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There's nothing more versatile than a classic white refrigerator when it comes to fridges. The simple style can be paired with any cabinet color, countertop, and kitchen tile out there. Plus, it'll hide fingerprints to keep your kitchen looking cleaner, longer.

So to help you find the perfect food storage solution, we've rounded up the ten best white refrigerators below. But first, let's take a look at some helpful tips on how to find the right fridge for your household.

What to Look for in a Refrigerator

Finding the perfect new fridge can be a deceptively tricky task. While the appliance may seem relatively straightforward, there are still countless sizes, styles, and added features to choose from. Not only will the right model meet all your food storage needs, but it'll enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen too.

So be sure to check out these useful tips before you hit the appliance section:

  • Width & Height— First things first, you'll need to measure your space to ensure you purchase a fridge that fits. It's far easier to take a few quick measurements now than it is to go through the hassle and high costs of returning your ill-fitting kitchen appliance.
  • Depth— You'll also need to determine what depth you're looking for. Do you want a counter-depth refrigerator that's flush with your kitchen counter? Or are you searching for a standard-depth fridge that sticks out but offers additional storage space?
  • Style— Fridges come in a variety of styles, including top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and French-door. Knowing which one you're looking for makes the shopping process faster and easier. When deciding between styles, you'll want something that's both practical and stylish. Factor in your kitchen set-up, food storage needs, and aesthetic preferences.
  • Adjustable shelves— To maximize your storage options, stick to a fridge with adjustable shelves that allow you to store items of all shapes and sizes. They're especially helpful for entertaining and holiday meals.
  • Water dispenser— A built-in water dispenser ensures you've got cold, great-tasting water at all times in your kitchen. Plus, choosing a model with an external or internal dispenser means you won't need to waste shelf space with a pitcher.
  • Ice maker— Similarly, a built-in ice maker ensures you've always got ice and crushed ice on hand for drinks and coolers. Plus, it'll save space in your freezer and eliminate icy spills. It's a must-have for households who like to entertain.
  • Finger proof-resistant finish— Sick of seeing sticky fingerprints all over your refrigerator? Opt for a product finished with a fingerprint-resistant coating.

The 10 Best White Refrigerators of 2022

Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser

This Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator is hard to beat when it comes to white fridges. The versatile side-by-side style boasts thoughtfully designed storage areas and a modern appearance. Inside the refrigerator section, you'll find a deli drawer to store meat and cheese, humidity-controlled crispers to store fruits and vegetables, and a handy can caddy to help free up shelf space when you're entertaining. Wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves ensure you make the most of every inch of space inside. LED interior lighting makes finding items in the back a breeze. Plus, there's a handy ice and water dispenser on the door for easy refills.

Out Of 10

Cafe Fingerprint-Resistant Smart French Door Refrigerator

This Fingerprint-Resistant Smart French Door Refrigerator from Cafe offers the perfect balance of style and function. The top refrigerator boasts two French doors, a handy water dispenser, and a dual ice maker. A tech-savvy AutoFill feature allows you to dispense precise amounts with the press of a button. In the middle, you'll find a convertible drawer with a temperature range between 23 and 42 degrees F. The bottom freezer drawer features a slim, full-width tray that's ideal for storing frozen pizzas, large Tupperware, and other oddly-shaped items. LED lights throughout help, you locate small Tupperware and takeout containers with ease. In addition to a functional design, the Cafe French door refrigerator has a stylish exterior. The fingerprint-resistant matte white finish and metallic handles.

LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker

This LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator puts a modern spin on a classic look. Contemporary flat panels and easy-access pocket handles add a sleek, minimalist feel while staying entirely practical. The spacious interior offers 26.8 cubic feet of total capacity to accommodate large families and party-throwers alike. Top-to-bottom shelving, humidity-controlled crisping drawers, and convenient storage caddies on the doors ensure you've got plenty of room for all your fresh and frozen food. Plus, a handy water and ice dispenser on the door keeps your beverages nice and cold while saving on shelf space. The reliable refrigerator-freezer makes the perfect addition to any kitchen, basement, or garage.

