15 Best Stone Fire Pit Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

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Adding a stone fire pit to your yard no longer needs to be a massive endeavor. While you can build your own stone fire pit if you're feeling crafty, there's also plenty of pre-made options that look equally as good in any outdoor space.

Below, we've rounded up the best pre-made stone fire pits and DIY stone fire pit kits, along with some helpful tips on how to find the perfect one for your backyard.

How to Pick a Fire Pit

Not quite sure which stone fire pit is right for your space? Here are a few things to consider when purchasing one for your home:

  • Location— First things first, you'll need to finalize where you're going to put the fire pit. Remember to choose a spot with ample clearance from large structures and low-hanging branches. There should be enough room for smoke and heat to escape. Once you've found the perfect location, you can start thinking about what size and shape to look for.
  • Size— Next, measure the intended area to determine the maximum dimensions a product can have. Remember to leave enough space for everyone to sit comfortably around the fire.
  • Shape— Are you looking for something round, square, or rectangular? Consider what shape makes the most sense for your deck, patio, or backyard corner.
  • Appearance— These days, you can find a fire pit in every design style and stone material imaginable, so there's sure to be one that matches the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Look for something that compliments the color of your house and feels cohesive with any stone or wood used.
  • Type— Do you plan to build the fire pit yourself or purchase one that's pre-made and requires minimal set-up? If you plan to purchase a premade option, you'll need to decide if you want something propane-powered or wood-burning.
  • Price— Setting a clear budget can help you narrow down the plethora of options on the market. Nowadays, there are great options at every price point, so there's no need to break the bank.
  • Safe, Durable Design— It's worth carefully reading the product description and skimming through a few customer reviews to ensure the product you're purchasing was designed with safe operation and long product life in mind.

15 Best Stone Fire Pits and DIY Fire Pit Kits

Bartolomeus Cast-Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit

When it comes to backyard decor, it doesn't get much better than this Cast-Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit from Bartolomeus. The round, wood-burning pit is made from durable, weather-resistant cast stones designed to withstand year after year of use. Plus, it comes with a log grade and wire mesh spark screen so everyone can safely enjoy an evening around the fire. With two sizes and three stone finishes to choose from, it's versatile enough to compliment any space.

Real Flame Ledgestone Concrete Fire Pit

For large outdoor spaces, there's the impressive Ledgestone Concrete Fire Pit from Real Flame. It's constructed from durable fiber-cast concrete stone pavers that look and feel just like the real thing. Black glass filler adds a sophisticated touch beneath the glow of a flickering, propane-powered flame. The fire pit comes complete with a natural gas conversion kit and a protective vinyl cover to keep your stone fire pit looking its best through all four seasons.

Add a cozy touch to your patio with this Addisy Cast Stone Propane Fire Pit from Sol 72 Outdoor. The propane-powered stone fire pit comes with 6 lbs of lava rock, a 5-foot long gas hose with a regulator, and a polyester storage cover to protect it from the elements between uses. It's made from fiberglass-reinforced magnesium oxide cast stones that look just like natural stonework. A convenient flame control knob and battery-powered ignitor make it super easy to use.

Anchor Weston Northwoods DIY Fire Pit Kit

Anchor's Weston Northwoods DIY Fire Pit Kit makes a wonderful weekend project with the family. After a few hours and a bit of teamwork, you'll have a stone fire pit you can enjoy for countless nights to come. The kit includes everything you'll need for your DIY project: 58 stones, a metal fire ring, and detailed step-by-step instructions that make assembly a breeze. Each brown and grey stone is made from durable dry-cast concrete for superior durability and longer product life.

Once you are done, fill it up with lava rocks. Lava rocks are good fire pit fillers because they can withstand the heat and help with drainage.

Terra Flame Geo Concrete Gel Tabletop Fireplace

The geometric lines of this Terra Flame Geo Concrete Gel Tabletop Fireplace instantly bring a modern feel to any entertaining outdoor area. Instead of wood or propane, it's powered by a canister of Terra Flame's clean-burning and odorless Gel Fuel. Plus, it comes with a protective cork base pad to prevent your table from scratches and heat damage. The eclectic tabletop fire pit comes in your choice of five natural-looking StoneCast finishes: white, graphite, pewter, sand, and seafoam.

AllModern Reinforced Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table

Elevate up your large outdoor space with AllModern's Reinforced Concrete Propane Fire Pit Table. The minimalist stone fire pit boasts a sleek rectangular exterior made from weather-resistant fiberglass-reinforced concrete. It comes in three finishes— white stone, natural concrete, and charcoal— as well as two different size options to complement a wide range of decor styles.

