7 Stylish Ways To Decorate With Charcoal Grey

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While charcoal grey is often viewed as a “safe” color choice, it can add drama and sophistication to any room of your home. The understated, utilitarian shade subtly creates a moody ambiance without feeling over the top. 

Though most often associated with industrial environments, charcoal grey can actually help create a cozy interior environment. According to color psychologists, this shade can have a nesting, cocooning effect when used in home decor. The reserved color can provide a sense of stability and reassurance, offering relief from our chaotic world. 

In this article, we’ll teach how to decorate with charcoal grey without making your space feel small or dark. With ideas for every room of the home, you’ll feel inspired to redecorate with this luxurious shade. 

How to decorate with charcoal grey without making your space feel small

Use Dark Shades as an Accent Color

charcoal grey accent

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Unless you’re a skilled interior decorator with an eye for color, it’s best to use dark colors in small doses when decorating your home. Smaller pops of deep hues add a moody ambiance and sophisticated touch that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Stick to Mid-Century Modern Styles 

mid century

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Charcoal grey is a staple color in mid-century modern interior design. The sleek shade is a popular choice for minimalist tufted couches and armchairs. For an authentic mid-century feel, pair this shade with rich cranberry, pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, navy, and olive green. Add a touch of light blue or cherry red for an unexpected pop of color. 

Decorate Rooms with Lots of Natural Light

light grey accent

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Worried that dark colors will make your space feel dark? In rooms with large windows and plenty of natural lighting, charcoal grey adds depth to the room without making it feel smaller. You can also use mirrors, large pieces of artwork, and light fixtures to help open up the space. 

Balance with Lighter Colors

charcoal grey office

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When decorating with this shade, balance out the dark shade with lighter tones that liven up a room. For a minimalist feel, pair this color shade with a neutral palette of light grey, cream, white.

Remember, this shade of color works best as an accent color, not the focal color of the room.

Check out these seven stylish ways to decorate your home with charcoal grey

Sophisticate Your Living Room with a Charcoal Grey Sofa 

Paired with red, mustard yellow, or olive green throw pillows, a dark gray couch adds a retro feel to your living room. To keep the color scheme modern, stick to a mid-century modern tufted sofa upholstered with luxe velvet or sleek linen fabric. For an eclectic feel, complete the space with a hip gallery wall of your favorite prints and photos.

Paint a Dramatic Charcoal-Colored Accent Wall 

Add some drama to your dining room with an accent wall. The rich color creates the ambiance of an upscale restaurant right in your home. The modern color looks especially luxe paired with light-colored wood and pops of dark red and metallic silver. In smaller dining room spaces, extend the space with a large mirror and a bare-bulb brass chandelier.

Use Textured Wallpaper to Make a Small Bathroom Pop

charcoal grey bathroom

Source: trendir.com

It’s easy to assume that dark walls would make small spaces feel smaller, but that isn’t always the case. Dark colors create dimension and deepen the room, making small bathrooms feel cozy instead of cramped. Charcoal-colored walls work particularly well in bathrooms with large windows and plenty of natural light.

Balance with white accents, the dark-colored walls create a moody ambiance in a small bathroom. Add
sophistication to your space by using textured charcoal grey wallpaper instead of paint. If the room feels a bit too dark, try adding a large mirror to open up the space.

Repaint Your Front Door in a Rich Grey Shade

charcoal grey front door

Source: brickandbatten.com

Looking to liven up your home exterior without repainting? Start by changing the color of your front door. The simple color swap is one of the most affordable ways to update your home’s appearance without much commitment. Accent with wooden columns or a stone facade, a modern charcoal grey door adds a welcoming touch to your front porch. The dark gray shade complements any color home and makes the colorful flowers and greenery in your front yard pop.

Add a Few Charcoal Grey Throw Pillows to Your Bed or Couch

Not ready to commit to painting a wall or dark-colored sofa? Ease your way into gray home decor by tossing a few throw pillows to your couch or bed. Luxe textiles like velvet, chenille, and faux fur bring an added layer of elegance and sophistication to the room. To compliment your charcoal-colored pillows, pair them with a light gray or cream throw blanket.

Elevate Your Space with Charcoal Grey Wood Furniture 

Dark gray makes an unexpected color choice for dressers, tables, end tables, and cabinets. The sleek color adds a weathered appearance to wood furniture, making it the perfect choice for rustic interior spaces. When decorating with gray wood furniture, stick to light-colored walls to balance out the dark color. Gray stains pair exceptionally well with light earthy shades like cream, mauve, tan, and sage green.

Add Charcoal Grey Chairs to Your Home Office

In an office environment, dark gray feels reliable, professional, and dependable. Pair it with rich walnut, chestnut, or mahogany wood, charcoal-colored chairs make your home office feel like a sleek C-suite. The pragmatic color choice helps your home environment feel more like a corporate space, increasing productivity, and keeping you focused all day long.

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