The 16 Best Office Chairs With Footrests For All-Day Comfort

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When working long hours, comfort is key. If an unpleasant chair is leaving you with lingering back pain that decreases productivity and makes you dread coming to the office, it's time to upgrade your office chair. From reclining office chairs with footrests to ergonomic office chairs, there are plenty of office chair options. The office chair with a footrest is ideal for kicking your feet up while answering emails, taking phone calls, eating lunch, and even taking a quick power nap between meetings. 

What to consider when Shopping for the best office chairs with footrests or best reclining office chairs:

Choosing The Best Office Chair Material

    • Fabric- Durable, breathable, and hardwearing. It is also characteristically warmer than leather, making this an ideal material for a colder environment.
    • Mesh- Comfortable, highly breathable, and springy in nature. Breathable mesh promotes airflow and keeps you cool during hot summer days.
    • Leather, PU leather, and faux leather- Real leather comes with a high price tag but has an executive look and feel. These options are stain-resistant and easier to clean than fabric and mesh.

Types Of Office Chairs That is Worthy To Explore

  • Gaming Chairs- While it may sound strange to get a gaming chair for your office, they are designed to be comfortable for sitting for long periods. What makes the gaming chair unique is the possible support it offers without feeling compressed and having a much higher backrest than regular office chairs. This means this chair will give you more shoulder and back support and make them great candidates for office chairs.
  • Ergonomic office chairs- This type of office chair is designed to help you sit comfortably and correct your seating position for a long period. They are more adjustable in height and customizable angle than standard office chairs, making them fit perfectly to your body while giving you max back support, better sitting posture, and reducing the risk for musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Reclining office chairs-This type of office chair is generously padded and has an adjustable headrest and footrest for full-body support. The best reclining office chairs offer posture support, lower back and back support, neck support, and less pressure on the hips.

Easier Movement With Swivel Chair

The ability to move around and rotate in your office chair can come in handy. Choose a chair with casters designed for your floor material, whether it is carpet or hard surface.

To help you find the perfect seat for your office space, we've rounded up the best office chairs with footrests and reclining chairs. They feature the best ergonomic designs and practical features that make them the most comfortable seats on the market. With everything from traditional executive chairs to modern gaming chairs to plush leather recliners, you're sure to find one you love! 

16 Best Reclining office chairs and Office Chairs with Footrests That Will Help You Unwind in Your Workspace

Starspace Ergonomic Executive Chair

Best Ergonomic office chair with footrest

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Executive Office Chair High Back Adjustable Managerial Home Desk Chair

Starspace’s sleek and sophisticated Ergonomic Executive Chair has all the features you could ask for in an office chair: adjustable padded armrests, pain-reducing lumbar support, back angle adjustment with tilt lock, 360˚ swivel capabilities, a large retractable footrest, and durable multi-directional caster wheels. Thanks to luxurious bonded leather fabric with contrast stitching and an impressive modern design, you won’t need to sacrifice one bit of style in your office space with this office chair. 

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Best Reclining Gaming Chair With Footrest

Respawn Recliner Racing Game Chair

Kick your feet up in this sleek 110 Racing-Style Gaming Chair from Respawn! It’s ideal for avid gamers and comfort-focused office-goers alike. The ergonomic gaming chair features an adjustable seat height, extendable footrest, ergonomic design with lumbar support, padded armrests, a reclining seat with tilt control, a headrest pillow, and durable rolling casters. With nine different shades of bonded leather to choose from (including eye-catching shades like camo, pink, light green, and cherry red), there’s one to complement every gaming set-up. 

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Best Reclining Office Chair Made From Leather

Spencer Recliner

With eighteen different shades of leather and vegan leather alternatives to choose from, there’s a Spencer Leather Recliner for every workspace! This mid-century modern push-back recliner from West Elm is perfect for kicking your feet up in the corner of your office when you need a minute or two of relaxation during your workday. The exposed wood frame is handcrafted from solid ash wood, and its fiber-wrapped foam cushioning and leather upholstery only get softer and more enjoyable with time. 

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Best Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest For Tall Individuals

Ergonomic Executive Office Chair With Footstool And High Backrest

If you’re searching for an ergonomic oversized office chair with footrest, look no further than the Big and Tall Executive Office Chair from Merax. Its sophisticated design features deep foam cushions, padded armrests, luxe leather upholstery, an extendable footrest, and a built-in neck and shoulder pillow. Equipped with 360˚ swivel capabilities, convenient seat height adjustment, and heavy-duty casters, it’s a practical addition to your workspace. 

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Gaga Executive Chair

Lafer’s sleek and sophisticated Gaga Executive Chair is a worthwhile splurge for any office space. It offers the same level of all-day comfort as other ergonomic office chairs without detracting from your office decor. The minimalist design features genuine leather upholstery, back support, padded arms, and a chrome swivel base. Users can adjust the headrest, recline fully and extend the hidden footrest to kick up their feet in style. 

