_home

Boho living room with layers throws and pillows, and rich textured wall hangs.

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