20+ Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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There is more to living room walls than all over solid-color paint and holding your home together. Your walls act as the background of the picture, and you can personalize them by adding patterns, textures, storage, and memories with the people you love and transforming your blank wall.

Living room wall decor is essential to your home as it ties together your overall home aesthetic and tells your story to guests. There are a few ways to present your style through your walls, and here are a few living room wall decor ideas.

20+ Living Room Wall Decor Ideas



Walls are the perfect canvas for storage because they free up ground space. Storage design has a variety of styles for you to select from based on your needs. As someone who lives in a smaller apartment, utilizing my walls for storage has been a lifesaver.


Bookcases and open storage cabinets are essential for wall storage. Refinishing existing pieces will refresh and modernize them while maintaining their character. If the wall you're decorating requires specific storage, customize built-in units. Even better if you have collector items such as books or records that you can display.

Wall Shelves

If you have limited floor space, you can install wall shelves. Wall shelves can hold frames, plants, candles, and other living room decor. Use multiple scales of floating wall shelves to draw attention to the eye.

Wall Mirrors 


Want the illusion of a bigger space? Hang a mirror! Whether it's glamorous gold mirrors or natural rattan mirrors, they can bring life to walls and make any room feel larger and brighter.

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are common focal points on the living room wall. Instead of one mirror, create a gallery of different scaled mirrors. Smaller mirrors vary from vintage mirrors or modern ones with abstract shapes.

Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are versatile in wall decor. Place a large floor mirror on its own or pair it beside a large plant or a small ottoman.

Interactive Mirrors

Mirrors with interactive frames appear elegantly hung on their own without additional decor pieces surrounding them.

Tips: Be sure to consider the rules of Feng Shui when selecting your mirror placement. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the energy of the arrangement of objects within a living space. Interior designers recommend practicing this technique to prevent unbalance in your home.


plant wall

Incorporating nature inside your home emits soothing energy and freshness. Plants can do no wrong as they are inviting and a source to adding color. If live plants are an inconvenience, fake plants are your best friend!

Wall-mounted plants

Wall-mounted plants are unique and compatible with any plant. Plants with trailing stems are ideal.

Display On Shelves

Displaying plants on floating shelves is a perfect accessory beside picture frames.

Use Larger Plants

Large plants can fill a blank space against a wall. Play around with matching colors and textures when selecting a pot!

Tips: When decorating with live plants, keeping lighting placement in mind is important. Succulents are a great start as they are available in smaller sizes and don't require heavy maintenance.



Lighting creates a certain mood in a room the instant it turns on. Whether it's a gold chandelier or string light, the perfect fixture will be the cherry on top of your overall wall design.


The most popular option in wall lighting is sconces. Sconces pair seemingly on either side of a mirror, television, and artwork.

String Lights

Hang string lights that trail down walls for a laid-back design and appear best at night.

Led Lights

Incorporate strip LED lighting underneath your floating shelves to achieve a contrasting effect.


Fixtures with engraved shades/globes will reflect patterned shadows onto your walls.

Tips: Lighting will transform your home and accessorize it. Technology continues to improve lighting design to our advantage in terms of aesthetics. You can apply these tips to create and customize your fixture. The more detail, the better!



Wallpaper combines texture, color, and patterns all into one! It sets the tone and has the power to transform any wall in a blink of an eye.

Use Matching Colors

There are many choices when selecting the perfect wallpaper for your living room wall. Matching colors and patterns to your existing pieces is a safe choice.

Create Accents

Wallpaper works as an accent underneath mirrors, sconces, and shelving. You can also include textured wallpapers to create a contrast against smooth-surfaced pieces.

Tips: Wallpaper has always been popular in living rooms because it requires zero commitment and is renter-friendly and easily replaceable.


wall art

The term "artwork" isn't only defined as a 2D framed photograph, wall hanging, or canvas painting. Whatever speaks to you or holds deep meaning to you is considered artwork. Like wallpaper, you want to select something that emphasizes your overall aesthetic.

Scale and Quantity

Depending on the amount of wall space you have, you can determine the scale and quantity of your artwork. Wide walls with elevated ceilings can hold up large wall art and also apply to short walls.

Use Personal Art

If you are an artist or have an artist at home, you can use hand-drawn sketches. While they are unrefined and raw, you can turn them into a sophisticated wall decor to a structured gallery wall.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is ideal for family photos mixed with scenery images. Forming a layout is similar to playing Tetris, ensuring the scale of the frames fits like a puzzle. Feel free to mix in horizontal and vertical pictures!

3D Art

Adding 3D art is the perfect unforgettable statement piece that generates a luxurious feel.

TIP: Spend time selecting your art. Start with looking for themes that bring peace and match your living area. Art that is too loud might be overpowering in space.

As trends evolve, you are free to customize and adjust your wall decor over time. Design is constantly changing and improving day by day.

Now you can decorate your walls confidently! Collect wall art ideas and inspiration by pairing two or multiple pieces from our list. Start by looking at samples, visiting showrooms, and stick to your goal.

Accent Wall

Accent Wall

An underrated idea for your living room wall is to create an accent wall. An accent wall can be fun to create a backdrop or focal point.


If you are on a budget, paint is one cost-efficient way to create an access wall. You can go for a bright and bold point or dark and mysterious. For a modern living room idea, opt to paint a section of the wall instead of painting an entire wall.


Wallpaper is a great way to add color, texture, and pattern.

Hand Painting

For artists, you can use stenciling or other paint techniques to decorate an empty wall.

Chalk Wall

A chalk wall can be a really fun way to transform your room with minimal effort and no hanging involved. You can turn bare walls into a canvas. Perfect for kids to get creative, keep track of your shopping list, or put your favorite quote of the day.

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