13 Best Triple Bunk Beds For Every Shared Bedroom

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If you've got a full house and have frequent overnight sleepers, a standard bunk bed just won't do. You'll need a triple bunk bed with a configuration that makes the most of limited space. In addition to shared bedrooms, the space-saving sleeping solution is great for sleepovers, vacation homes, and households with frequent overnight guests.

As with any bunk bed, you'll want to prioritize safety and practicality above everything else. These days, there are plenty of stylish options on the market with safety features and unique configurations designed to save space. Before making a purchase, you'll want to measure the height of your ceiling and the length of your walls to determine the correct configuration for your space.

As a rule of thumb, you'll need at least 36 inches between the top mattress and the ceiling. This ensures the child has enough room to sit up, move around, and get in and out comfortably without hitting their head. To make the top bunks safer, limit the bed to children over the age of 6. Install sturdy ladders and safety guard rails on the middle and top bunks. If you plan to use the bunk bed for adults, you'll need to double-check the weight limit to ensure it can safely sleep heavier bodies.

To help you find the best bed for your shared bedroom space, we've rounded up a few of the best triple bunk beds on the market today. With every shape, bed size, and style to choose from, there's something for every large family out there! We've even included a few quadruple bunk beds in case you need to sleep four or more.

Make the Most of Your Space with These 13 Triple Bunk Beds And Quadruple Bunk Beds

Harriet Bee Cvyatko Triple Bunk Bed

Harriet Bee is one of the most trusted brands on the bedroom furniture market. This Cvyatko Triple Bunk Bed is made using a story wood frame with a built-in ladder and detachable guardrails. Thanks to the slat kit included, no box springs are required, helping further cut down on bulk. With the option of stacking three beds on top of each other or removing the top bunk to reconfigure the triple twin-sized beds into three separate beds, you can add a lot of benefits without taking too much space. The clean lines are perfect for small spaces, and the practical triple bed is available in four versatile finishes: black, gray, white, and mocha brown. It requires at least an 8-foot ceiling height for proper clearance.


77.13'' H x 43.5'' W x 79.25'' L

TriBunk Neelyville Queen Triple Bunk Bed

Maximize comfort and save space with this splurge-worthy Neelyville Queen Triple Bunk Bed from TriBunk. With three queen-sized mattresses and a 1600-lb weight capacity, it sleeps up to six people. It's crafted from commercial-grade steel posts that won't wobble or squeak. The guard rails feature wooden slats with a dark brown finish on one side and a dark gray finish on the other. Install the side of your choice facing outwards for a customizable look. A sturdy slatted support kit eliminates the need for box springs, giving each bunk bed a little more clearance room. It's the perfect bed for a family vacation home, cottage, cabin, or guest bedroom.


77'' H x 63'' W x 83'' L

Max & Lily Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

Make the most of your limited space with this Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Trundle by Max & Lily. It's crafted from solid New Zealand pine wood with a 400-lb weight capacity. The ladder-free staircase design features banisters for added safety during climbing, and 14-inch tall guard rails prevent kids from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night. Beneath the bottom bunk bed lies a space-saving trundle bed that is perfect for sleepovers with friends and extended family. It leaves you with space in the bedroom for activity without the entire room with sleeping space. This design makes it one of the best space-saving solutions for visitors, so when it's not needed, you can store the extra bed away. Shoppers can choose between crisp white and 'clay' brown wood finishes.


65'' H x 57.75'' W x 99.25'' L

Harper & Bright Designs Full-Over-Twin Triple Bunk Beds

Low ceilings aren't a problem with the Full-Over-Twin Triple Bunk Beds from Harper & Bright Designs! The space-saving configuration features a full-size bed on the upper bunk bed turned sideways over two twin-size beds. A five-step angled ladder provides maximum safety when climbing into and out of the top bunk bed. The durable bunk bed is built from pine wood that's sturdy enough for a lifetime of use. A slatted support system eliminates the need for a box spring beneath. You'll find a built-in nightstand with a storage drawer nestled between the two twin bunk beds.


70 in. H x 80 in. W x 99.4 in. D

ACME Furniture Caius Triple Bunk Bed

Shopping for your family cabin or vacation home? Check out this Caius Triple Bunk Bed from ACME Furniture. The adult-friendly triple bunk bed stacks a twin mattress on top of a full mattress on top of a queen mattress, accommodating all ages and body sizes. Crafted from a full metal construction and lightweight metal tubing, the strong metal frame adds a classic look to your space. Full-length guardrails and a built-in ladder at the foot of the bed maximize safety for a more peaceful night's sleep.


83" L x 62" W x 74" H

Harriet Bee Aydrianna Twin Platform Bed with Trundle

Harriet Bee's spacious Aydrianna Twin Platform Bed with Trundle sleeps four kids comfortably, making it the perfect choice for sleepovers and family vacation homes. The fourth bed can be slid underneath one of the bottom bunks, making it perfect for sleepover friends. Its L-shaped design encourages bonding and makes for fun childhood memories with family and friends. An integrated ladder and removable front and rear guard rails offer added security for rambunctious kids. High headboards offer a comfortable seat while reading a book and relaxing in bed.


55.9'' H x 77.9'' W x 120'' L

Dorel Living Wade Triple Bunk Bed

The Wade Triple Bunk Bed from Dorel Living can take your kid's bedroom to new heights! Its space-saving design boasts three twin-sized mattresses stacked neatly on top of each other. The increased sleeping space is excellent for shared bedrooms, kids' sleepovers, and hosting extended family during the holidays. Fitted with two ladders and high guardrails, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children sleep each night safely. The second and third bunks can be removed to create different configurations to fit your family's ever-changing needs.