Out Of 10

GE Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Try a counter-depth refrigerator like this French Door Refrigerator from GE to give your kitchen a streamlined look. The counter-depth design lends a built-in look while still providing ample space to store your food and beverages. In the refrigerator, two humidity-controlled drawers and one full-width drawer with adjustable temperature ensure optimal storage conditions for foods of all types. And in the freezer, multi-level freezer baskets help keep your frozen foods neatly organized. Easy to reach controls allow for easy temperature adjustments, especially thanks to the bright LED lighting inside. The internal water dispenser and factory-installed ice maker are ideal for serving cold beverages at your next get-together.

Sunbeam 1.7 Cu. Ft. White Mini Refrigerator

Searching for the perfect mini-fridge? Look no further than this 2.7 Cu Ft. White Mini Refrigerator from Sunbeam. Its compact size makes it an excellent option for offices, dorm rooms, man caves, game rooms, and other small spaces. The roomy interior comes equipped with a coated wire slide-out shelf and a 1/2-width freezer compartment. Its reversible door can be opened from the left or right side, making it a suitable choice for tight spaces. The versatile white color palette means it'll blend seamlessly into quite literally any and every room.

Out Of 10

LG White Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Sticking to a tight budget? You can still find a great refrigerator without breaking the bank. This LG White Top-Freezer Refrigerator comes at an affordable price that's hard to beat. The spacious 20.3 cu ft capacity interior provides plenty of room for food and drinks. Humidity-controlled crispers, adjustable shelves, and deep door caddies fit objects of all shapes and sizes. LED panels on the sides to provide outstanding lighting, so it's easy to locate what you're looking for without needing to dig around. Digital temperature controls ensure optimal storage conditions to keep food fresher for longer.

Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Try a classic bottom freezer refrigerator for a versatile food storage solution like this Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker. Inside you'll find purposefully-designed spaces like humidity-controlled crispers for produce and a deli drawer for meat and cheese. Spill Proof glass shelves make for easy clean-up, and interior LED lights mean you won't need to dig to find what you're looking for. The Energy Star-certified model relies on an Accu-Chill Temperature Management System to maintain ideal storage conditions without running up your electricity bill.

Out Of 10

Smeg Fab 32 Two-Door White Refrigerator

Smeg is the gold standard when it comes to retro refrigerators— and this Fab 32 Two-Door White Refrigerator is proof as to why. The rounded edges and minimalist exterior have a retro feel that instantly adds style to any home. You can even choose from a left or right handle, depending on the layout of your kitchen. But this splurge-worthy fridge isn't just stylish; it's incredibly practical too. Adjustable glass shelves, a fruit and vegetable crisper, and a LifePlus drawer provide ample storage options for any perishable food. A MultiFlow system ensures even air distribution and steady temperatures for optimal food preservation.

Out Of 10

Best for Large Families

Samsung Smart 3-Door Refrigerator

Love the convenience of smart-home devices? This Samsung Smart 3-Door Refrigerator is an excellent addition to your kitchen. It's got a large-capacity interior, Energy Star-certified design, and all the bells and whistles large families need. Adjustable shelves, a full-width drawer, and two humidity-controlled crispers keep the inside organized and easy to navigate. An AutoFill Water Pitcher and ice maker on the door keep the whole family hydrated and happy. The best part is, it's Wi-Fi enabled so that you can control and monitor your fridge from anywhere.

Out Of 10

Cafe Smart Wine Chiller and Beverage Cooler

This Smart Wine Chiller and Beverage Cooler by Cafe is a must-have for wine lovers and frequent dinner party hosts. Thanks to its wall-to-wall shelving, it can chill up to 14 wine bottles or 126 cans at once. A stylish matte white finish, brushed bronze hardware, and a large front window adds a stylish touch to basement bars, dining rooms, and spacious kitchens. The tech-savvy refrigerator can be wirelessly controlled from your phone for easy temperature adjustments.

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