The 10 Best Solar Deck Lights & Outdoor Accent Lights Ideas

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If you thought solar deck lights would be an eyesore in your backyard, think again. These days, there are endless solar-powered outdoor lighting solutions that offer both style and function. 

Not only are outdoor solar deck lights environmentally friendly, but they’re incredibly convenient too. Most models can be installed quickly and require little to no upkeep, as they’ll turn off automatically from dawn until dusk to recharge during the day. You can say goodbye to dead batteries, expensive electricity bills, tangled cords, and ever needing to touch an on/off switch again. 

To help you find the perfect summer lighting solution for summer, we’ve rounded up the best solar deck lights available in 2021. With everything from classic step lights to fence post caps to decorative string lights, there’s something for every outdoor space. 

The Best Solar Deck Lights and Outdoor Accent Lights for Your Backyard Space

If you plan on adding solar deck lights to your outdoor space, it’s crucial to place them in areas that receive hours of sun exposure or direct sunlight for the majority of the day. Most solar deck lights require at least 6-8 hours to gather enough juice to last you through the night. If you live somewhere that’s often overcast, it may be worth purchasing a product that offers a backup battery power source so your deck will always have light. 

Sunface White Solar Powered Deck Lights

Sunface White Solar Powered Deck Lights

Looking for accent lights that are equally as stylish as they are practical? You’ll love Sunface’s crystal clear Solar Powered Deck Lights. Thanks to their simple design, sturdy construction, and easy installation, they act as convenient outdoor lighting solutions and chic garden decor. 

During the day, the high-efficiency solar panels absorb enough power for 8 hours of continuous lighting at night. With steady warm white light and color-changing modes to choose from, users can perfectly tailor the ambiance to their liking.

6pk Caged Bollard Pathway Light Black - Threshold™

This six-pack of Caged Bollard Solar Pathway Lights from Threshold is an ideal way to illuminate your walkway, garden path, driveway, or the area surrounding your deck. Though minimalist in design, they’re built to withstand the elements, making them a great year-round lighting solution for your home. 

The Caged Bollard Solar Pathway Lights offer 15 lumens of white light thanks to LED bulbs that charge during the day. The simple stake design makes them incredibly a breeze to install. Just pop them in the ground, and voila! Should your lighting needs change, they’re incredibly easy to adjust and rearrange.

Techko Maid Solar-Powered LED Zen Outdoor Lantern

Turn your back deck into a serene Zen garden with these Solar-Powered LED Zen Outdoor Lanterns from Techko Maid. Users can choose between amber and white light settings to create a peaceful ambiance for outdoor entertaining, garden parties, or early morning yoga sessions. 

Techko Maid’s Zen Outdoor Lanterns provide twelve hours of continuous lighting after a full day’s charge in the sun. The durable, waterproof lights automatically turn on at dusk and shut off at dawn, so you don’t have to touch a thing. They’re available in three different heights so you can achieve the perfect lighting solution for your outdoor space. 

Bell + Howell Disk Lights Bronze

If you’re looking for affordable solar deck lights that are built to last, look no further than Bell + Howell’s Solar Powered LED Pathway Lights. The compact LED lights are water- and rust-resistant, lightweight, and surprisingly durable. To compliment your yard, take your choice of sleek bronze or shiny gunmetal finish.  

While the small disk lights automatically turn when the sun goes down, they feature a manual switch for convenient control of your outdoor lighting. After a 7-8 hour charge in the sun, they provide 10 hours of continuous light at night. Plus, the four-pack comes complete with mounting equipment and attachable spikes for mounting on bricks, stone, or soil.

Pottery Barn Edison Solar String Lights

Looking for more stylish ways to light your deck? Pottery Barn’s Edison Solar String Lights bring the charm of a European alleyway cafe right to your backyard! 

Their Edison-style glass bulbs provide the perfect warm white glow for outdoor entertaining. Plus, the solar-powered lights are equipped with a backup battery so your parties can last all night long. Each set of string deck lights includes two twelve-foot-long strands with twenty bulbs on each.

