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Laundry bags are an absolute must if you aren't among the lucky few with a washing machine and dryer in-unit. A sturdy nylon or mesh laundry bag helps keep your dirty clothes together and makes toting loads to and from the basement laundry room or laundromat around the corner a whole heck of a lot easier. Plus, it can hold your detergent, laundry card, coins, and other essentials.

To help you make laundry day a breeze, we've rounded up the best laundry bags on the market today. With everything from classic drawstring mesh bags to standing hampers to small zippered pouches for delicates, there's something for every college student, camper, jet-setter, and apartment dweller.

What to Look for in a Laundry Bag:

With so many laundry bags on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth adding to your cart. You'll want something that offers convenience, versatility, and durability without costing an arm and leg. To help you narrow down your search, here are a few key things to look for while shopping for new laundry bags:

  • Drawstring closure— A drawstring closure helps keep your clothes securely inside while you're on the go. Avoid laundry bags with a zipper closure that can snag delicate items.
  • Durable material— Any good-quality laundry bag is made with a durable, tear-resistant material like polyester mesh, ripstop nylon, or heavyweight cotton canvas.
  • Backpack-style laundry bags— For added convenience, many laundry bags come equipped with sturdy shoulder straps so you can sling them over your shoulder just like a backpack.
  • Pockets— A zippered pocket or two can be super handy for holding your keys, laundry card, detergent, and other laundry day essentials.
  • Separating loads— Separating your dirty clothes into more than one laundry bag can make wash day less of a hassle. Consider purchasing a multi-pack of mesh bags or a dual-compartment bag designed specifically for separating loads.
  • Wash bags for delicates— To protect your delicates from damage in the washing machine during the wash cycle, try using small zippered mesh laundry bags designed specifically for washing bras, underwear, hosiery, lingerie, and other lacy undergarments.

The Best Nylon, Canvas, and Mesh Laundry Bags

Now that you know what to look for, it's time to go shopping! Below, we've rounded up a few laundry bags, hampers, and wash bags that are sure to make wash day a breeze!

Brabantia Cork-Lidded Laundry Hamper

Best Overall

Brabantia Cork-Lidded Laundry Hamper

This versatile Brabantia Cork-Lidded Laundry Hamper doubles as both a laundry basket and a laundry bag. Like all of Brabantia's products, it's thoughtfully designed and sustainably made for better performance and longer product life. Its slim profile and sleek appearance complement any bathroom, bedroom, or walk-in closet.

The sturdy exterior is crafted from corrosion-resistant white powder-coated steel with a non-skid base and ventilation holes that help prevent odor and bacteria from collecting in your dirty clothes. A practical cork lid adds a touch of style to the hamper's top opening. Inside is a machine-washable cotton laundry bag that can be removed when it's time to do a few loads.

Polecasa Heavy-Duty Mesh Laundry Bag

Looking for something simple and affordable? This Heavy-Duty Mesh Laundry Bag from Polecasa should do just the trick. Thanks to a classic drawstring design to keep clothes inside and durable materials, it'll outlast most other mesh laundry bags on the market. This large, heavy-duty mesh bag can hold over 50 pounds or 3 to 4 loads of laundry. Plus, it can be used as a wash bag for blankets, sheets, towels, and other large items.

While the bag's mesh material may look ordinary, it's designed with a special diamond shape for added durability and snag resistance. The 24 x 36-inch bag comes in your choice of white, aqua blue, black, royal blue, and grey.

Pottery Barn Mission Modular Laundry Organization System Hanging Laundry Bag and Holder

Save precious floor space with this aesthetically pleasing Mission Modular Laundry Organization System Hanging Laundry Bag and Holder from Pottery Barn. It's designed with sustainably sourced, fair trade-certified mango wood with an aluminum rod and a cotton laundry bag fitted with sturdy leather loops. The functional design not only saves space but also makes loading and unloading easier than ever.

In addition to the convenient Laundry Bag and Holder, the Mission Modular System features a coordinating Laundry Drying Rack, Collapsible Folding Table, and Wall Cabinet to keep your laundry room looking stylish and organized.

West Elm x pbdorm Recycled Large Essential Laundry Backpack

Searching for a laundry bag with the right balance of style and function? You can't go wrong with the west elm x pbdorm Recycled Large Essential Laundry Backpack. It's large enough to carry multiple loads. The backpack-style design makes it easy to carry your clothes from your dorm to the basement laundry room or from your apartment to the laundromat around the corner.