79.25" W x 43.5" D x 77.13" H

Viv + Rae Dili Triple Bunk Bed with Trundle

Need even more room for overnight guests? Try the Dili Triple Bunk Bed with Trundle by Viv + Rae. The L-shaped quadruple bunk bed features three twin beds with a convenient trundle under the lowest bunk. Crafted from solid pine wood and MDF materials, it's sturdy enough for years and years of nightly use. For added safety, it's got integrated ladders for easy access and a slat kit for box spring-free support. The full-length guardrail on all four sizes keeps kids safely inside as they sleep. Shoppers can choose color options between espresso, gray, and white wooden finishes.


88.8'' H x 75.1'' W x 123.9'' L

Mack & Milo Preece Triple/Quad Bunk Bed

Are you expanding your family? Upgrade your kids' shared room with this Preece Triple/Quad Bunk Bed by Mack & Milo. The three-tier bunk bed fits a full-size mattress on the bottom and two twin-size mattresses on top. It's crafted from powder-coated steel and a support slat system made of solid wood. Guard rails and a built-in ladder maximize safety and minimize the risk of rolling out of bed. The larger bottom mattress makes it the perfect spot for childhood sleepovers.


76.5'' H x 78'' L x 56.5'' W

Harriet Bee Arlington Twin-Over-Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

You can't go wrong choosing this Arlington Twin-Over-Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed. It's crafted using solid New Zealand pine wood with a versatile white finish. The stacked design features two independent ladders to the second and third levels to give each sleep easy access. Headboards, footboards, and extra-tall side guard rails ensure sleepers stay safely in bed throughout the night, even if they toss and turn. The best part is the multi-functional piece can be reconfigured into three free-standing twin beds for added versatility. With a 1200-lb weight capacity, it can sleep children and adults of all sizes.


78.5'' H x 54.25'' W x 81.5'' L

Middlebrook Designs Browning Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed

This versatile Browning Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed from Middlebrook Designs makes a great addition to any family home. The contemporary design offers the perfect balance of safety, functionality, and style. It's crafted of solid pine wood in a gray, walnut, mahogany, or off-white finish. Full-length guardrails, two built-in ladders, and sturdy support slats improve safety without adding bulk. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs per bunk, it's best suited for young kids and teens.


44 in. L X 78 in. W X 79 in. H

Dorel Living Evo Triple Twin Bunk Bed

If you've got low ceilings, try this Evo Triple Twin Bunk Bed from Dorel Living in your bedroom. The space-saving design is ideal for small bedrooms, cabins, cottages, and other small rooms. It features a two-level twin bunk bed and a low loft bed attached perpendicular to one end. With built-in ladders, it provides safe and easy access to the two upper bunks. Fitted with a slatted support system, there's no need to use bulky box springs. Use the open space underneath for added storage options, a reading nook, or a fun play area for the kids.


120" L x 78.75" W x 74.375" H

Turn your kids' shared bedroom into the playroom of their dreams with this Briar Rose Twin-Over-Twin-Over-Twin Triple Bunk Bed. Its unique L-shaped design with two beds on one side gives everyone plenty of personal space. Sleepers won't have to worry about ducking to avoid hitting their head when they sit up. Equipped with two ladders and a slide, it's not just for sleeping; it's for having fun too! Take advantage of the open space underneath the second bunk to maximize storage or provide additional room for kids to play.


72'' H x 76'' W x 79.1'' L

What To Look For In The Best Triple Bunk Bed


Whether you are looking for the ultimate space saving triple bunk beds or comfortably sleeping three in the same footprint, you do have a few designs to choose from.

Triple Decker Stacked

We know how valuable floor space can be. With three beds stacked on top of each other, it is the ultimate space-saver design.


An l-shaped triple bunk bed gives everyone a little more sleeping space. For adults who don't want to climb up, it's best to opt for one up and two down design. For kids who always argue who gets the top bunk, it's best to go for two beds up and the third bed down designs. With this design, the lower bunk will get a little extra headspace.

The Ladder

Most triple bunk beds will come with either a partial ladder that extends up to the middle bunk bed level or an extended ladder that extends from the bottom to the top bed.


Most triple bunk beds you find on the market will come in either a wood or heavy-duty metal bed frame.


When it comes to style, you can't beat a wooden frame. Same with a triple bunk bed. Even though metal is stronger than wood, a wooden bed frame can be more sturdy than metal as it is thicker and more stable. It can also be cheaper than metal options depending on the wood type. Unlike metal bed frames, the wooden frame doesn't squeak as much.

Along with all the benefits, wooden material does have its downfall, and it can be heavy and a fire hazard.


Metal bed frames are more durable than wood, and it also requires less maintenance as it does dent or scratch like wood would, making them an ideal option for many. Metal bed frames are also lighter in weight than wooden frames, making them a better choice for someone who often redecorates the room.

Along with all the benefits, a metal bed frame does have its downfall. The metal frame can be uncomfortable, squeaks, and is susceptible to developing rust if not clean and maintained properly.


Before purchasing a triple bunk bed, it is best to measure your space first to ensure that it fits. We are not just referring to your new triple bunk bed's length, width, and height. You also need to make sure there is enough space between the ceiling and the top bunk. Some triple bunk beds could fit under an 8-foot ceiling, but some are too tight.

Bed Size

When seeking the perfect triple bunk bed for your children's rooms or a guest room, determine what size mattress you want. From all twin-sized or full-sized beds to a triple bunk bed that offers three different mattress sizes, you will need to determine how many people may sleep on the bunk bed, and this factor will also affect what mattress and bedding you will need.

Weight Capacity

While most triple bunk beds can host adults, always check the weight capacity first to ensure your guests' safety.

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