15 Black Lamp Shades For Under $50

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Black lamp shades bring chic, modern, elegant, and sophistication into any the home interior. It works well with any interior design color palette and style. However, black lamp shades are not the most popular color when it comes to buying lamp shades. It is dark in color and less bright, but you can turn the room into a stylish, timeless, elegant space with the right combination.

Whether you are looking for a dash of 'drama' or a bold contrast in your space, black lamp shades are a great addition to your home. The color black brings bold contrast to your neutral tones and muted shade space. Plus, the color black is also suitable for any age and gender. It is the perfect color palette for everyone.

Turning your current shade into the black lamp shade is super easy with some paint or spray paint. But if you are not down for some DIY, here are 15 black lamp shades for under $50 that you don't want to miss. And there is a mysterious bonus waiting for you at the end of this post.

15 black lamp shades for under $50

1. A touch of Gold

A Touch Of Gold Black Shade

Smooth linen drum shaped black shade that features a gold interior for that high-end touch.

2. The Best Deal

black lamp shade

A beautiful solid black accent lamp shade that is made with recycled paper! This chic black lamp shade is the best deal we found.

3. Black Chimney Empire Lamp Shade

Black Chimney Empire Lamp Shade

A solid black lamp shade in a classic empire shape.

4. Black Mushroom Pleated Style

black Mushroom lamp shade

Black lamp shade with mushroom pleat fabric.

5. Rectangle Black Lamp Shade

Rectangle Black Lamp Shade

Add style to your space with this rectangle lamp shade.

6. Black Oblong Cut Corner Lamp Shade

Black Oblong Cut Corner Lamp Shade

The powerful black fabric lamp shade has a cut corner, oblong design, and a taupe lining.

7. Black Stretch Bell Lamp Shade

Black Stretch Bell Lamp Shade

Black stretch bell shade. This is the perfect shade for accenting ornate table or floor lamps.

8. Square Cut Black Lamp Shade

Square Cut Black Lamp Shade

This square-cut corner lampshade is an elegant and traditional option for your lighting needs.

9. Black Shade with Gold Trim

Black Shade With Gold Trim

This black fabric shade offers characters to any space. The shape is a timeless style, and it is perfect for adding a fresh look to your favorite lamp. 

10. Bell Clip Lamp Shade

Bell Clip Lamp Shade

Black lamp shade with a fancy trim.

11. Vintage Clip On Lamp Shade

Vintage Clip On Lamp Shade

This vintage clip-on metal lamp shade has a traditional style that is the perfect addition to any space. The open design with vertical wires is ideal for showing off the lightbulb inside. If you are in a DIY mood, add your personal touch with yarn or paper to create something unique.

12. Black Scalloped Bell Lamp Shade

Black Scalloped Bell Lamp Shade

A classic scalloped bell-shaped lamp shade with a braided trim. This lamp will add character to any space.

13. Cow Hide Drum Lamp Shade

Cow Hide Drum Lamp Shade

This eye-teasing shade brings a little western appeal to any space and matches any palette with its black and white color scheme.

14. Black Mental Lamp Shade

Black Mental Lamp Shade

Metal in black makes your room and bedroom full of mystery.

15. Black Willow Tree Lamp Shade

Black Willow Tree Lamp Shade

This shade features a beautiful willow tree design that will add characters to any space.

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Black Lamp Room Design Ideas

Your mysterious bonus! To help you design your space, we have found a few black lamp room design ideas here for you to use as a reference.

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