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White planters are a sure fire way to make your plants pop! Whether they’re stark white, eggshell, or cream, crisply colored planters accentuate the rich colors of your greenery instead of competing. They make an ideal choice for small herb pots and large houseplants alike. 

While white planters obviously complement neutral and all-white design schemes, they can also balance rich color palettes and eclectic decor. The simple color also allows you to play with shape and texture without overwhelming your space. 

To help you find the perfect home for your house plants, we’ve rounded up the best white planters below. With everything from wood stands to hanging baskets to self-watering pots, there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

The Best White Planters and plant pots 

Pottery Barn Modern White Ceramic pot with Wooden Stand

Best White Planter with Stand

pb planter

A wooden stand adds just the right amount of interest to an otherwise simple white ceramic pot. Plus, wooden stands keep your houseplants off the floor, elevating your plants and preventing the possibility of water damage to your hardwood or carpet. These modern white planters from Pottery Barn are designed with a matte white stoneware vessel and a rich teakwood stand. 

With four sizes to choose from, you can put the miniature (7.5 in top diameter) and small (10.5 in top diameter) planters on your coffee table or side table and place a large houseplant on the floor in the medium (12.75 in top diameter) or large (14.25 in top diameter). 

target planter

When decorating shelves with houseplants and white planters, opt for vessels with unique textures and distinctive finishes that add interest to your space. These Rustic Weathered Planters from Threshold were designed in collaboration with Studio McGee, an innovator in interior design. They’re made from high-quality terracotta with a weathered finish and side loops that give the planter a rustic look. 

The 7.5” opening is perfect for displaying succulents on your windowsill, small ferns and greenery on a desk or tabletop, and bouquets of fresh flowers on your kitchen counter. 

Lechuza Rondo Self-Watering Pot Planter

Best Self-Watering plant pot

self water planter

If you don’t have the best luck keeping your plants alive, a self-watering planter takes the guesswork out of indoor gardening. Instead of requiring daily watering, all you’ll need to do is fill up the internal reservoir and your plants will care for themselves by sucking up the right amount of water through their roots. 

While the outside of the Rondo Self-Watering Pot by Lechuza boasts a clean, simple appearance, the inside offers functional self-watering capabilities using a unique funnel system. By funneling water directly to the plant’s roots, it ensures the surface area of the soil stays dry, deterring gnats and fungi. Plus, the planter comes with a water-level indicator that makes it easy to tell when the interior water reservoir needs to be refilled. 

pb white planter

Pottery Barn’s Eclectic Villa Planters bring the feel of a beachside vacation to the inside of your home. Inspired by antique planters found in European gardens, they feature a distressed, weathered finish that gives them an elegant antique feel. They look just like something you’d find at a high-end vintage store!

The planters are made with hand-thrown terracotta and a water-based sealant that prevents leaks. Choose from the small (16 in top diameter), medium (20.75 in diameter), or large (19 in top diameter) size to accommodate various large indoor plants. All three have a small drainage hole at the bottom for easy watering. 

hanging white pot

White is one of the best colors for hanging planters, as the subtle color helps to create a light, airy appearance. The Convivial Minimal Hanging Planters, available at West Elm, complement any fern, ivy, or other hanging houseplants. These artisanal bowls are made by hand using traditional ceramic techniques. Each one is slip cast and glazed by hand with an ivory-colored glaze, leaving a subtle outline of raw sandstone along the top rim. They’re available in both 8 in and 9 in sizes, which look particularly stylish when hung together in a room corner or large window. 

west elm white planter

West Elm’s Faceted Modern Planters bring a modern, artistic feel to any outdoor space. They’re made using fiberstone, a blend of stone and resin that’s lighter weight and less fragile than traditional ceramic or concrete planters. Plus, it makes them frost-proof, perfect for outdoor gardens that freeze in the wintertime. Fill these statement-making faceted planters with large outdoor plants to compliment your entryway, back deck, or poolside. They’re available in both 10 in and 20 in varieties. 

west elm iris wall planter

West Elm’s Iris Wall Planters are a stylish way to stash herbs, succulents, and dangling ivy on your kitchen or living room wall. The speckled cement pots are securely balanced in a black iron frame that adds dimension and interest. Their geometric shape perfectly complements contemporary home decor schemes and eclectic interiors. The small shape has a rounded top that measures 7 in wide x 5.7 in deep, while the larger size has an ovular shape that measures 18.9 in wide and 6.7 in deep. Complete with flat backs and drainage holes, they’re practical for creating a climbing herb garden or succulent wall. 

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