The Best Solar Flood Lights For Your Home

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Looking for a way to increase the safety and security of your home without spending a small fortune or increasing your energy consumption? It's time to equip your home with a set of solar flood lights! These eco-friendly, solar-powered lights can be placed almost anywhere to illuminate any driveway, walkway, or patio— without needing any electricity to do it. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they're also incredibly convenient and budget-friendly compared to types of outdoor lighting.

Below, we've rounded up the best solar flood lights on the market, along with some helpful information to know before you shop. But first, let's break down exactly what solar security flood lights are and how they work.

What is solar flood light?

Flood light or security light is wide-angle, high-intensity lights that 'flood' large outdoor areas with super bright light. They're used in both residential and commercial settings for added safety and security. In addition to discouraging burglars and unwanted visitors, motion-activated flood lights increase visibility to help you safely navigate your driveway, garden path, or porch in the dark.

Instead of conventional lithium batteries or hard-wired electricity, solar flood lights harness the power of the sun to recharge their batteries through solar panels and are attached directly to the light fixture. During the day, they'll soak up the sun's rays through an attached solar panel and store as much solar energy as possible. And at night, dusk to dawn flood lights will turn out when they detect motion or low light levels. One of the biggest advantages of solar flood lights is that they can be installed almost anywhere, as they don't require power cables or electrical wiring.

What to Look for in Solar Lights

Not sure how to find the best solar-powered light on the market? Or not sure which solar flood light works best for you? Here are a few key features to look for in a product:

  • Brightness Level— The light brightness of solar flood lights is measured in lumens. Most solar-powered security lights are between 400 and 2000 lumens. As a rule of thumb, more lumens of light means higher brightness levels and better illumination.
  • Coverage Area— Coverage distance and angle varies from product to product, so you'll want to consider the size of the area you're looking to cover. The average solar flood light can illuminate around 100 square feet.
  • Detection Range and Sensitivity— Similarly, you'll want to check the detection range a product offers. Reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to gauge how sensitive a product's motion sensors are.
  • Adjustable Light Heads— The best flood lights come equipped with adjustable heads that allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it.
  • Weather-Resistant Materials— Any good solar-powered flood light is made with weather-resistant materials that can handle harsh weather conditions any time of year.
  • Easy to Mount— For easy installation, look for outdoor lights that are easy to set up and come with mounting hardware included.
  • Long-Lasting Hours- Not all solar floor lights can last throughout the light. Depending on your need, it may be best to look for a dusk to dawn light.

The best solar flood lights of 2021

Now that you know what solar flood lights are, how they work, and what to look for in a product, it's time to start shopping. Below, we've rounded up our picks for the best solar flood light on the market in 2021.

Home Zone Security Solar-Powered Flood Light with Motion Sensor

Home Zone Security Solar-Powered Flood Light with Motion Sensor

This high-intensity Solar-Powered Flood Light with Motion Sensor from Home Zone Security is the perfect solar flood light for mounting above your garage, side door, or back deck. It's equipped with three adjustable lamp heads with ultra-bright LED lights, an attachable large solar panel with rechargeable batteries, and a motion sensor with a detection range of 30 feet. The customizable design lets you direct the bright white light over oddly-shaped large areas around your home. Users can choose between two lighting modes: a motion-activated timer and continuous full brightness.

LED brightness— 1500 lumens

Detection range— 30 feet

Detection angle— 180 degrees

Aootek Wide Angle Solar Security Flood Lights

Looking for an affordable outdoor lighting solution? Check out this four-pack of Wide Angle Solar Security Flood Lights from Aootek. For total coverage, place one by the garage, one on your front porch, one on your back patio, and one near a dimly-lit path or side yard.

Each wide-angle solar flood light is equipped with a high-efficiency PET-laminated solar panel and 120 LEDs of light. The solar-powered lighting can stay on all night as long as it can be exposed to the sun for 7-9 hours. The motion detector can detect movement within a 270-degree, 26-foot range and automatically turns off after 15 seconds. Users can also switch on the permanent all-night mode for continuous illumination. The durable, all-weather materials are built to withstand year after year of outdoor use.

