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Is your dresser littered with stray earrings and perfume bottles? Your nightstand a jumble of keys, coins, hand lotions, and lip balms? Or perhaps it’s your bathroom counter that’s cluttered with your favorite skincare and cosmetics?

No matter what surface in your space needs organizing a decorative vanity tray will do just the trick. While most people think of trays as a means for serving food, they’re equally helpful in tidying up small objects like jewelry, perfume bottles, candles, plants, and other small decorative items. 

We’ve rounded up the best vanity trays for organizing everyday objects on your dresser, vanity, bathroom counter, coffee table, or nightstand. Whether you’re tidying up your everyday beauty products or putting your most splurge-worthy perfumes and jewelry on display, they’re sure to add a luxurious touch to your space.

The 13 Best Vanity Trays for Organizing Your Countertops and Adding Style to Your Home 

Mercer41 Snyder 2-Piece Mirrored Vanity Tray Set

Mercer41 Snyder 2-Piece Mirrored Vanity Tray Set

You can’t go wrong with a classic gold mirrored vanity tray— or two with this matching set from Mercer41. The sleek rectangular metal trays have a reflective mirrored surface that adds a timeless, glamorous feel to your countertop. The luxurious gold trim adds elegance, while the mirrored base helps your treasures inside to pop, no matter where they’re placed.

For a classic look, place the decorative set on a bathroom counter, dresser, or vanity tray to hold decorative perfume bottles, jewelry, and small beauty products like nail polish bottles or lipstick tubes. Or use the mirrored trays to give your living room a vintage feel and keep your coasters, candles, and small potted plants tidy on your coffee table. 

West Elm Foundations Metal Brass Trays

West Elm’s Foundations Metal Brass Trays are simple yet surprisingly impactful. The shiny rectangular trays are perfect for showing off your favorite aesthetically packaged cosmetics and everyday jewelry. Choose from two convenient sizes: a small square catchall for rings and earrings and a large rectangular tray for perfumes and cosmetics. 

Made from stainless steel with a polished brass finish, West Elm’s Foundations Metal Trays complement a wide range of decor styles. The versatile catchalls are also available in a polished nickel finish. 

Paige Acrylic Vanity Tray

Vanity trays don’t have to be overly decorative. They can be clean and modern too. The minimalist design of Rebrilliant’s Paige Acrylic Vanity Tray adds a contemporary touch to any bathroom counter. It’s made from thick-gauge, crystal clear acrylic with self-adhesive rubber grips on the bottom that protect your counters from scratches and keep the tray from sliding around. 

While the clear acrylic tray looks stunning on its own, it offers the perfect canvas for DIY-ing your own unique design. Simply line the bottom of the tray with self-adhesive design paper to create a look that’s all your own. As your tastes change, so can your vanity tray! 

Rattan and Acrylic Vanity Tray

If your boho bedroom or bathroom is filled with wood and woven accents, you’ll love this Rattan and Acrylic Vanity Tray from Williams Sonoma Home. The woven cane rattan texture and clear acrylic base blend classic coastal-inspired home decor with modern design. 

While the small catchall adds style to a bathroom counter all on its own, it looks even more eye-catching when coordinated with other pieces from Williams Sonoma’s Rattan and Acrylic Collection. Complete your bathroom set with the matching soap dispenser, sink-side dish, and bath tissue holder.

Lagom House Natural Marble Decorative Tray

While many marble-finish vanity trays are made from cheap plastic or resin, the Lagom House Natural Marble Decorative Tray is carved from genuine marble stone. Choose from a light Cloud Grey or rich Bright Black color. Thanks to the natural materials, each one features a one of a kind marble pattern. 

The multi-purpose organizer has a rectangular shape with a lipped edge to keep jewelry, lipstick, and other small objects neatly inside. It’s equipped with four rubber pads to prevent the tray from scratching delicate countertops and slipping on wet bathroom surfaces. Plus, it comes complete with a free wiping cloth for easy cleaning. 

Agate Stone Catchall

Small vanity trays are often called catchalls because of their uncanny ability to contain all your small objects in one convenient place. They’re the perfect size for keeping your jewelry organized on a bedside table or bathroom counter, or even next to the kitchen sink. 

