The Best Toilet Bowl For Your Bathroom Update

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While a new toilet bowl may not be the most glamorous purchase during a bathroom update, it's certainly one of the most important. So to help you make the right bowl for your bathroom space, we've rounded up the best toilet bowls on the market in 2021.

How to choose a toilet bowl

With so many toilet bowl models to choose from, choosing between bowls is no easy task. Here are a few tips on how to find the right product:

  • One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Toilets— Toilets come in two configurations. Traditional two-piece toilets are built with a separate bowl and tank. On the other hand, one-piece toilets feature a seamless design with no crevices or hard-to-reach places.
  • Toilet Size— While elongated bowls make for a more comfortable seat, round bowls are better suited for small spaces.
  • Seat Height— While most standard toilets have a seat height of around 15-16 inches, some models are designed with an extra-tall seat height that's great for elderly or physically limited users but not so great for households with small children.
  • Flushing Technology: Most bowl uses gravity-flush systems. The newer style pressure-assisted flushing technology, where pressurized air forces water into the bowl. Another one is the dual-flush— A dual flushing system offers two different flushing options (a full or partial flush), typically 1 and 1.28 gallons. In certain parts of the country, installing a dual-flush or high-efficiency toilet can qualify you for a water conservation rebate.
  • High-Efficiency Water Usage— Updating your space with a water-efficient bowl is a great way to reduce your home's environmental footprint. High-efficiency bowls use around 1.28 gallons per flush, 20% less than the 1.6 gallons used by most standard toilets. Some flushing systems in ultra-high-efficiency bowls use as little as 1 gallon per flush. To find these high-efficient bowls, look for Environmental Protection Agency's "WaterSense" label
  • Smart Toilets— If you're someone who loves their Apple Watch and Alexa, you may want to consider splurging a bit on a smart toilet with the technology to open and close using motion sensors and auto-flush for hands-free use.
  • Bidet— A bidet can make your washroom experience more relaxing and refreshing thanks to a heated seat, adjustable water spray, and air drying functions.
  • Price— Before you begin shopping, you'll want to set yourself a realistic budget. Spending a bit more likely means a higher quality product with additional features and longer product life.

What You Need To Do Before Purchasing a Toilet Bowl

Before purchasing a new toilet bowl, you'll want to check the measurements of your current toilet and the available space around it. In addition to measuring the overall dimensions of the toilet, you'll also need to measure where the bolts are bolted into the floor. It's far easier to measure your space now than it is to go through the hassle of replacing an ill-fitting product later.

Replacing a is a major project, so (unless you're experienced in plumbing or home renovations) you'll probably need a professional to remove your old bowl and install your new one. While it's possible to do it yourself, a professional installation ensures the job is done right. Installation typically costs around $150-$300 per toilet, not including the cost of the bowl itself.

Now that you're fully ready to begin your search let's check out the best toilet bowls on the market in 2021.

Best Toilet Models Review

TOTO UltraMax Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT

Best Overall 

TOTO UltraMax Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT

Looking for a product that's reliable, durable, and water-efficient? You can't go wrong with Toto's UltraMax Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT. Its simple one-piece design features a universal height seat with a soft-close lid, an elongated bowl, and a CEFIONTECT glaze for added cleanliness. The high-efficiency toilet is equipped with Toto's powerful Tornado Flush system to save water and reduce clogs.

Gallons per flush— 1.28 gal.

Seat height— 17.25 in.

Convenient Height Extra-Tall Dual-Flush Toilet Bowl

While the standard seat height for most toilets is 15 inches, this Convenient Height Extra-Tall Dual-Flush Toilet Bowl is designed with a 20-inch seat height for added comfort and safety. The high-performance toilet is equipped with an extra-large, ergonomic solid metal handle and a gravity flush system with two flush sizes to conserve water. Plus, the toilet bowl comes complete with a slow-closing toilet seat for quiet operation.

Gallons per flush— 1.28 gal/full, 0.9 gal/light

Seat height— 21 in.

Toto Neorest Dual-Flush One-Piece Toilet

If there's one high-end toilet worth splurging on, it's the Neorest Dual-Flush One-Piece Toilet from Toto. While it is a bit pricier than other products, it offers all the comfort and design features you could ask for in a toilet. Not to mention, the dual-flush function and ultra-high efficiency TORNADO FLUSH siphon jet flushing system make this one of the more eco-friendly toilets on the market.

