Tickle Your Funny Bones With These 15 Skeleton Decor Ideas

Last Updated October 11, 2020 By Bella Zinti

Gather 'round, dear readers, for the most bone-chilling, rib-tickling adventure of the Halloween season! As the leaves fall and the moon takes on an eerie glow, it's time to dive headfirst into the world of Halloween skeletons, where spookiness meets hilarity. We're talking about those delightful Halloween skeletons that have become indispensable Halloween decorations in our homes.

Whether you're looking to get creative when decorating this Halloween season to give your guests a chuckle, a shiver, or a spook, we've got you covered. These Halloween decorations will not only transform your home into a Halloween haven but also ensure that your visitors leave with lasting memories and a grin that stretches from ear to ear. Here are some of the funny skeleton decorations that will sure to make you laugh out loud.

15 Skeleton Decoration Ideas for Halloween Fun

1. The Doorman

 The Doorman

Photo Credit: IG @shiplapshanty

Meet our friendly doorman, Skelly the Skeleton! He's here to give you the warmest, bony welcome to our fall and Halloween wonderland. Don't worry; he won't ask for a tip – just a chuckle and a high-five!

2.  Run don’t walk

Run Don’t Walk

Photo Credit: IG @myrusticmodernhome

Double the skeletons, double the spook-tacular welcomes! These front porch-dwelling boneheads are our hilarious fall and Halloween ambassadors, making sure our guests are 'bone'-fide happy to arrive.

3. Bone-appétit


Photo Credit: IG @mysweetloie

This dinner guest's appetite is bone-appétit! Join Mr. Skeleton for a 'spine'-tingling meal where the main course is laughter, and the dessert is pure 'skele-fun.' Just be sure to compliment him on his eternal patience – he's been waiting for this dinner party for centuries!

4. Pool Time

Pool Time

Photo Credit: IG @kira_turner

Our poolside pals, Skully and Sandy, are soaking up some 'dead'-ly rays! They might be all bones, but they've got the right idea for a spooky and sunny Halloween twist. Watch out, though – they tan so slowly, they're practically 'skeletons' in the tanning world!

5. Anyone else feels like laundry takes a lifetime

Anyone Else Feels Like Laundry Takes A Lifetime

Photo Credit: IG @athomewiththehamiltons

In the laundry room, meet our 'spin-tingling' duo, Bony and Fresh! They've been doing laundry since... well, forever. Don't be surprised if they turn your whites into 'skele-wights.' Just remember, it's all part of their 'scare-drobe' makeover for Halloween!

6. Bone-Afide Business

Bone-Afide Business

Photo Credit: IG @tablefor5please

Meet the dynamic duo, Mr. and Mrs. Bone-Afide Business! They're hard at work in our home office, proving that even skeletons have a 'skele-ton' of tasks to tackle. Just hope they don't 'lose their heads' over those spreadsheets!

7. Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break

Photo Credit: IG @simplystyled.home

Caught this skeleton redecorating the loo, calling it 'Bone-chic Restroom Design.' Looks like he's been here a while—must be pondering the 'ins and outs' of spooky bathroom decor. Just don't ask him for TP; he's all bones and no rolls!

8. The patio is open for business 

The Patio Is Open For Business

Photo Credit: IG @wayoutinwoodstock

These two 'brewed' up a spooky happy hour! Meet Skully and Brewster, our beer-loving skeletons. They're the 'head' of the party, ensuring your drinks are chilling and your laughter is flowing. Just remember, they're all bones and no liver, so pace yourself!

9. Ready To Wig Out

Ready To Wig Out

Photo Credit: IG @truemanstreasures

Meet the 'Glam-bone' Greeter! This stylish skeleton, decked out in a wig and hat, is here to welcome you with spooky sass. She's got a bone to pick with dull entrances and is ready to 'wig' out your welcome! Get ready to step into a world of Halloween hilarity!

10. The Scary Squad

The Scary Squad

Photo Credit: IG @thestampedcottage

The spooky squad is all paws in for Halloween! This skeleton, with her loyal feline and bony doggo, is giving you the 'bone'-afide VIP tour of our Halloween wonderland. They're the 'skele-ton' of our decorations, and they're here to make your visit the cat's pajamas... or should we say the 'skeleton's pajamas'!

11. Spooky Snuggles

Spooky Snuggles

Photo Credit: IG @jessicamadisonhome

Meet our chilling 'bone-buddies' lounging in style! These skeletons sure know how to relax in their egg chair with cozy blankets, accompanied by their loyal canine companions. It's a scene straight out of a Halloween-themed home magazine, where even the afterlife gets to unwind with 'skele-comfort' and spooky snuggles!

12. Porch Party  

Porch Party

Photo Credit: IG @thorn_cove_abode

This porch party is all bones and giggles! These skeletal families know how to have a spook-tacular time, sharing jokes that are to 'die' for. Who knew skeletons had such a rib-tickling sense of humor? Join the laughter and become part of our 'fun-eral' gathering!

13. Boney Brunchmaster

Boney Brunchmaster

Photo Credit: IG @briannabrowndesigns

Meet skeleton chef, 'Boney Brunchmaster,' who is cooking up a bone-appetit storm this fall! From 'spineapple' pancakes to 'skullberries and scream,' he's got the menu to die for. Just remember, when he asks how you like your eggs, 'scrambled' is always the scary answer!

14. Skeleton bartender

Skeleton Bartender

Photo Credit: IG @jessicamadisonhome

Sip, sip, hooray! Skeleton bartender, 'Vino Von Bones,' is here to make your spine-tingling spirits soar. From Cabernet to 'Boo-gundy,' he's got a bone-chilling selection. And if he recommends the 'Skele-groni,' just know it'll leave you in high spirits... and a little less 'fleshed' out!

15. Bath time

Bath Time

Photo Credit: IG @kira_turner

Skele-tub has been taken over! This bath-loving bonehead, 'Bubble Bones.' has found the perfect use for that pumpkin – a spooky soak! Who needs bath bombs when you've got a pumpkin bath to rejuvenate your 'skele-skin'? Beware: it might make you a little 'gourd-geous'!

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