When it comes to catchalls, Pottery Barn’s Agate Stone Catchall offers the perfect balance of style and function. It’s carved from a semiprecious agate slice that’s polished by hand and cast in resin to protect it from dings and scratches. The slightly concave surface makes it ideal for small items like keys, jewelry, eyeglasses, and coins. 

Threshold 3-Compartment Vertical Glass and Metal Vanity Organizer

Is your bathroom counter in need of serious organization? Use Threshold’s Vertical Glass and Metal Vanity Organizer to keep your everyday makeup organized in style. The small rectangular tray features three individual compartments that minimize clutter and streamline your makeup routine. 

The sleek bathroom organizer features a clear glass base and sides joined by an iron frame with a copper finish. In addition to this compact 3-compartment style, Threshold also offers coordinating decorative makeup caddies in other convenient multi-compartment designs. 

The Emily & Meritt Crown Tray

Give your favorite perfume bottles and family heirlooms the regal display they deserve with the Emily and Meritt Crown Tray from PBteen. The glamorous round serving tray features a crown-shaped rim with a hand-applied gold finish and a shiny mirrored base that compliments decorative glass bottles and small metal objects.  

The glimmering catchall was designed exclusively for PBteen by celebrity stylists and fashion designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. It looks particularly cute paired with princess-themed decor in a kid’s room or bathroom. 

Antique Copper Finish Décor Tray - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Decorative trays aren’t just for displaying your perfume bottles and daily skincare routine; they’re also a stylish way to organize spirit bottles on a bar cart or serve drinks and appetizers at a dinner party. Additionally, larger vanity trays can be placed on a tabletop or coffee table to hold coasters, candles, plants, and other decorative objects. 

This Copper Finish Decor Tray from Hearth and Hand with Magnolia is versatile enough to be used for just about anything. Its large size, round shape, and convenient handles make it a practical choice for using as decorative serveware or organizing your living room coffee table. 

The multi-purpose decorative tray is made from sturdy aluminum with an antique copper finish that adds interest and shine. While it pairs well with vintage-inspired decor styles, it brings an unexpected touch to farmhouse style interiors too. 

Decoupage Geo Trays

Looking for something that’ll really stand out on your bathroom counter or bedside table? West Elm’s mesmerizing Decoupage Geo Trays will do just the trick! With a range of shapes and prints to choose from, you can mix and match catchalls to create the perfect organizational solution for your space. 

Each of the small trays is made from decoupage glass with a metallic geometric print. Their slightly curved shape ensures everything stays nice and organized inside. Plus, the simple glass materials make them easy to wipe clean with a regular damp cloth when they get dusty. 

Tiita 2-Tier Bathroom Countertop Organizer

Tiita’s tantalizing Two-Tier Bathroom Countertop Organizer offers a unique take on a classic round catchall. The larger bottom tier is the perfect size for small perfume bottles, lipstick tubes, and nail polish, while the smaller upper tray is ideal for rings, earrings, and necklaces. Or use them to creatively display bitesize snacks or desserts at a birthday party or afternoon tea. 

The decorative tray is made from high-quality galvanized metal with a shiny gold or rose gold finish. Its clean lines and vintage-inspired look are sure to complement any bathroom counter or dresser top. 

Olivewood Countertop Tray

Though Williams Sonoma’s Olivewood Coutnertop Tray was designed to be used in your kitchen, it looks equally as impressive on the back of a toilet or on top of your nightstand. Each tray is handcrafted from natural olivewood, giving it a unique grain pattern that makes it one of a kind. 

The small rectangular tray has raised sides that keep contents securely inside during storage, serving, or display. Its wooden texture and natural color make the perfect pairing for boho design styles and woodsy cabin-inspired spaces. 

Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray

If you’re searching for a simple vanity tray that complements your minimalist design style, you can’t beat this simple black sink dish from Wrought Studios. Its sleek rectangular shape, raised feet, and curved edge make it ideal for holding soaps and lotions next to the bathroom sink.

The Antonina Amenity Vanity Tray is made from resin with a polished black finish for a modern, contemporary look. Complete your bathroom decor with the rest of Wrought Studio’s Antonina Collection, like their round storage container, toothbrush holder, and tissue box cover. 

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