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Best Reclining Office Chair With fabric

Aricia Home Office Executive Chair

While leather seats may look luxurious, they aren’t always the most comfortable. The plush linen upholstery, retractable footrest, and pillow-style headrest on Latitude Run’s Aricia Chair will make you feel like you’re sitting in your favorite living room recliner. Its 170˚ tilting seat and adjustable seat height offer the comfort you need to power through long work days.

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Best Office Chair With Ottoman 

Ryder Leather Chair & Ottoman Set

West Elm’s Ryder Leather Chair and Ottoman are the ideal place to kick up your feet in the corner of your office while you read a book, watch TV, or use your laptop. Designed with luxurious leather upholstery, plush cushioning, the chair adds both style and comfort to your home office space. The subtle wingback shape brings a sophisticated touch of mid-century modern style to your office or home office space. Ottoman is now sold separately. 

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Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair

The Duramont Executive Reclining Office Chair commands attention in your office while offering all-day comfort. Its unique waterfall seat design provides maximum support by reducing pressure on the back of your legs. With a retractable footrest and tilt lock mechanism, you can comfortably take a quick power nap between meetings or kick your feet up during lunch. Made from high-end bonded leather, a heavy-duty metal base, and sturdy nylon rolling casters, it’s as durable as it is functional. 

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Bret Wide Power Glider Recliner with Ottoman

After a long day in the office, there's no better way to unwind and reduce stress than a heated massage! With the Latitude Run Reclining Massage Chair, you can kick your feet up and enjoy a relaxing heated massage any time you like. Users can choose from one of the automatic massage functions to enjoy a pre-programmed massage or use the manual setting. It can massage your back, lumbar area, thighs, and legs. With five functional modes, you can create the perfect in-office spa experience. 

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Best Reclining office chair for Home Offices

Vinsetto 360° Swivel Home Office Chair Adjustable Height Linen Style Fabric Recliner with Retractable Footrest and Double Padding

While your old office chair was so uncomfortable it made you hate coming to work, this plush home office chair from Vinsetto is so enjoyable you'll never want to leave! Its contemporary design boasts plush linen fabric upholstery that's as comfortable as your favorite recliner. The chair's ergonomic design features a reclining back, retractable footrest, and extra-thick double-tier padding for maximum comfort during long workdays. With multi-directional swivel wheels and adjustable seat height, it offers everything you could ask for in an office chair. 

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Best Leather Reclining Office Chair With Ottoman

Milano Swivel Recliner and Ottoman

Lounge in style with this elegant and luxurious swivel armchair and ottoman. This stylish recliner features a comfortable curved bend-wood arm with a cushion and padded armrest that provide comfort and style—crafted from bonded polyurethane leather and dark mahogany wood finish. Super easy to clean with a simple wipe. With the neutral hues, this recliner makes a perfect addition to any home or office.

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Most Stylish With Footrest

Talley Swivel Lounge Chair

This lounge swivel chair and ottoman is stylish and functional. A perfect 20th-century chair for your 21st century home! It swivels and features a curved aluminum frame, distressed polyurethane leather upholstery, and a matching stationary ottoman. Put your feet up and watch TV or chat with clients in an exciting Mid Century style.

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Odacia Ergonomic Task Chair

This Odacia Ergonomic task chair is designed for working professionals and is worth the splurge. Its modern design features a laptop holder and an ottoman to allow you to kick up your feet. The stylish chair is crafted from genuine leather and features a headrest long with a well-padded seat. The softly curved seat is supported by a swivel base with five smooth-rolling caster wheels. The seat is adjustable for back height and includes a tilt lock. If you are looking to splurge, this chair is worthy of checking out.

Dane 22" Wide Tufted Genuine Leather Swivel Lounge Chair and Ottoman

This leather swivel recliner with an ottoman is stylish and functional. Its unique and elegant design makes it ideal for a mid-century modern design living room, lounge space, or office. Crafted with genuine leather, solid hardwood, and bent plywood frame. Genuine leather upholstery is reinforced with button-tufting throughout. And plush cushioning is made more durable with sinuous spring suspension. You can find one that fits your style with three color options available.

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Augusta Brown Faux Leather 4-Way Modern Recliner Chair

The elegant Augusta 4-Way Recliner Chair would look perfect in the corner of any office space. The sophisticated design features a reclining seat, self-storing footrest, and padded headrest that are perfect for kicking your feet up while answering calls, reclining during long meetings, or taking a brief power nap on your lunch break. Its 360˚ swivel capabilities make it easy to work for long hours, while its luxurious taupe faux leather upholstery and wooden frame add an ample dose of style to your home office space. 

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Best Leather Reclining Office Chair

Wells Leather Swivel Recliner

Sit like a boss with this statement-making statement-making silhouette. With customizable details make this handsome swivel recliner the perfect sidekick for any living room or office. The rich, buttery leather complements the roomy wingback design with a beautiful counterpoint to the metal base, making a statement piece in any space. This multi-functional piece is designed with a reclining feature and a full 360-degree swivel.

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