LED brightness— 450 lumens

Detection range— 26 feet

Detection angle— 270 degrees

Cshidworld Outdoor Solar Lights with Adjustable Heads

Cshidsworld's Outdoor Solar Lights with Adjustable Heads are designed with all the features you could ask for in solar light. Unlike other single-setting products, the two flood lights come equipped with three-night modes: a motion-sensing security mode, a smart brightness control mode that dims between motion detection, and a continuous mode where the light stays on all night long.

Each solar light has three adjustable heads, so you can aim the ultra-bright LED bulbs exactly where you want them. They're made with waterproof, heat-resistant, frost-safe materials— including an enhanced PIR motion inductor and a polycrystalline silicon solar panel— for year-round operation in any weather conditions.

LED brightness— 1500 lumens

Detection range— 32 feet

Detection angle— 270 degrees

Sunforce Triple Head Motion-Activated Solar Flood Light

This Triple Head Motion-Activated Solar Flood Light from Sunforce is undoubtedly one of the best solar-powered flood lights on the market in 2021. It's made with weather-resistant materials and powerful LEDs that offer superior durability, better coverage, and longer product life. Plus, it can be mounted almost anywhere, including above entryways, garages, sheds, pathways, and other dark areas around your property.

The Sunforce solar security light is designed with three adjustable side lamp heads that can move upwards, downwards, and horizontally for maximum coverage. Its amorphous solar panel charges in all daylight conditions and doesn't require direct sunlight. Users can adjust both the detection range and light duration.

LED brightness— 1000 lumens

Detection range— 30 feet

Detection angle— 180 degrees

TBI Outdoor Security Solar Light

The TBI Outdoor Security Solar Light offers an effective and eco-friendly security solution that won't run up your electricity bill. The ultra-bright LED lights offer 800 square feet of light coverage to keep your driveway, patio, or outdoor area safe and secure. TBI's enhanced motion-sensing technology detects even the smallest motions within 40 feet and instantly illuminates to deter intruders or light the way while you walk through the dark. Homeowners can adjust the two sidelight panels horizontally and vertically to illuminate hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces for optimal coverage.

LED brightness— 2200 lumens

Detection range— 40 feet

Detection angle— 130 degrees

JSOT Outdoor Solar Spotlights 4-Pack

Unlike most flood lights that require permanent mounting, these staked Outdoor Solar Spotlights from JSOT can be placed almost anywhere in your yard and repositioned as often as you like for customizable coverage. Use them to illuminate your driveway, sidewalk, or garden path to reduce tripping hazards and keep out unwanted guests. They can also be mounted on any outside wall using standard screws.

The outdoor lights are crafted with high-quality, waterproof materials and a durable design that can withstand any weather. But what really sets these solar power landscape lights apart is their versatile lighting settings. In addition to classic white, homeowners can choose from five rainbow-colored shades (red, green, blue, aqua, and purple) or two color-changing options. They'll automatically turn on when the sun goes down and turn off at dawn.

LED brightness— 600 lumens

SEZAC Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights

Need to cover a large area? This six-pack of Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights from SEZAC should do just the trick. The wireless solar lights can be placed on every side of your residential or commercial space to deter intruders from all angles. Their rechargeable lithium-ion batteries automatically recharge during the day using a high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel to ensure coverage from dusk to dawn.

SEZAC's Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights offer three working modes: dim long light mode, strong light sensor mode, and standard motion sensor mode. They'll automatically turn on low-light conditions and turn off as soon as the sun comes up to conserve battery.

LED brightness— 400 lumens

Detection range— 16 feet

Detection angle— 150 degrees

KUNGFU Solar Outdoor Security Lights with Remote Control

These Solar Outdoor Security Lights from KUNGFU are convenient, eco-friendly, and surprisingly affordable. The two-pack of solar flood lights can be mounted on any fence, deck, shed, garage, or outdoor wall with no wires, special tools, or complicated installation. They're equipped with two 180-degree joints so users can adjust the bright LED light panel at just the right angle.

These KUNGFU solar-powered flood lights offer three lighting options, including two motion-activated security modes and a continuous lighting mode for all-night illumination. Unlike other lights, they come with a convenient remote control for easy on/off and brightness adjustment.

LED brightness— 900 lumens

Detection range— 25 feet

Detection angle— 120 degrees

Angle— 180 degrees

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