12 Dreamy BOHO Living Room Ideas

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Odds are, if you are a free-spirited person, you will want a living space to match. Decorating your home can be a great way to practice self-expression and make your space reflect your personality and style. If you love colors, textures and are a wild child at heart, the "boho" or bohemian style may be a great fit for you! And the best part is there are no 'rules' when it comes to bohemian interiors.

Here are some tips on creating a whimsical and energetic boho living room while still maintaining a calm and tranquil atmosphere. But before we dive in, let's look at what bohemian style is.

What Is Boho Style?

If you have never heard of bohemian style or boho for short, it's a modern take on coastal beach interior design, without the blues and shells, and all about natural beige white and textured material.

Today, the term "boho" is used to define quirky and artistic things. The bohemian look is all about expressing your style and creative freedom regardless of the current trends. This style will put your creativity to the test and break from tradition. Layering different patterns, experimenting with color schemes, and relying on eclectic accessories, the task and style aren't for everyone.

Another great thing about designing a bohemian living room is there is no rule. You can add a twist of another style to your boho living room. For example, you can add a twist of Moroccan style by adding pops of timber, white, burnt orange, and gold. If you already have another style going, like mid-century or modern, you can still add boho style to it.

Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

1. Get Creative With Your Wall Art

Get Creative With Your Art

Source: @the_blended_home

Branch out of your usual art print and decorate with a colorful basket. This wall of baskets accent gives the space a color pop and texture. Naturally, this wall is the feature wall.

2. Choose A Color Palette

Green, White and Orange

Source: unknown

One of the key characteristics of designing a boho living room is to use color and texture. Mixing and matching different playful patterns, materials, and shades can give your space the eclectic and relaxed look you want. 

Another component of the boho style is utilizing natural and earthy tones. Try using bright pops of color here and there while still grounding the room with neutral colors. Using more muted tones for the base and then blending in bright colors will make the space vibrant without being too overpowering.  If you are not a minimalist, it's best to stay away from clean lines and quiet palettes.

Imagine a natural colored rug on the floor, a light leather sofa, a darker coffee table, and colorful art prints and cushions. 

Warm Tones

A Pop Of Color

Source: Unknown

To create a rustic boho living room, keep your palette warm.

White and Bright

Minimalist Boho Living Room

Source: @lovelilythelabel

Bohemian vibe living room is all about sticking to plenty of white, especially when it comes to walls. The white walls will provide a beautiful foundation for you to add vibrant colors on, like throw pillows or blankets.

A minimalist tends to gravitate toward the white and bright, making boho living rooms the perfect style for any minimalist.

Add The Color Green

Color Combo Boho Living Room

Source: unknown

Aside from natural color, the color green can also give you a 'nature' feel and warmth without adding potted plants. Go for a green couch or sofa or couch pillow for your boho space.

3. Texture

Au Natural

Source: @boniainterior

The great thing about boho is that there is no wrong color or pattern. You can use different textures and materials as well to add even more character and depth to the space. Using natural and organic feeling materials like woven blankets, felt pillows, and macrame wall décor are all great ways to add life and warmth to your boho decor scheme. 


Boho With Southwestern Influence

Source: @lovelilythelabel

A leather couch is a great way to add texture to your home. A gray and brown leather sofa is a great furniture choice for a boho living room. Top it off with some chunky knitted blanket, place some greens, and add a colorful rug for a boho vibe.

Plush Fabrics

Petite Boho Living room

Source: @lovelilythelabel

One way to add texture, layer, and comfort is to use plush fabrics.

Rattan, wicker, or wood

Rattan All The Way

Source: @lovelilythelabel

Boho is all about nature! This makes rattan, wicker, and wood a popular material choice for furniture pieces.

For example, incorporate rattan furniture with several scattered plants, and you make the space tropical.

4. Vintage 

Trendy Boho Living Room

Source: @kylamagrathinteriors

Another benefit to decorating in the boho style is you can do it on a budget! Newer furniture can take away from the character and wild feel of your boho room and is usually more expensive as well.