The sleek, one-piece toilet boasts a seamless curved design with a low profile and integrated cleaning and comfort functions. Plus, Toto's Neorest One-Piece Toilet comes equipped with techy features like an auto-open and close lid, a heated seat, and a remote control operated bidet with temperature and pressure controls.

Gallons per flush— 1 gal/full, 0.8 gal/light

Seat height— 17.25 in.

WoodBridge Tango All-In-One Toilet with Soft-Close Seat and Quiet Flush

This Tango All-In-One Toilet with Soft-Close Seat and Quiet Flush from WoodBridge offers the perfect balance of style and function. Its slim, elongated shape brings a modern touch to any washroom. Thanks to its seamless design, the toilet doesn't have any corners, grooves, and hard-to-reach spaces that harbor germs and odors.

Additionally, WoodBridge's Tango All-In-One Toilet Bowl offers near-silent operation. Its powerful siphoned dual-flush and soft close lid are surprisingly quiet compared to other models, making it a great choice for households with light sleepers.

Gallons per flush— 1.6 gal/ full, 1 gal/light

Seat height— 16.5 in.

WoodBridge Tango All-In-One Toilet with Soft-Close Seat and Quiet Flush

When it comes to smart toilet bowls, this Athena Intelligent Comfort Elongated Toilet from WoodBridge is hard to beat. Its modern shape, elongated bowl, and seamless design bring added style and make for easy cleaning and maintenance. A built-in deodorizer draws in air through a powerful ionized carbon filter to help eliminate unpleasant restroom odors.

Plus, it's equipped with comfort and performance features that go above and beyond your old toilet, including hands-free automatic flushing, a motion-activated lid, a heated seat, an adjustable bidet, and an air dryer. A convenient remote control allows users to adjust water pressure, oscillation, and temperature, as well as the dryer temperature and heated seat.

Gallons per flush— 1.6 gal/full, 1 gal/light

Seat height— 17.25 in.

Toto Washlet Dual-Flush Elongated Bidet Toilet

If you're a bidet enthusiast, you can't go wrong with the Washlet Dual-Flush Elongated Bidet Toilet from Toto. The modern one-piece toilet features a temperature control heated seat, warm air dryer, oscillating and pulsing stream options, and five adjustable temperature and pressure controls that allow you to adjust your bidet experience to your liking.

Plus, the toilet bowl comes equipped with Toto's high-efficiency Tornado Flush system. Its hole-free rim design uses a dual-nozzle design to create centrifugal force that efficiently cleans the bowl with every flush. To minimize the spread of germs, it also has an auto open-close lid and Toto's CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze to minimize mold, bacteria, and build-up.

Gallons per flush— 1.28 gal/full, 0.9 gal/light

Seat height— 17.5 in.

WoodBridge Water-Efficient One-Piece Black Toilet

Are you bored with your basic white toilet? Switch it up with a sleek black toilet like this WoodBridge Water-Efficient One-Piece Black Toilet. The seamless one-piece toilet bowl is equipped with a soft-closing seat with durable stainless steel seat hinges that won't ever rust. Plus, its siphon flush system is quiet, powerful, and designed to withstand years of use without clogs, leaks, or plumbing problems.

Gallons per flush— 1.28 gal.

Seat height— 16.5 in.

Swiss Madison St. Tropez One-Piece Toilet

The stylish design of the St. Tropez One-Piece Toilet from Swiss Madison instantly modernizes your restroom space and compliments a wide range of decor schemes. But the toilet bowl offers more than just looks! It's equipped with quiet dual-flush capabilities, a soft-close lid, and powerful flushing action to prevent clogs.

Plus, the seamless bowl design makes cleaning a breeze! Instead of a traditional handle, the slim toilet features two buttons on the top of the tank. Without any cracks, crevices, or hard-to-reach spots for germs and odors to hide, it'll stay cleaner for longer.

Gallons per flush— 1.6 gal/ full, 1.1 gal/light

Seat height— 16.5 in.

Toto Entrada Two-Piece Round Toilet Bowl

This budget-friendly Entrada Two-Piece Round Toilet Bowl is a traditional two-piece round toilet bowl and tank set with a clean, modern design. It's ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC compliant, making it a suitable choice for any home. While it doesn't have a bidet or any fancy tech-savvy features, it offers superior flushing power, durability, and reliability. Note, you'll need to purchase a toilet seat separately, as there isn't one included with the bowl.

Gallons per flush— 1.28 gal.

Seat height— 16.13 in.

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