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Sage green aesthetic is currently the main event in the minimalist design world. Its gentle, organic, and earthy shade is the perfect addition to any room without clashing with your current decor. Many interior designers love using this earthy color as a new neutral shade, as it has all the rage.

Sage green was named the color of the year by Sherwin-Williams in 2019 and by Benjamin Moore in 2022. The color's calming effect, hues, and cool undertones earned its award deservingly. Proper placement of sage green will add a relaxing accent color throughout your home.

Utilize these strategies to display and appreciate the sage green aesthetic to promote balance and harmony inside any given space.

What Color Is Sage Green?

Sage green is a combination of green and gray and closely reassembles dried sage. It has qualities of silver-gray, giving it an earthy hue, a muted quality that makes sage greens a great neutral alternative- especially when it comes to interior paint.

Unlike traditional neutral like white or gray, the sage green color will add a touch of personality, add more interest, and has a way of connecting to nature in a subtle way. It is a perfect color choice for those who don't necessarily like bold colors but still want a pop of color.

Ways to Apply Sage Green In Your Home


sage green kitchen

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After Architectural Digest toured Dakota Johnson's green retro kitchen, inspiration instantly flooded. Make your kitchen the focal point of your home by painting (or purchasing) cabinetry with sage green paint colors.

  • Craftsman-style homes convert sage green into a traditional and timeless color. Popular sage green kitchens include details such as shaker trim door fronts, crown molding, and brass hardware. Ceramic kitchen accessories against the green promote an organic and natural feel.
  • Sage green cabinetry not only looks phenomenal on kitchen cabinets but also inside laundry rooms and any additional rooms for storage.
  • Combine your sage green cabinetry with white oak or walnut countertops for a less traditional/more casual style.
  • If you have a smaller space to work with, floating shelves above your cabinetry will feel lighter.


sage green living room

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Appreciate sage green by painting your home's main canvas, the walls. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kids' rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.

Aside from sage green paint, art and wallpaper are also great ideas and will give off a clean, refreshing design. You can also consider painting the baseboard and trim of your home sage green instead of an entire wall.

  • Similar to cabinetry, sage green walls will wrap your home in subtle tones and neutralize any other color. Black accents or hardware reveals a strong contrast and leans toward an industrial style.
  • Floral sage green wallpaper expresses a vintage feel and won't age over time. Vintage wallpaper is popular inside powder rooms with bright metal accents and reflective tile.
  • Soft green hues on bedroom walls create intimacy and promote soothing energy. Wall color is essential inside a bedroom because it is our comfort zone. Our resting place deserves a color such as sage green to calm ourselves at the end of the day.
  • Large-scaled photographs of greenery are a minimal form of utilizing sage green. Frame your photos with oversized matte black frames. Hang your picture frames


sage green bed

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Remember when we said that our bedroom should be a safe space? Not only should your wall color look cozy, but your bedding too.

  • Sage green duvet covers with matching shams look and feel the best when on an oversized insert. Layer your bed with decorative pillows and throw blankets.
  • Pastel colors such as pink, yellow, and peach add warmth and feminine touch. Choose neutral cream colors if your color scheme is more subtle.
  • Duvet covers with sage green patterns don't require as much layering as solid colored ones. You can keep it simple by adding character to your duvet cover and letting it shine on its own.
  • Once you layer your bedding, it will become the focal point in the room. White/ivory wall(s) will allow your eye to travel directly onto your pale green bedding.
  • Place woven baskets beside your bed to incorporate a firmer texture into the mix!


Most dried plants have a perfect bright sage green color to them. Faux plants will forever keep their color and are perfect to place on high shelving. If you plan on moving around your sage green accessories or placing them by a window, this tip is for you!

  • Sage green is primarily in succulents, dried eucalyptus, and aloe vera plants. Not only do the plants carry a charming shade of sage green, but it brings fresh nature inside your home.
  • Succulents are low maintenance and perfect to fill little corners and spaces. You don't need all the space possible for a happy (or fake) plant.

It's easy to pick up a few dried plants and scatter them around your home for consistency. A trending tip is dried eucalyptus radiating its soothing scent and looks beautifully hung underneath your shower head. Let's talk about a home spa!

Retro Vs. Classic 

Color tells a story according to its surroundings. Sage green looks completely unalike inside a retro home vs. a classical. It's rare to style green incorrectly because it just looks good anywhere!

sage green retro

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Retro design is achievable by quirky, out-of-the-box shapes and loud vintage art pieces. It's an exciting twist in interior design that makes you feel like you're inside a futuristic 1980s movie.

  • Mix in curved lines with vintage elements in dedicated places around your home.
  • Use multiple shades of sage green to add depth and uniformity to your decor.
  • Hunt for retro art pieces to display authentic historical artifacts in your home!
sage green dining

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Classic/traditional design is quite the opposite of Retro design. During our segment on the color sage green on cabinetry, we've already listed the main features of classic interior design. The timeless style is functional and luxurious.

  • Sage green walls inside your dining room appear attractive next to a grand window. The sun brightens the green walls during the daytime while its undertones show most at night.
  • Do you have high ceilings and tall windows? Long, linen sage green curtains are not as compromising as wall paint. Dark curtain rails with classic finials accessorize your curtains.

You could never go wrong with sage green. Confidently decorate with sage green inside your home by combining our tips in a dedicated room or your whole overall home aesthetic. There is no right or wrong answer when decorating your home around the color sage green when it comes down to style.

What Pairs Well With Sage Green

Because sage green is such a neutral color, it pairs very well with almost everything. From bold, bright colors to subtle hues, it is a color that is versatile enough to pair with other colors and finishes. It pairs well with gold, brass, and wood.

What Colors Pair Well With Sage Green


Any shades of blue can complement the green hues well. Even though the two-color does have a close relationship on the color wheel, you can see a striking difference, and it makes a strong impact.


Sage green pairs perfectly with any shades of pink. From bold hot pink to light blush pink, sage green will cool down the shade for a fresher look.


Colors like orange or yellow that are vibrant, bright, and fresh pair perfectly with sage green. Sage green color can help mute and soften these color tones while elevating the decor.


You can pair sage green with crisp white accents for a calm and muted look. Create an accent wall with sage green paint or add sage green decors.

If you are unsure how to apply this color hue, talk to an interior designer. 

Sage Green Aesthetic Mood

Sage green color is favored by many, and it's for a good reason too. Every shade of green can be related to nature, and sage green is no different. Sage green aesthetic can trigger the feeling of:

  • Calm

  • Cozy

  • Chic

  • Refreshing

  • Minimalism

  • Botanical

  • Natural

  • Tranquility

  • Serene Energy

  • Spring-like quality and lushness

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