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Motorcycle owners know just how crucial it is to protect their bikes from exposing them to the elements. If you're already short on garage space, storing your motorcycle between rides can pose a bit of a challenge. And if you are looking to put away your motorcycle for a longer period or during the winter months, you will want seasonal storage that allows you to store your motorcycle inside.

So to help you keep your bike safe, secure, and ready for your next ride, we've rounded up the most practical motorcycle storage options below. With everything from portable canvas tents to affordable waterproof covers, there's a suitable indoor storage unit option for every bike. But before we dive in, here are some factors to consider when looking for the best motorcycle storage.

What To Consider When Searching For The Best Motorcycle Storage

Types Of Storage

There are two common types of motorcycle storage:

Indoor Motorcycle Storage

If you want to store your motorcycle indoors year-round or for the season, indoor motorcycle storage is the best choice. It will keep your bike from all the weather elements until you are ready to ride again.

Covered storage

If you live in an area with nice weather year-round or only need something for the short term, then covered storage is the best choice for you.

Unit Size

Regardless of which type of storage you will get, it is important to measure the size of your bike first. And if you have multiple bikes, you will need to make sure there is enough room to store all the bikes and any accessories.

The Best Motorcycle Storage Options

Motorcycle Cover

Looking for an affordable way to store your motorcycle? A protective motorcycle cover is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle storage solutions. Not only is a waterproof cover budget-friendly, but it's incredibly practical too. It can be used anywhere, anytime, making it a particularly great option if you travel frequently or use your bike on an everyday basis.

A weatherproof cover offers protection from the elements if you park your bike in a driveway, parking space, or carport. It can prevent sap and water damage when parking curbside or under large trees. And, it can provide an additional layer of protection and keep your bike dust-free in your garage, portable shed, or long-term storage unit. Needless to say, this versatile storage solution is a suitable option for any motorcycle owner.

Here are a few of the best motorcycle covers on the market today:

Favoto All-Weather Motorcycle Cover

Favoto's All-Weather Motorcycle Cover provides a practical and affordable motorcycle storage solution for almost any ride. The durable cover is made from waterproof polyester with a silver coating inside. A reinforced lock-hole on the front helps prevent theft without sacrificing protection. Adjustable front and rear buckles prevent the cover from sagging, slipping, and flapping in the wind. Three reflective strips ensure your motorcycle is visible in the dark. Its versatile design fits most motorcycles up to 96.5 inches in length.

Badass Moto Gear Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Cover

This Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Cover from Badass Moto Gear offers protection for any bike, anytime, anywhere. The durable waterproof cover comes in three size options to accommodate bikes of all sizes. A small 86 x 50-inch cover fits small sports bikes and cruisers. A medium 96 x 55-inch cover accommodates mid-sized cruisers, small Harleys, and most adventure bikes. And a large 97 x 57-inch and extra-large 108 x 65-inch cover fits sports tourers and large choppers with ease. It's made from premium waterproof fabric with taped seams, elastic hem, and buckles for added security.

Nuzari Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Cover

Keep your bike looking its best with this Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Cover from Nuzari. It boasts high-quality materials and a versatile design in multiple sizes and color options to complement any bike. An interior heat shield prevents burns from hot pipes, while water-repellent fabric protects your motorcycle from rain, UV rays, dust, and dripping sap. A convenient storage bag included makes it easy to tuck into a saddle bag or backpack while you ride.

XYZCTEM Motorcycle Storage Cover

You don't need to spend a fortune to find a great motorcycle storage solution. This affordable Motorcycle Storage Cover from XYZCTEM is made from water-repellent, UV-resistant oxford fabric. It's designed to fit most standard-sized bikes, including those from top brands like Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. The oversized fit ensures top-to-bottom coverage to keep out wet weather, tree sap, and damaging UV rays. It's a must-have for motorcycles parked in uncovered driveways and reserved parking spots.

Indoor Motorcycle Storage Shed

A motorcycle storage shed is the way to go if you've got the space. It's also the most popular type of shed among motorcycle owners. No matter the weather, your bike will stay clean, dry, and protected. Secured with a sturdy lock, motorcycle storage sheds can prevent theft too. And when it comes to long-term and winter storage, a backyard shed is far more convenient than a self-storage facility —and often more affordable too.

In addition to storing your ride, a motorcycle shed offers plenty of space for your bike accessories, riding gear, cleaning kit, and maintenance tools. And to clear up your garage, any leftover room can be used to store gardening tools, sports equipment, backyard games, and more. Just be sure to double-check the measurement of your bike against the measurements of the unit to ensure it's roomy enough inside.