Touch of ECO Sunstep Solar Deck Lights

If you constantly find yourself tripping on your deck stairs, it’s time to add one of Touch of ECO’s two-pack Sunstep Solar Deck Lights to your home. The ultra-bright lights illuminate your path to ensure you never fall down the stairs or trip over extension cords ever again. Made from weatherproof solid stainless steel and 60 Lumen ECO-SMT high-intensity LED bulbs, they’re suitable for any weather conditions. 

With Touch of ECO’s Sunstep Solar Deck Lights, you’ll never have to worry about changing batteries or forgetting to turn on the lights. They’re equipped with a light sensor that conveniently turns off the lights during the day for charging and turns them on again at night. The set of two comes ready-to-use with mounting screws, fasteners, and pre-installed solar rechargeable batteries.

West Elm Solar Gem Cut Glass Lantern Accent Light

Turn your patio into a backyard oasis with one of West Elm’s Solar Gem Cut Glass Lanterns. The vintage-inspired solar lanterns feature an Edison-style LED light bulb contained inside a weather-resistant faceted glass lantern. They provide a soft, warm glow with a brightness level that’s ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining, as well as indoor use.

The decorative outdoor lanterns harness their power from a small solar panel that charges during the day before automatically activating when it’s dark. Place one on the center of the table, hang a few overheads on your back deck, or set one on the steps flanking your front entryway. No matter how you choose to use them, they’re sure to give your yard a chic finish.  

Bripower Solar-Powered Decorative Outdoor Fairy Lights

The decorative crystal globes on Bripower’s Solar-Powered Decorative Outdoor Fairy Lights instantly create a romantic ambiance. String them overhead or from your deck railing to add a bit of magic to a weekend barbeque, garden party, or backyard wedding. Choose from eight different lighting modes, including slow fade out, firefly flashing, twinkling, and steady on. 

The solar-powered outdoor strand lights require 6 to 8 hours of continuous sunlight during the day to provide 8-14 hours of battery life when it’s dark, no additional power supply is needed. They come equipped with a built-in sensor that automatically turns the lights off between dawn and dusk for added convenience.

Sterno Home Solar Powered Fence Post Cap Lights

Looking for deck lighting ideas that blend into their surroundings? Sterno Home’s marine-inspired Solar Powered Fence Post Cap Lights are designed to fit most standard deck and fence posts. Made from cast aluminum with a frosted plastic light cover, they’re durable enough to withstand year-round use in any weather. 

The Solar Powered Fence Post Cap Lights offer 2.4 Lumens of soft, white light for eight hours after a full day’s charge in the sun. Installation is easy with no assembly or wiring required. Simply place the deck light on the fence post, screw in the sides, and they’re ready to go!  

Ring Smart Lighting Motion-Activated Security Solar Steplight

With Ring’s solar-powered Security Step Lights, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your deck lights deter unwanted intruders and provides an additional layer of safety by always lighting your path. The motion-activated outdoor deck lights are perfect for stairs, decks, porches, and walkways. 

The best part is, the motion-activated safety lights can link directly to Ring’s popular home security system. Connect them to the Ring App and Ring Bridge to customize brightness levels, motion sensor sensitivity, and set schedules. They can also be paired with your Ring doorbell and select Alexa-enabled devices to activate automatically when motion is detected. 

EHO 4-Pack Decorative Solar Deck Lights

EHO’s Decorative Solar Lights add a dose of style and sophistication without raising your electricity bill. The warm white glow and hollowed-out pattern instantly elevate your back deck, patio, or porch. Despite their compact size, they provide a larger range than most traditional solar fence post lights

During the day, EHO’s Decorative Solar Lights harness power from built-in solar panels. After 6 to 8 hours of charging, they’re ready to provide 26 Lumens worth of light for 10 to 12 hours straight. They’re resistant to water, frost, and heat, so they’re durable enough for year-round use no matter how harsh the conditions. 

Project 62 Cylinder Lumen Spotlight

For a targeted lighting solution, try Project 62’s Cylinder Lumen Spotlights. Stake them in the ground and position them to illuminate pathways and steps that are easy to trip on or arrange a few to light outdoor evening gatherings. With no assembly or complicated installation required, they’re easy to use and reuse time and time again. 

Each Cylinder Lumen Spotlight offers 30 Lumens of bright white light that last late into the night after a full day’s charge. The durable design is built to withstand any weather conditions so that you can use them any time of year.

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