The Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain for Your Backyard


Last Updated - May 2, 2022

A solar bird bath fountain is undoubtedly one of the best ways to attract birds to your yard. The shallow pool of water offers birds a place to bathe, drink, and rest. Plus, the soothing sound of bubbling water and delightful appearance creates a relaxing environment for bird watchers too!

So if you're a true bird lover, it's time to add one of these solar-powered bird bath fountains to your outdoor space. Thanks to these eco-friendly products' solar panels, they don't require any electricity.

The 16 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains

Ophelia & Co. Hornsby Solar Fountain with LED Light

Bring a bit of charm to your garden with this timeless Hornsby Solar Fountain from Ophelia & Co. It's crafted from lightweight fiberglass resin that's incredibly durable and surprisingly easy to move. The artsy garden fountain is lit by a solar-powered LED light and by a solar-powered fountain pump. Placed in the center of a garden bed, it's sure to impress all your house guests upon arrival. Plus, it'll attract all sorts of gorgeous birds to your yard.

Charlton Home Biaver Solar-Lit Bird Bath

Your feathered friends will love this Biaver Solar-Lit Bird Bath from Charlton Home. Its generous 20-inch diameter water bowl provides enough room for multiple birds. Scalloped engravings and small cutouts along the edge offer the perfect perch for birds of all shapes and sizes. Along the pedestal base, you'll find Fleur-de-Lis scrolls. When the sun goes down, an LED light beneath creates a warm, ambient glow using solar energy harnessed throughout the day. It's crafted from durable polyresin covered with an antique-inspired brushed bronze finish.

Gardenised Solar Fountain with Planter Bowl

Gardenised's Solar Fountain with Planter Bowl makes a great addition to any bird lover's garden. The gentle spray of the bird bath fountain entices birds to take a drink and adds ambient background noise to your home. Beneath the fountain lies a versatile planter bowl that can be filled with plants and flowers. Not to mention, the antique-style lawn ornament adds a touch of style itself. The ornate swirls around the base and vintage-looking metallic finish blend beautifully into any setting. Thanks to a small but mighty solar panel, the bird bath doesn't require any wires or extension cords, meaning it can be placed in any sunny spot around your property.

Sunnydaze 2-Tier Pineapple Solar Water Fountain

If there's one solar bird bath worth splurging on, it's this stunning 2-Tier Pineapple Solar Water Fountain from Sunnydaze. Not only is it equipped with a solar panel, submersible water pump, and a rechargeable battery pack, but it also has a 16-foot power cord for backup on cloudy days. Its two-tiered design boasts a scalloped edge and pineapple top for added elegance and colonial charm. At 46 inches tall, its classic design instantly creates a focal point in your garden, yard, or patio. The fiberglass-reinforced resin comes in three antiqued finishes: black, rust-brown, and earthy tan.

Smart Solar Louisa Ceramic Solar Bird Bath

Birds will flock to this Louisa Ceramic Solar Bird Bath from Smart Solar, thanks to its bright blue color and bubbling solar fountain. It is constructed from clay ceramic with a cobalt blue finish and decorative floral tiles. A patented underwater integral solar panel and pump system create an ambient water display without any wiring or operating costs. The solar bird bath comes with a solar bird bath bubbler and 360-degree spray topper for a customizable water effect. Needless to say, you'll be happy you added this stylish number to your space come summer.

Darby Home Co. Saphira Two-Tier Bird Bath

Enjoy the soothing sounds of moving water and chirping birds with the stylish Saphira Two-Tier Bird Bath from Darby Home Co. The sophisticated bronze finish looks great next to a patio, garden path, or deck. It's powered entirely through solar energy, meaning there's no pesky wiring or wasted electricity to worry about. Leave the solar panel to charge for one to two sunny days, and it'll provide up to six hours of continuous run time. Maintenance is easy. Simply drain, wipe down, rinse, and refill! Consider it the perfect housewarming gift for the avid birdwatcher or gardener in your life.

Milwood Pines Olivas Cobblestone Solar-Powered Fountain

Upgrade your outdoor space with this Natural Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain. The tiered, cobblestone-inspired appearance and ambient sound of running water bring a bit of charm to any front yard, garden, or back patio. For maximum versatility, it's equipped with solar panels for cord-free use while the sun is out and an optional electrical plug for overcast days. The four-gallon bird bath can pump a hefty 100 to 200 gallons per day.