It features a drawstring top closure with cord lock to keep clothes inside, comfortable shoulder straps, and a zippered front pocket for holding coins, detergent, and other items you'll need for wash day. The heavy-duty, tear-resistant polyester fabric is made from over 29 recycled plastic water bottles. It comes in your choice of three colors: terracotta, dusty rose pink, and petrol blue.

Pottery Barn Teen Recycled Easy Carry Laundry Bag

This Pottery Barn Teen Recycled Easy Carry Laundry Bag stands like a laundry hamper but transports like a laundry bag. The two large top handles make it easy to carry full loads from your bedroom to the washing machine without dropping a single item along the way. A flat bottom ensures the bag stays upright during loading and unloading. The dorm-friendly laundry bag is made from 100% recycled polyester that comes in three colors: light gray, charcoal gray, and a white/grey marble print.

BAGAIL Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags

These versatile Mesh Laundry Bags from BAGAIL can protect your delicates, keep dirty clothes organized during travel, and be used as a wash laundry bag for blouses, dresses, and other fine fabrics. The five-pack comes with one extra-large, two large, and two medium-mesh laundry bags. Their silky polyester mesh material protects your delicate lace underwear, bras, lingerie, and other small items safe from zippers, buttons, and abrasion during washing.

Room Essentials Soft-Sided Scrunchable Laundry Basket

This Room Essentials Soft-Sided Scrunchable Laundry Basket is easy to toss over your shoulder during trips to the laundromat. The tote-style design is made with four built-in handles and a sturdy steel frame that make it easy to transport freshly-folded clean clothes, blankets, and full loads of dirty laundry. Its lightweight (but incredibly strong) fabric features a fun green polka pattern that is sure to put a smile on your face. Plus, the laundry tote bag is equipped with an internal zippered pouch to hold smaller items like dryer sheets, coins, and keys.

Simple Houseware 2-Pack of Extra-Large Natural Cotton Laundry Bags

Looking for something eco-friendly and easy to use? These Extra-Large Natural Cotton Laundry Bags from the Simple Houseware Store are made with a minimalist design and all-natural cotton that lets your laundry breathe. The 36 x 28-inch bags feature a cinch-top with a cord lock to keep your contents secure while you carry them. Thanks to their versatility and machine-washable materials, they're an excellent choice for camping trips, travel, and doing laundry on the go.

BeeGreen Extra-Large Nylon Laundry Bag

Best Extra-Large Laundry Bag

BeeGreen Extra-Large Nylon Laundry Bag

If you've got a lot of laundry to do, you'll need an extra-large laundry bag that can handle the job. The BeeGreen Extra-Large Nylon Laundry Bag is large enough to hold multiple loads of laundry at once, so you won't need to take multiple trips on wash day. It's the perfect choice for camping, dorm life, and apartment dwellers.

The extra-large nylon laundry bag is made of super-strong ripstop nylon that comes in three colors: black, dark green, and moss green. It's designed with adjustable shoulder straps, a thick drawstring cord, a reinforced top handle, and buckle closure for added security. The zippered front pocket can hold laundry soap, softener, dryer sheets, and other must-have items.

The Laundress Double Laundry Sorter Hamper

Best for Separating Lights and Darks

The Laundress Double Laundry Sorter Hamper

Streamline laundry day by pre-separating your lights and darks with this Double Laundry Sorting Hamper from the laundry experts at The Laundress. The oversized canvas laundry bag features a built-in divider and dual-compartments for separating lights and darks. Its sturdy sewn handles make it easy to carry up the stairs, down the street, and around your home. It's made from heavyweight 100% cotton with a coated interior that easily wipes clean.

Emily & Meritt Recycled Laundry Backpack

College life can make laundry a challenge, but this Emily & Meritt Recycled Laundry Backpack can make it feel a bit easier. The multi-purpose laundry bag can be worn as a backpack or carried by the convenient top handle. Its small exterior pocket is perfect for stashing your laundry card, coins, and keys while you run to the laundry room on campus.

The backpack laundry bag was designed exclusively for Pottery Barn Teen by fashion designers and celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. Its recycled polyester fabric is sustainably made from over 29 plastic water bottles. And we can't forget to mention the adorable polka dot print and oversized 'Wash Me' graphic.

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