Bath Towels Vs. Bath Sheet: What’s The Difference?

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Next time you're in the market for a new set of bath linens, treat yourself to a set of luxurious bath sheets instead of traditional bath towels. 

If you're scratching your head asking yourself what is a bath sheet, need not fear! A surprising number of people have never heard of this convenient way to dry yourself off after a bath or shower. 

In this article, we'll deep dive into everything you need to know about bath sheets. By the end, you'll be ready to ditch your tiny towels in favor of an oversized bath sheet. 

What Is a Bath Sheet?

A bath sheet is an oversized bath towel used to dry off after a shower or bath. Their large size makes them perfect for people who enjoy staying in their bath towel for an extended period of time after getting out of the shower.

Most bath sheets are made using a fabric called terry cloth. The material gets its unique texture from protruding loops of thread woven into the fabric. The tiny loops increase the towel's surface area, significantly increasing the amount of water it can absorb. Though most bath linens are made using cotton, they vary widely in their absorbency, softness, and durability.

What Size are Bath Sheets?

A standard bath sheet usually measures around 35-40 inches by 60-70 inches. The additional fabric makes them ideal for wrapping yourself in after a shower or bath. By comparison, a traditional bath towel typically measures around 30 inches by 55 inches. 

Benefits of Using a Bath Sheet

While they may not seem much different than your typical bath towel, bath sheets offer several benefits over traditional bath towel:

  • Spa-Like Luxury: Plush bath sheets can turn your everyday shower into a luxurious spa environment. Many users enjoy lounging in their sheets long after they get out of the shower. 
  • Additional Coverage: Bath sheet size makes them an ideal choice for larger individuals who may not feel adequately covered by a bath towel. 
  • Extra Absorbency: The additional fabric allows bath sheets to absorb more water than smaller-sized bath towels. 

How is a Bath Sheet Different Than Other Towels?

Bath Sheets vs. Bath Towels

The largest difference between bath sheets and bath towels is their size. The average bath sheet is about 10 inches longer and 10 inches wider than a traditional bath sheet. Other than size, there is not much of a difference between bath towels and bath sheets. Both styles of bath linens are primarily used for drying off after a bath or shower.

Bath Sheets vs. Beach Towels

While beach towels and bath sheets appear similar, they are not the same thing. Both beach towels and bath sheets measure around 30-35 inches by 60-70 inches, but the similarities stop there. Bath sheets are designed to absorb as much water as possible. The plush terry cloth cotton is not only absorbent but soft on the skin, making them comfortable enough to lounge in for hours. Bath towels' oversized design is intended to offer a more luxurious experience than a typical towel.

Beach towels, on the other hand, are designed to keep your body dry and sand-free while you lounge on the beach. They're made using thinner terrycloth fabric that's better at brushing sand off your body and fitting inside your beach bag. Because they're less absorbent, save your beach towels for sunny days and use a bath sheet to dry off after a shower.

How Often Should You Change Your Bath Towels?

Did you know that dirty bath towels can spread viruses, fungi, and bacteria? In addition to irritating sensitive skin and spreading germs, dirty bath towels are also known for spreading bacteria that causes staph infections (MRSA). Try to avoid sharing towels with others, especially someone who is sick. 

According to the Cleaning Institute, bath towels should be washed after every three to five uses. After each use, bath towels should be hung flat to dry, as damp bath towels act as a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms. Some circumstances warrant changing your towels after every use, including: 

  • Towel with body fluids on them
  • Gym towels used to wipe away sweat 
  • Towels that were not hung to dry and are still damp
  • If you have sensitive skin, rash, or eczema

The same rules apply to your bath sheet!

How to Keep Bath Sheets Looking Their Best

The life cycle of your bath sheets is dependent on how well you care for them. Be sure to read the towel's care label and follow all washing instructions. To keep your bath linens looking their best: 

  • Hang dry your towels between uses and before adding them to your laundry basket. Putting wet towels directly into your hamper may cause them to develop a damp or musty smell. 
  • Wash towels together in a separate load from the rest of your laundry. The terry cloth fabric can easily snag on zippers. 
  • Don't overload your washing machine. Washing or drying too many towels at once won't allow for proper cleaning and air circulation. 

The life cycle of your bath sheets and towels also depends on their quality. While low-priced towels may seem like a bargain, they'll need to be replaced more often, meaning you'll likely spend more on bath linens in the long run. 

Cheap towels can snag, unravel, and lose their softness faster than towels made from superior cotton. Instead, splurge on a few high-quality towels that are soft, absorbent, and will last for years to come. Some of the high-quality material to look for includes in baths sheets includes Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, or high-quality organic cotton.

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