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If you live on a large property with heavy snowfall, manual shoveling and snow-blowing just won't cut it. You'll need a high-powered way to clear snow fast without requiring much hard work. 

If you own an ATV, a snowblower attachment is ideal for clearing snow from large areas. Not only will a powered device eliminate the fatigue and back pain that's all too familiar after manual snow clearing, but it'll also drastically speed up the process so you can get back to enjoying your favorite winter activities. 

To help you find the best ATV snowblowers attachment for the job, we'll teach you everything you need to know before purchasing a snow clearing device. But before we jump into our ATV snowblower attachment reviews, let's first break down how to choose an attachment. 

How Does an ATV Snow Blower Attachment Work?

While snowblower attachments are not as common for ATVs as they are for other equipment, like a skid steer or tractor, they're popular in rural areas and regions with heavy snowfall. They're relatively easy to use and attach to your ATV, as most are compatible with popular brands or include kits to install the attachment on the front of your four-wheeler. 

Snowblower attachments harness their power from their own engine, so they won't suck gas from your vehicle. Almost all models offer electronic controls that connect to your ATV or UTV, making it easy to control the attachment as you drive. 

How to Choose an ATV Snowblowers Attachment

While all snowblower attachments are relatively similar, models vary based on engine size, clearing width, and quality. Here are a few things you'll want to consider when selecting a model: 

  • Size of the Space You're Clearing: If you're clearing large spaces, look for a wider blower that saves time by clearing more snow at once. 
  • Snowfall: ATV snow blowers are best suited for areas with heavy snowfall. If your snow is typically wet or icy, you may want to consider adding chains to your tires to improve traction. 
  • Size of Your ATV: The biggest difference between attachments is their size. It's essential to ensure your ATV can handle the attachment's size and weight to ensure safe operation.

When shopping for an attachment, you'll want to select one with safety features and user-friendly operation that makes snow clearing safe and easy. Here are two features you'll want to have: 

  • Skid Shoes: One key feature you'll want to look for in a snowblower attachment is skid shoes. These small metal attachments purposefully leave behind a thin layer of snow to protect roads and driveways from being damaged by the auger. 
  • Rotating Chute: A rotating chute allows you to adjust where the snow is thrown, speeding up the process and providing more control over your snow-clearing efforts. 

Check Out These ATV Snowblower Attachment Reviews Before You Start Shopping This Winter: 

Husqvarna Two-Stage Residential Attachment Snow Blower

The Husqvarna Snow Blower Attachment is an effective way to clear heavy winter snow without much effort. It's designed using heavy-weight steel that can withstand harsh winter conditions and deep snowdrifts. After initially mounting the brackets and pulley frame to your vehicle, the snow thrower can easily be attached and removed without tools.

It can be operated from the driver's seat of your ATV with a convenient electronic lift that allows users to raise and lower the unit with the push of a button. Users can adjust the 180-degree rotating chute and deflector to aim the snow exactly where you want it. Husqvarna recommends adding chains to your tires when using the snow-clearing device. 

Husqvarna's snowblower attachment has a clearing width of 42 inches and can handle snow up to 20 inches deep. The snow-clearing attachment pulls in the snow using two 12 in. diameter serrated augers before a high-speed impeller shoots the snow through the poly chute. 

The unit also features a replaceable wear plate and skid shoes that protect the ground underneath. 

Weight— 218 lbs

Clearing Width— 42 inches 

Intake Height— 20 inches

Massimo Motors Universal ATV Snow Blower Attachment

If you're looking for a durable attachment that will last for many winters to come, you can't go wrong with the Universal ATV Snow Blower from Massimo Motors. It's designed with a thick steel body and heavy-duty steel augers that can cut through heavy snowfall and icy snowdrifts with ease. Its easy-grip tires ensure proper traction while clearing snow in freezing conditions. 

The snow-throwing device has a clearing width of 60 inches and can handle snowfall up to 20 inches deep. This extra-wide clearing width makes it an ideal choice for large properties and commercial use. It features a strobe light that turns on when the auger is engaged, making for safer snow-clearing during early mornings or stormy conditions. The attachment includes a universal mounting plate that fits most UTV and ATV. Plus, it features adjustable skid plates to prevent damage to the road or driveway you are clearing. 

Massimo's Universal Snow Blower Attachment features a 420cc engine with electronic and recoil start options. The attachment can be electronically connected with your ATV or UTV, allowing operators to control their snow-clearing efforts from the comfort of a covered cabin. The 180-degree rotating chute can be adjusted electronically, and the blower can be raised and lowered from your dashboard. 

Weight— 210 lbs

Clearing Width— 60 inches 

Intake Height— 20 inches

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