18 Creative Ways To Style Your Dining Room Curtains


When it comes to dining room decor idea, a few things like rugs, light fixtures, arts are always on top of the list. But there is one thing that is always on the bottom, curtains.

While curtains do not take up a lot of space, finding the right ones to outfit your window can make or break your room. It is one of the focal points in any room, and it draws a lot of attention. Your eyes can quickly draw to how beautiful the window treatment completes the space or how terribly the design went wrong. And unlike other accessories in your house, window treatments also affect how it appears outside your home.

Curtains plays a critical role in your dining room. They offer privacy, insulation, and adding vibe to space. When it's time to shop, take your time to choose what kind of window treatment would fit your unique taste the best.

We have come up with 18 creative ways to style your dining room curtains and help you find the treatments that work for your space.

Here Are 18 creative ways to style your dining room curtains

1. Dark And Bold

Dark And Bold

Source: @kylamagrathinteriors

Dark-colored dining room curtains work best against light walls. Dark curtains in large space with very high ceilings will provide visually shrink of the space and give it a cozier vibe.

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2. Go light and airy

Go light and airy

Source: @popsofcolorhome

To maximize the amount of light coming through your dining room, a light and airy sheer white curtain is your best friend. They will keep the space lit without making space feel closed off. 

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3. Go Natural

Source: @randilynnblog 

Natural blinds like bamboo or rattan will let little natural light to shine through while allowing some privacy. 

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4. Find one that matches your wall

matches your wall

Source: @armadilloandco

Matching your dining room curtains to your wall color will develop a full aesthetic and create an illusion of the room size.

5. Matchy matchy

Matchy matchy

Source: @budgethomeinterior_

If you have a color scheme happening in your space, stick to it. Go with dining room curtains that fit your color scheme.

6. Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Source: @dekoriapl

Roman shades make it feel personalized and refined. These beautiful leaf pattern shades add some fun color to this space while keeping the light out.

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7. Contrasting Prints

Contrasting Prints

Source: @marlainateich

A floral pattern valance and a simple solid color curtain would add a fun contrast to any space.

8. Tie up shades

Tie up shades

Source: @katieandhercanines

A tie-up shades is understated elegance with a romantic touch. 

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9. White Black Out Curtain

White Black Out Curtain

Source: @cocorepublic

A solid white blackout curtain can of you that bright illusion while keeping the sun out of sight.

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10. Blackout Patterns

Blackout Patterns

Source: @megmcsherryinteriors

Add character to your space and keeping the sun out of sight by going with a blackout pattern curtain. 

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11. Dramatic curtains

Dramatic Curtains

Source: @millerhomesuk

Having your curtain stretch from the floor to ceiling can add a contrasting effect by making the room feel taller. This style is the perfect dining room curtains for small space.

12. Short And sweet

Source: @lifs_interieuradvies 

Hanging your curtain midpoint of the window would ensure your privacy while keeping things interested in style. 

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13. Bright And Cheerful

Source: @brianjmccarthyinc

Bright and cheerful living room curtains would corresponds well with light and simple space. It sets warm-toned lighting and brightens up the space.

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14. Two Tone

Two Tone

Source: @gabrielaherdearquitetura

Two different colors of curtain can bring a statement to your room. With two-toned idea, you get to play with color and texture without getting too busy with your window treatments.

When working with a neutral, monochrome palette, consider matching your curtains to your scheme's primary color. Or go half light and half dark color pallet. This combination would help to make the space feel bigger.

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15. Add More Hues

Add More Hues

Source: @nancyraeinteriors

Two tones or multi-hued dining room curtains can add style and characters to the room. Why have one color when you can have more?

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16. Go with A Pattern

Source: @livingpeterson

Patterned dining room curtains can really provide a fun and whimsical vibe. Patterns can play a role in changing the dimension to the space and create an illusion. 

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17. Add a fun trim

Go Nude or with a fun trim

Source: @zebraskindecor

Add a pop with printed trim will give your neutral based curtain characters.

18. Go Neutral

Go Neutral

A neutral color curtain goes well with any colored wall.

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