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When it comes to gardening, one material reigns supreme: Western Red Cedar. Thanks to its unique natural properties, cedarwood is the ideal choice for planter boxes and raised garden beds. And while there are countless cedar products on the market, many handy gardeners choose to build their own DIY planters is a fun weekend project.

In this guide to cedar planter boxes, we'll cover everything you need to know about the material and recommend a few cedar planters to add to your yard this gardening season.

What is a cedar planter box?

Cedar planters are made using wood from Western Red Cedar trees native to North America. It's lightweight, durable, and resists cracking with little to no maintenance and upkeep, making it a popular choice for gardening supplies. Plus, it smells incredible!

What makes cedar wood good for planter boxes?

The wood used in planters needs to not only look good but to last. Here are a few characteristics that make cedar one of the most popular choices for planter boxes:

  • Naturally Repels Bacteria, Fungi, and Insects— While other wood planters require treatments and sealants to prevent rot and stop insects, cedar is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi.
  • Thermally Coefficient— Cedar naturally stays cool, helping keep plant roots at a stable temperature in hot, humid weather.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting without Much Maintenance— Thanks to its natural oils, cedar ages well, resists cracks, and requires little maintenance.

How long do cedar planter boxes last?

If you're going to shell out a few hundred dollars on a new planter box or take the time and effort to DIY your own from a few boards, you'll want to be sure you choose materials that are built to last. Thanks to its bacterial- and rot-resistance and natural oils, a cedar planter box can last upwards of 10-15 years with proper care. During this time, you'll likely need to replace a few worn-out liners and refresh the planter with new soil to keep it looking its best.

It's important to note that the life of a planter box depends widely on location, use, and care. Factors like sun, wind, climate, and how you care for both your plants and soil can all affect how long your planter lasts. Additionally, treated wood typically lasts longer than untreated wood thanks to the addition of rot-, insect- and water-resistant chemicals.

Do raised garden beds made from cedar need to be lined?

Whether or not you line your cedar planter box is up to you. While an untreated cedar box will fare just fine without a lining, using a plastic liner or landscaping fabric may help it to last longer.

When lining a planter, it's crucial to use non-toxic materials. In addition, to keep water from building up inside the container, you'll need to be sure the liner has holes or create an adequate drainage system to prevent rot and disease.

The Best Cedar Planter Boxes

Gronomics Raised Garden Bed

Gronomics Raised Garden Bed

Searching for a classic raised bed that's built to last? Look no further than this versatile Raised Garden Bed from Gronomics. In addition to this sizable 4 ft x 8 ft rectangular box, it's available in a wide range of other sizes and shapes that are also made in the USA using the same 100% natural cedarwood materials. The best part is, the dovetail design slides together easily, making assembly entirely tool-free.

Overall Dimensions— 48 in x 95 in x 19 in

Soil Capacity— 39.2 cubic ft

Gronomics Rustic Raised Garden Bed

The elevated design of the Gronomics Rustic Raised Bed makes it easy to tend to the vegetables, herbs, or flowers in your home garden without needing to bend over. The versatile product is the ideal option for gardeners with back problems and limited mobility.

The raised box makes a stunning display of flowers, herbs, veggies, and other plants on a porch, deck, or patio. Its rustic unfinished wood exterior is handcrafted in the USA from 100% Western red cedar, comes complete with a landscape fabric lining, and assembles in minutes without tools.

Overall Dimensions— 24 in x 48 in x 32 in

Soil Capacity— 5.4 cubic ft

Gronomics Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Kit

Maximize your gardenings space with this efficient Raised Bed with Trellis from Gronomics. The 8 ft mesh trellis adds over 42 square feet of vertical growing space to the already sizable bed. Its replaceable netting is perfect for growing peas, pole beans, cucumbers, and other vegetables and flowering vines.

Place one alongside your house, against your fence, or in a sunny corner of your backyard. The planter box is made in the USA from 100% Western red cedar left unfinished for a natural look. The dovetail design slides together in just minutes for easy, tool-free assembly.

Overall Dimensions— 34 in x 95 in x 19 in

Soil Capacity— 28.1 cubic ft

Real Wood Products Burnt Cedar Wood Whiskey Barrel Planter

The Real Wood Products Burnt Cedar Whiskey Barrel Planter is constructed from 100% natural kiln-dried cedar for an authentic whiskey barrel look. Its burnt wood finish adds an old-fashioned feel and rustic touch to your driveway, front porch, or back patio and complements any wooden or farmhouse-style decor inside your home. The planter is reinforced with galvanized steel hoops and pre-drilled for proper drainage and airflow.

Overall Dimensions— 25.75 in x 16.75 in

Soil Capacity— 3.9 cubic ft

Vita Mezza Keyhole Square Garden Bed Planter

The unique Vita Mezza Keyhole Square Bed Planter is inspired by traditional African keyhole gardening techniques. In addition to a traditional raised bed, the square planter features a central compost basket that allows you to compost kitchen scraps and grow fresh, organic vegetables in the same compact container. Made from 100% FSC-certified cedar lumber treated with an environmentally safe water-based stain, it's the ideal planter to create an organic garden. Plus, thanks to its innovative modular design, the boards slide into place, and no tools or screws are required for assembly.

Overall Dimensions— 48 in x 48 in x 22 in

Soil Capacity— 13.5 cubic ft

Gronomics U-Shaped Harvester Raised Garden Bed

The U-shaped design of the Gronomics U-Shaped Harvester Raised Garden Bed makes it easy to access all 160 sq. feet of gardening area and ensures your plants are always within arm's reach. It's made in the USA from 100% Western red cedar that's resistant to rot, insects, and fungus. The unfinished, rough, sawn look gives it a rustic appearance that complements any backyard setting. The best part is that each board slides into place easily with no additional tools required for assembly.

Overall Dimensions— 189 in x 189 in x 13 in

Soil Capacity— 140 cubic ft

Gronomics Vertical Garden Bed

The space-saving design of Gronomics' Vertical Garden Bed allows you to grow plants almost anywhere. Despite its small, 2 sq. ft footprint, it offers over 17 ft of linear growing space for herbs, veggies, strawberries, or flowers. It's the perfect gardening solution for tight corners, apartment decks, and small patios. The planter comes fully assembled and equipped with a drip line irrigation system for easy plant care. It's made from 100% Western red cedar that's left natural and unfinished for a minimalist look.

Overall Dimensions— 32 in x 32 in x 45 in

Soil Capacity— 4.5 cubic ft

DIY Cedar Planter Boxes

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