Hi-Line Gift Floral Glass Solar Bird Bath 2

Did you know that brightly-colored bird baths attract more birds than simple metal styles? So thanks to a gorgeous flower on top, this Floral Glass Solar Bird Bath from Hi-Line Gift is all-but-guaranteed to entice birds. The wide glass pool balances neatly on a four-legged metal stand. Solar-powered LED lights illuminate the floral design in the dark to keep birds coming day and night.

SunRay Beacon Point Brushed Bronze Solar Fountain

Though most solar bird baths are designed with daytime operation in mind, this Beacon Point Brushed Bronze Solar Fountain from SunRay can be used around the clock. The ornate base and aged bronze finish draw inspiration from antique iron birdbaths. It's equipped with an innovative solar panel with an auto-on/off function when charged. A solar-powered, amber-toned LED light offers a warm glow to enjoy when the sun goes down. Its hollow center pole can be filled with sand to add weight and improve stability.

Rosalind Wheeler Ebeling Country Gardens Bird Bath

Love bird watching from your window? Place this aesthetically-pleasing Ebeling Country Gardens Bird Bath from Rosalind Wheeler. The concrete bird bath features a timeless design with a weathered stone finish. Two turtles along the bowl's edge add a quirky touch (and can be fully removed if desired). A patented underwater solar panel and pump system harness energy from direct sunlight to recycle water from the hidden reservoir inside. Two fountain heads allow you to switch between a bubbler and umbrella sprayer in just seconds.

Bungalow Rose Canaseraga Argus Solar Fountain Bird Bath

Add style to your patio with this Canaseraga Argus Solar Fountain Bird Bath from Bungalow Rose. Its bright colors help to attract birds to the relaxing pool. The glass bird bath is made using hand-laid painted tiles, a powerful solar-powered pump, and a lightweight metal stand. Painterly blue and green feathers add an artistic flair to the stand-out piece. To keep the glass bowl looking its best, store it indoors during the winter.

Ophelia & Co. Manzi Solar Bird Bath

Create a bird sanctuary in your backyard with this Manzi Solar Bird Bath from Ophelia & Co. It's constructed from high-quality plastic protected with a weather-resistant resin seal. A gray patina finish creates a vintage look that complements any patio decor. Three stakes help hold it securely in the ground during high winds and inclimate weather conditions. Its wide, shallow pool attracts robins, bluebirds, cardinals, hummingbirds, and other feather friends flying by.  

Fleur De Lis Living Ahmed Solar Bird Bath

Add a touch of style to your outdoor space with this Ahmed Solar Bird Bath from Fleur De Lis Living. The solar-powered fountain is crafted from durable, weather-resistant polyresin built to last but light enough to move easily. Its sturdy base comes equipped with stakes that can be fastened into the ground to prevent tip-overs and spills. Multiple fountain heads allow the solar water pump to create a range of water patterns. The garden ornament feels like an elusive antique store finds thanks to a rustic gray, copper, or green finish.

Canora Grey Grilli Solar Bird Bath

This gorgeous Grilli Solar Bird Bath from Canora Grey makes the perfect focal point in a front garden or backyard. The multifunctional piece features a classic bird bath, a solar-powered LED light fixture, and a hollowed-out base that makes an excellent planter. The lamp post-style solar light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn for easy, cord-free lighting. Not only is it stylish, but it's also weather-resistant and ultra-durable too. Bird lovers can choose from rustic bronze and antique blue finishes that complement any outdoor space.

Gada Acadia Birdbath

This Gada Acadia Birdbath is a charming garden accessory with immense aesthetic appeal and compelling visual charisma. It has a gorgeous and exquisite structural design that is pleasing to look at, while its sleek and practical build makes it space-efficient, ensuring ease of accommodation. The solar found features a patented underwater integral Gada panel and pump system that uses a low-voltage water pump with a filter. It does not require any wiring. Without electricity, there are no operating costs, wiring, or complicated installation. The soothing sound of gently running water will put your mind at ease while you kick your feet up to sip a coffee, read a book, or enjoy a bit of backyard birdwatching.

Osio Gingko Solar Birdbath

Turn your backyard into a bird haven with this Osio Gingko Solar Bird Bath from Williston Forge. Its elegant weathered stone finish creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere on your patio, balcony, or garden. It features Gingko leaves stamped around the middle base of the birdbath, providing unique and amazing details. You can switch between a bubbling or umbrella spray with two found heads. A bubbler and 360-degree spray toppers are great for attracting birds to the basin. The stylish fountain will circulate water from a hidden reservoir inside without requiring any electricity when placed in direct sunlight.


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