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If you’re anything like the rest of us, you miss the energy of your favorite nightclubs and the excitement of getting together with friends to dance the night away. So why not bring a bit of the nightlife scene into your own living room with chic disco ball decor?  

While glittering disco balls are best known for lighting up dance floors, they make for unexpectedly chic home decor. Though the dance floor staple is ideal for maximalist aesthetics, the latest decorating trend is to decorate minimalist, modern spaces with the glittering classic. The unexpected choice can add a little oomph to an otherwise simple area. 

To help you bring the energy of the dance floor to your living space, we’re rounding up a few easy ways to decorate your home with disco balls. Warning, these home decor ideas may cause impromptu dance parties! 

12 Groovy Ways to Decorate With Disco Balls

Make It The Focal Point 

disco ball

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The most obvious way to decorate with a disco ball is to hang it from the ceiling. To bring the feel of Studio 54 right to your living room, hang a large disco ball in the center of the room. For a more understated look, hang it in a corner instead. 

In addition to your living room, you can hang a disco ball from the ceiling of your bedroom or kitchen to bring the dance party wherever you please. 

Hang Next to a Window 

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There’s no place to display a disco ball than somewhere it can catch the light. Hang your glittering decor next to a window or somewhere that receives direct sunlight throughout the day to send a sea of shimmering light throughout the room. 

Another way to achieve the look is to place a smaller disco ball on your window sill. For maximum impact, group together two to three in various sizes.  

Decorate a Shelf or Coffee Table 

disco ball

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Ditch bland tabletop decor in favor of something with a little more pizzazz. Instead of your usual stack of books, simple vases, or potted plants, decorate a shelf or coffee table with a disco ball. The metallic hue stands out particularly well against soft, earthy colors. 

On a Bathroom Counter 

disco ball

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Energize a boring bathroom by adding a small disco ball to the counter or back of the toilet. Pair with potted plants, picture frames, and small containers. Complete the ambiance with candles that give your disco ball a shimmering glow. 

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Drape Mini Disco Ball String Lights

disco ball string lights

Decorative string lights are a fun and affordable way to change up your space. If you aren’t ready to commit to hanging a full-sized disco ball in your living room, start with a strand of mini disco balls instead. Drape one across the top of a bathroom mirror or window for commitment-free.  

Add a Disco Ball Planter

disco ball

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Are you bored of basic planters and pots? Try an eye-catching disco ball planter instead! Whether you purchase a pre-made disco ball planter or DIY one yourself, it’s sure to liven up your space. Hang a disco ball filled with trailing ivy from the ceiling or set one (of a few) on a windowsill, shelf, or table. 

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Use as Bowl Filler 

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If pine cones, seashells, and potpourri aren’t your vibe, try filling a bowl or clear container with miniature disco balls instead. The glimmering bowls instantly energize a coffee table or dining space. 

You can find these miniature disco balls at craft stores, party stores, or online. Additionally, you may be able to find them in the ornament section during the Christmas season.  

In a Bedroom Corner

disco ball

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You’re probably used to seeing disco balls on the ceiling, so placing one on the floor creates visual interest. To add a playful touch to your bedroom, place an oversized disco ball in the corner of the room. For a more maximalist take, add one or two smaller disco balls too. 

If you don’t have space to place the disco ball on the floor, hang one from the ceiling instead. In addition to the corner, disco balls look stylish hung directly above your bed. 

In Your Office Space 

disco ball

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Your office space is probably the last place you’d think to put a disco ball, but it’s perhaps one of the best! The party decoration serves as a daily reminder to find a work-life balance. Plus, its the perfect conversation starter for new clients and old coworkers alike. 

With Lucite Furniture

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Disco balls and lucite furniture go together like peanut butter and jelly. Tuck a large disco ball under a lucite coffee table or place a few smaller ones on top of a lucite desk or table. The eclectic combo is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you step into the room. 

In an Old Fireplace

disco ball

Source: ig @lysiane_maison.marcel

If you live somewhere with an old fireplace, turn the unused space into a glittering focal point. Pile it high with various sizes of disco balls that throw the light similar to a flickering flame. When it comes to disco glamour, more is more! Don’t be afraid to really fill the empty hearth. 

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Create a Disco Ball Chandelier

disco ball

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Instead of hanging one large disco ball from the ceiling, DIY a chic disco ball chandelier. Every time you turn the lights on, you’ll enjoy a sea of shimmering light and an energetic party ambiance. 

Simply add a few miniature disco ball ornaments to a crystal chandelier or create one with solely disco balls for more impactful lighting. 

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