Let's check out a few of the best motorcycle storage sheds available today:

Suncast Outdoor Plastic Storage Shed

If there's one motorcycle shed worth adding to your side yard, it's this Outdoor Plastic Storage Shed from Suncast. The multi-purpose shed is durable, dependable, and versatile. 547 cubic feet of storage space fits almost any bike, with two corner shelves for your gear, accessories, and maintenance equipment. Six skylights keep the interior well lit, while functional vents allow for continuous air circulation. A reinforced resin floor keeps moisture out and provides ample support for heavy bikes. The classic shed design boasts metal-reinforced shingle-style roof panels and lockable metal handles to secure your valuables.

Cedarshed Rancher Solid Wood Storage Shed

Few motorcycle storage options are more impressive than this Rancher Solid Wood Storage Shed from Cedarshed. Its stylish design is carefully crafted from 100% Western red cedar and includes a window, decorative shutters, a flower box, and pre-shingled roof panels. The spacious interior easily fits large motorcycles with room left over for helmets, accessories, and maintenance equipment. Lockable double doors make parking your bike a breeze. The versatile storage shed is available in a range of other sizes, including 10 x 10-feet, 10 x 16-feet, and 10 x 20 feet, to accommodate multiple motorcycles.

Portable Storage Units

Similar to a backyard shed, a portable storage unit/ garage provides superior protection from inclement weather conditions— especially during the winter months. While it can't prevent theft entirely, it'll at least keep your bike out of plain sight. Most models are made using lightweight, waterproof materials, sturdy metal frames, and practical designs that can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily as needed. Keep one in your trailer for an easy storage solution when you're on the go.

Now, let's take a look at some of the best portable motorcycle garages:

Costway Carport Storage Shelter for Motorcycle

This Carport Storage Shelter from Costway is the perfect size for motorcycle storage. Its heavy-duty polyurethane cover provides watertight protection from rain, snow, and hot sun. A sturdy steel frame boasts poles treated with a powder-coated finish to prevent peeling, rusting, and corrosion. Metal stakes keep the tent-style storage facilities firmly in the ground during blustery weather conditions. When you aren't using the canopy to store your chopper, it can hold firewood, gardening equipment, and other small vehicles.

Handy Home Rookwood Wooden Storage Shed

For a versatile small vehicle storage solution, there's the Rookwood Wooden Storage Shed from Handy Home. It's the perfect addition to ordinary backyards and large properties alike. The timeless, multi-function design boasts extra-wide double doors for easy parking and 7-foot tall sidewalls for ample headroom while you're inside. It's gray wooden siding is pre-treated to prevent warping, rot, and insect infestations. The versatile shed comes ready-to-assemble with pre-hung doors and detailed instructions. Note, this model does not include a floor and should be placed on a concrete pad or other foundation.

VEVOR Heavy-Duty Portable Motorcycle Storage Unit

Treat your bike to the vehicle storage facilities it deserves with this Heavy-Duty Portable Motorcycle Storage Unit from VEVOR. It's the perfect size for storing scooters, bicycles, sportbikes, ATVs, riding lawn mowers, and motorcycles up to 130 inches in length. The waterproof cover and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel frame can easily withstand any weather conditions. For added protection, the portable motorcycle shed can be bolted to the ground and locked with a padlock. The best part is, it's easy to assemble and requires little to no maintenance.

ShelterLogic Portable Garage

Need to store multiple motorcycles? At 10 x 20-feet, this Portable Garage from ShelterLogic offers all the space you could possibly need. Its durable cover is made using UV-resistant, waterproof, antifungal, triple-layer ripstop nylon. A thoughtfully designed Ratchet-Tite cover tensioning system ensures a snug cover with a leak proof roof-to-door connection. Patented ShelterLock stabilizers provide added stability and peace of mind during windy conditions. In addition to motorcycles, it can accommodate ATVs, jet skis, tractors, trailers, snowmobiles, and other small vehicles.

Self Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is undoubtedly one of the safest and most reliable long-term storage solutions. Instead of being subjected to cold, wet winter weather, your bike will stay nice and warm inside the climate-controlled storage unit. You won't need to worry about it getting scratched or dented in your garage, either.

Plus, most storage facilities offer increased security measures like keycard access and video surveillance. You'll need to bring your registration and proof of ownership the first time you go. Depending on the facility, they may require your bike to be in running condition.

Prices vary widely depending on unit size, location, and amenities offered. Most motorcycles fit comfortably inside a 5 x 10-foot unit with a bit of room leftover for your helmets and maintenance equipment. Multiple bikes will require larger storage unit sizes like 10 x 10 feet or 10 x 15 feet.

Motorcycle Storage FAQs

How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Winter Storage?

To ensure your motorcycle stays in good shape throughout winter, there are a few extra steps you will need to take. This includes washing and waxing your bike, changing engine oil, applying lubricant to the chains and cables, adding fuel stabilizer, fueling your gas tank, checking tire pressure, and removing the battery before putting away your motorcycle in storage.

Where should I store my motorcycle for the winter?

It's best to store your motorcycle indoors in winter, either in a garage or a storage shed or unit.

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