Darby Home Co Wilmont Concrete Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

Who needs a campfire when you've got Darby Home Co.'s Wilmont Concrete Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Pit in your very own backyard? The versatile round firepit is crafted from a sturdy cast iron frame and reinforced cement with a natural stonework appearance. The handy spark screen, lid, and protective cover make it safe and easy to use almost any time of year. It's the perfect addition to any home!

This Look Peak Horwich Propane Stone Fire Pit is the perfect centerpiece for any backyard patio. Its classic wood appearance adds a warm, cozy feel while offering superior durability in all weather conditions. The stylish stone fire pit comes complete with a gas regulator, 3-meter gas hose, 6.6 lbs of lava rock, and a PVC cover to keep it looking its best between uses.

Terra Flame Zen Concrete Tabletop Stone Fireplace

With this compact Terra Flame Zen Concrete Tabletop Stone Fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth of fire almost anywhere, any time. The minimalist bowl can sit right on top of any outdoor dining table or coffee table. Instead of wood or propane, it's powered by canisters of Terra Flame Gel Fuel, an odorless, smoke-free alternative. It's the ideal stone fire pit for small outdoor spaces.

Necessories Grand Fire Pit Kit with Cooking Grate

Don't have space for an outdoor kitchen? This Necessories Grand Fire Pit Kit is the next best thing. The steel cooking grate is perfect for grilling meats, roasting vegetables, and even cooking a pizza. It comes complete with fire-ring blocks in your choice of three sleek finishes and a steel fire ring insert for safe operation. The best part is, it can be built in under an hour with no special tools required.

Wade Logan Ketter Polyresin Wood Burning Fire Pit

Add an elegant touch to your patio, garden, or poolside with this Ketter Polyresin Wood-Burning Fire Pit from Wade Logan. The sleek, modern design features a black metal fire bowl on a sturdy fiberglass base. It can be fully removed for easy cleaning between uses. And unlike most other fire pits on the market, the statement-making piece can be placed directly on a wooden deck.

Real Flame Riverside Concrete Outdoor Fire Pit with Lid

If there's one stone fire pit worth splurging on, it's this Riverside Concrete Outdoor Fire Pit from Real Flame. The ovular fire bowl is crafted from fiber-cast concrete in a natural-looking black or grey stone finish. It comes with an electronic ignition panel, grey pumice store filler, and a protective cover to keep it looking fresh between uses. A coordinating propane tank cover can be purchased separately to complete your patio decor.

17 Stories Boney Cast Iron and Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit

Create a backyard oasis with 17 Stories' Boney Cast Iron and Stone Wood-Burning Fire Pit. The contemporary style features a black cast iron fire bowl with a round granite base in a speckled dark grey tone. Its stylish, industrial-chic design will have you coming back night after night to enjoy a fire. Just toss on a few logs, and you're ready to snuggle up with your sweetheart, entertain the neighbors, or roast s'mores with the kids.

Loon Peak Fortin Propane Stone Fire Pit

It's impossible not to love this Fortin Propane Stone Fire Pit from Loon Peak. The tall, square fire pit is crafted with a sturdy, fire-resistant magnesium oxide frame, a stainless steel burner bowl, and layered grey stone. An easy-access door on the side allows you to conceal propane tanks while in use and swap them out with ease. Unlike wood-burning fire pits, there's no soot, ash, sparks, or maintenance to worry about. Plus, it's better for the environment too.

Arlmont & Co. Millwright Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit

Bring the fun of a campfire to your very own backyard with Arlmont & Co's Millwright Stone Wood-Burning Fire Pit. It's got a large heat-resistant fire bowl and a wood grill for improved air circulation. The all-in-one fit pit kit includes a spark screen for added safety and a screen hook that doubles as a log tender. All you'll need are a few friends and plenty of s'mores supplies!

DIY Your Own Stone Fire Pit

A DIY stone fire pit is affordable and fairly easy to put together if you are on a budget. You can put together a fire pit for under $200, depending on the stones you choose.


  • Stone pavers
  • Concrete adhesive 
  • Paver sand/ pea gravel
  • Lava rocks
  • Shovel
  • Level


Regardless if you are trying to build a circle or square fire pits, you will need to follow the following steps for your project:

  1. Dug the grass and layer paver sand using a shovel. You can use a shovel to help you mark the size of your pit before removing the grass. If you remove a little too much, don't worry. Once the landscaping grows in, extra edgings will disappear. Otherwise, you can place some grass seeds at a later time.
  2. Layer down the first layer of stones. Make sure it fits snuggly, and use a long level to make sure everything is level. Adjust as needed.
  3. Add more layers. Use concrete adhesive on top of the paver and cover as much surface as possible. Then put the next layer of paver on top of the concrete adhesive.
  4. Fill in the gap. To make your fire pit more stable, you can fill up any gaps with construction adhesive.
  5. Add lava rocks and enjoy!

For this project, you can use fire brick, a special kind of brick that can stand high heat without cracking.

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