Tickle Your Funny Bones With These Skeleton Home Decorations

Last Updated October 11, 2020 By Bella Zinti

Bonejour. Are you ready for a spooktacular fall or halloween decorating this year? Level up your home decoration and living space with skeletons this Fall and bring some humor into your home. Sure, they can be scary and spooky but if you place it right around the house, they sure can tickle your funny bone. 

Here are some of funny skeleton decorations people are doing this fall that will sure to make you laugh out loud. 

1. No lazy bone here.

No Lazy Bone Here.

Source: Ig @redsticklife

2. Hey, you want to hear a joke from me? No? it's not that Humorous anyway. 

Hey, You Want To Hear A Joke From Me? No? It's Not That Humorous Anyway.

Source: Ig @mysweet_homedecor

3. Drinks anyone? My favorite drink is the grateful dead. 

Drinks Anyone? My Favorite Drink Is The Grateful Dead.

Source: Ig @ashleynelsonbhf

4. I was in medical school once but i had to drop out... because i didn't have the stomach for it. 

I Was In Medical School Once But I Had To Drop Out... Because I Didn't Have The Stomach For It.

Source: Ig @zamiras.cozy.cottage

5. my favorite room in the house is the kitchen. My least favorite is the living room.

My Favorite Room In The House Is The Kitchen. My Least Favorite Is The Living Room.

Source: Ig @ondewingcourt

6. Just glittering it up over here. don't worry, i'm not a Bonehead.

Just Glittering It Up Over Here. Don't Worry, I'm Not A Bonehead.

Source: Ig @metal.grl

7. What is your favorite food? My is Spare Ribs.

What Is Your Favorite Food? My Is Spare Ribs.

Source: Ig @the_broadmoor_house

8. Rinse and shine kids, it's time to learn from your Humerus and very Sternum teachers. 

Rinse And Shine Kids, It's Time To Learn From Your Humerus And Very Sternum Teachers.

Source: Ig @the_broadmoor_house

9. Let's eat? Bone_Appetit!

Let's Eat? Bone_Appetit!

Source: Ig @sweethomescarlett

10. Sometimes you just need to take a break... from life and relax. you know why i'm so calm? because nothing gets under my skin.

Sometimes You Just Need To Take A Break... From Life And Relax. You Know Why I'm So Calm? Because Nothing Gets Under My Skin.

Source: Ig thegoatabode

11. Are you exhausted from decorating your home this holiday? I sure am.

Are You Exhausted From Decorating Your Home This Holiday? I Sure Am.

Source: Ig @inside.outfitr

12. Drinks anyone? I have been waiting forever to make a drink for someone.  

Drinks Anyone? I Have Been Waiting Forever To Make A Drink For Someone.

Source: Ig @mooretolovedesigns

13. we love performing with all our funny bones

We Love Performing With All Our Funny Bones.

Source: Ig @houseonthirteenoaks

14. I'm so happy to have some 'body' to love.

I'm So Happy To Have Some 'Body' To Love.

Source: Ig @castfireplacesinc

15. Don't mind me laying here, I got lazy bones.  

Don't Mind Me Laying Here, I Got Lazy Bones.

Source: Ig @allisajacobs

16. I always to go the party alone. I got no body to go with. 

I Always To Go The Party Alone. I Got No Body To Go With.

Source: Ig @mylittlewhitebarn_

17. Hey, do you want to hear a joke? Inner thought: you don't have the Guts to tell one.  

Hey, Do You Want To Hear A Joke? I Don't Have The Guts To Tell One.

Source: Ig @atuftedlife

18. i'm sorry i wasn't able to hold my liquor tonight. 

I'm Sorry I Wasn't Able To Hold My Liquor Tonight.

Source: Ig @kp.and.me

19. It's been Forever since I played a piano.

It's Been Forever Since I Played A Piano.

Source: Ig @thewindylilac

20. It's not easy to maintain my skeleTONweigh. 

It's not easy to maintain my skeleTON weigh.

Source: Ig @miennes.home

21. I was very nervous on the inside, can you tell?

I was very nervous on the inside, can you tell?

Source: Ig @fielderson_home

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