20 Best Tropical Bathroom Ideas

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We dream about being on dreamy beaches, sounded by lush scenery, and endless sunshine every day. What if we tell you, you can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise, are you in? There is something about the tropical vibe that makes us feel relaxed and happy. And what could be better than spending some spa time in a tropical bathroom to wind down every night? Adding some tropical greens to your bathroom can make a big difference. The color green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and has its own way of calming us. For some, a tropical bathroom theme is a perfect way to make us feel relaxed. 

We have compiled 20 tropical bathroom ideas that you will love.

20 Tropical Bathroom Ideas

1. All You Need Is White, Pink And Green

All You Need Is White, Pink And Green

Photo Credit: deardesigner.co.uk

We love the division of subway tile and wallpaper look. The subway tile adds a great texture, while the pink and green wallpaper adds a relaxing feminine vibe.

2. Bold Tile Goes Long Way

Bold Tile Goes Long Way


We love the two-tone bold aqua color tiles and plain white wall. The contrast of this bathroom screams tropical without needing any plants.

3. Got Bananas?

Got Bananas

Photo Source: olivrahomedecor.com

Absolutely in love with this white, green, pink, with a splash of yellow color vibe. Can we talk about how cute are these bananas?

4. Feminine Jungle

Feminine Jungle

Photo Credit: @housekidscats

We are obsessed with the pink and white tub! This soft pink adds some femininity and a relaxing vibe to the bathroom. And can we talk about how adorable is this tiger rug?

5. Bohemian Tropical Vibe

Bohemian Jungle Vibe

Photo Credit: @refreszing

White and bright bohemian tropical vibe bathroom idea. Can we talk about how cute is this wallpaper with bananas on it?

6. Topical With A Splash Of Pink

Tropical With A Splash Of Pink

Credit Source: @dailydreamdecor

We love the two-tone wall. The white panels offer a texture and bright up the room. At the same time, the green and pink wallpaper add a feminine tropical look.

7. Airy And Fairy

Airy And Fairy

Photo Credit: @kunis_lovely_vintage_home

Love all white? Then this is the look for you! The white, green, and fairy light combo gives you a dreamy tropical vibe. 

8. Tropical Paradise 

Tropical Paradise

Photo Credit: @HUSSSSSY

Welcome to the paradise.

What could be more tropical than having the entire bathroom wall to be covered with banana leaves

9. All The Parrot You Need

All The Parrot You Need

You can't get tropical than this parrot wallpaper. This tropical parrot wallpaper makes a grand statement in your bathroom. The detailed design features a beautiful parrot amongst palm leaves and foliage in vibrant tones of green.

10. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Source: @a.designers.saneness

If you love bird of paradise flower, you would love this wallpaper. And with the white tiles, it adds a great texture and brightens the room. Bird of paradise flower wallpaper gives a fantastic tropical vibe.

11. Bold and Bright

Bold And Bright

Source: @maryfsaunders

If you just want to dabble in the bright color, you would love this design.

12. rustic tropical villa

Rustic Tropical Villa

Source: @rainbowhomemonthly

Beautiful tropical hues that make you feel like you are in sunny climates all year long. Now, can someone hand me a margarita?

13. Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style

Source: @astrointerior

Not into having plants indoor? No problem. Plant a few tropical plants close to your window outside, and you can still get the tropical vibe. 

14. Tropical Beachy Boho Style

Source: @mango_manor

Do you love Monstera leaves? This wallpaper is the perfect fit in style and color to a tropical vibe in the bathroom. 

15. Tropical vintage style

Source: @aufildescouleurs

Love vintage? Check out this vintage tropical vibe.

16. Tropical Tile

Tropical Tile

Source: @interiorsinspirecom

No plants are needed. All you need is bold green tile and wood panels to create a beautiful tropical vibe.

17. Outdoor Tropical Vibe

Outdoor Tropical Vibe

Source: @cote_home_deco

How beautiful is this bathroom? We are obsessed with this brick wall. It gives you an outdoor vibe and adds texture to the room. 

18. Greens, Greens And More Greens

Greens, Greens And More Greens

Source: @ceciliainteriors

Imagine opening the door to find this beautiful bathroom on the other side!

How beautiful are these mural and in contrast with the green tiles?

19. Simple Yet Tropical

Source: @amys_family_home

We love this neutral color bathroom that makes the green color pop. 

20. Tropical Art Is All You Need

Tropical Art Is All You Need

Source:@ _mvision

Don't have green thumbs, no worries. All you need is the right artwork with a neutral background to make it pop. 

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