17 Playful Indoor Swing Styles You Need To See

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Lounging in an indoor swing is an irresistible treat. It challenges your inner child, and it recreates that vacation feeling. It may sound a little childish or a little dangerous to have a swing indoor, but it can actually be a stylish, fun, and even romantic way to add extra seating and add character to your space.

Whether you are looking for a swing for your child, in the nursing room, or a place to read, indoor swings offer multifunctions while creating a relaxation mood. You can add them pretty much anywhere in your home, from the dining room to the playroom. You can also use it as dining chairs, reading couch, or simply just for fun.

To help you find your right swing, we have put together 17 indoor swing styles that will turn your home into a playground for all ages.

17 indoor swing styles

1. Woven Hanging Chair

Woven Hanging Chair

Source: @marzena.marideko

Airy vibe with this open weave rattan swing.

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2. The Classic Indoor Swing

The Basic Swing

Source: @fagusurban

The classic swing that you can upgrade with a soft seat cover. 

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3. Lounge Chair Hammock

Lounge Chair Hammock

Source: @chanelledesignco

A swing with a bohemian vibe and a hippie flair.

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4. Hanging Cocoon Chair Swing Pink Angel

Hanging Cocoon Chair Swing Pink Angel

Source: @stylematter

Cozy kids' tent inspired swing design. It is the perfect reading space for your kiddos.

5. Adorable Toddler swing

Adorable Toddler swing

Source: @altalena_e_non_solo

Everyone needs a swing in the house —an adorable and comfortable swing for toddlers.

6. eye-catching Amble Hanging Seat

Eye-Catching Amble Hanging Seat

Source: @tomraffield

Modern chic swings that is like a piece of art. 

7. Dreamy Princess Swing

Dreamy Princess Swing

Source: @domainhabitat

A dreamy princess swing that is perfect for any little girl.

8. Indoor Couch Swing

Couch Swing


Why have a regular couch when you can have a swing couch?!

9. Boho hammock chair

Boho Hammock Chair

Source: @limboimports

All you need is the right fabric to create this beauty of your own. 

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10. Indoor Basic Round Swing

Basic Round Swing

Source: @shiftabrick

A simple yet playful swing for any age.

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11. crochet swing for the win

Crochet Swing For The Win

Source: @dianehuphotography⁠⠀

Beautiful bohemian inspired swing.

12. The Pod

Source: unknown

Cozy indoor swing that you don't have to worry about hanging from your ceiling. 

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13. Indoor Swing Chic Style

Chic Design

Source: @deeelms

A modern chic swing that comes with a built-in of comfort.

14. Indoor Classic hammock

Classic hammock

Source: @antoniadreaming

Pretend you are on the beach with this classic hammock. 

15. Soft and Airy Hammock

Soft And Airy Hammock

Source: @limboimports

A classic hammock takes a lot of space—Opt-in for this cozy hammock that is more space-friendly.

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16. Indoor Clear Egg Swing

Clear Egg Swing

Source: @modholic

A clear chic egg-shaped swing that is the perfect design to your modern home.

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17. Dreamy Girl Indoor Swing

Dreamy Girl Swing

Source: @frugisvold

The dreamiest and cutest kids swing with a soft cushion. 

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