Wandering around your local flea market can be a great way to find unique furniture and decorative features that add to the whimsical and warm aesthetic of the room. Using more distressed, worn-in, and vintage furniture can give the space a more relaxed feel, which is what the boho look is all about!

This is another great way to add in different textures too. Using pieces made of different materials like wood, metal, or glass is just another opportunity to add life and diversity to the look.

5. Plants 

Boho Earthy

Source: @lovelilythelabel

One great way to make the bohemian living room feel livelier and more rustic is to add some beautiful green plants in there. The boho style is known for its natural, lively, and light-hearted feel.

Adding in some plant life is a perfect way to enhance the look. Plants can take on a wild look with their twisty vines and far-reaching leaves, contributing to the whimsical and earthy vibe of the room. Try using large planters around the room or even hanging plants from the ceiling and shelves to add height to the space. 

Some great options for indoor plants include air plants, succulents, cacti, and monstera. Plants are also a great way to add in that extra variety of color and texture mentioned earlier. Another great option to add variety to the room is pampas grass. This is a popular option when it comes to boho décor, and it can add height to the space if you use large stalks. 

6. Low Furniture 

Fun With Pattern

Source: @lounima_darideco

Because the boho look is one that is laid-back and relaxed, most people tend to use furniture with low profiles. Another great way to enhance the boho look is by using pillows for sitting areas. You can create fun and comfortable seating areas on the floor by using textured throw rugs and some colorful oversized pillows. 

7. Artistic and Eclectic Décor

A Wall Down Memory Lane

Source: @lifewithsonnyjade

Boho is all about adding fun, color, and vibrancy to the living room. You will see a lot of nature-inspired art prints in a typical boho living room. This also blends perfectly with your existing houseplants. But don't be afraid to throw in some wall art that is abstract and bright. 

Create your own mini gallery of pieces of art with paintings and sculptures. The boho style doesn't have to be minimalistic, so feel free to add any knick-knacks that you feel match the style. Baskets, twinkly lights, and brightly covered books are all great ways to fill empty spots.

Boho is a pretty eclectic and unique style, so this is where you can let your personality shine through! You can also use macrame wall décor, which is braided and knotted string or rope. Remember, there's no wrong way to decorate your new boho living room space. 

8. Statement Piece

Bright And Hanging

Source: @marzena.marideko

One great way to embrace a boho design is to choose a statement piece and decorate it around it.

9. Modern Boho Living Room

Boho Chic

Source: @livingroomdecor_

If you want a modern boho living room rather full boho, you can still have Boho elements.

To add a little modern to your space, add a patterned rug, some greenery, and a touch of your charm.

10. Boho Farmhouse Style Living Room

Bright With Texture

Source: @emilia_boho_home

A boho farmhouse living room is a blend of farmhouse style with a blend of fun, bright, and spirited bohemian decor. It offers a relaxing and welcoming vibe!

11. Western Infused Boho Living Room

Boho Mid Western Style

Source: @bohome.design

A wild west infused bohemian living consists of a lot of leather, cowhide, and patterns. Create your own free-spirited and adventurous flair for your Western Boho living room. 

12. Chair Swing

Bright Bohemian Style Living Room

Source: @woodlab_belgrade

An egg, pod, or basket-shaped swing chair is pretty much a must-have for a boho living room. They are eye-catching, fun to sit in, and super trendy!

How To To Get Started

Bright And Airy

Source: @sandradeco__sweet_home

When it comes to decorating the boho living room, how do you pull all these boho designs and tips together? A great way to start is to figure out your staple pieces. Maybe it’s a colorful couch or a sculpture you want to feature. Gather some pieces that can serve as the room's focal point and decide what else you need from there. If you want to follow a certain color pallet, decide at the beginning and slowly add in items that match.

Since this style is so eclectic and unique, the process to get the space exactly how you like may take a while longer than usual. Slowly pick up pieces as you find them and continue to add to the room until it’s exactly how you want. Decorating a space is not an overnight process, especially with the bohemian design. Wander around the local flea market or Good Will to find pieces that fit your look. This particular style is whimsical, warm, and carefree, so don’t worry if every piece isn’t perfect. Use some of the tips above and see if you can create your own perfect boho space! 

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