15 Best Chiminea and Garden Fireplace Styles


Last Updated - February 24, 2022

Want to spice up your outdoor space before summer rolls around? Why not add something you can enjoy year-round?

A chiminea— a type of freestanding outdoor stove— is the perfect way to update your patio this year. Unlike an open fire pit or fire table, a chiminea directs smoke and ash up through a chimney and away from guests enjoying the warmth of the fire. These multipurpose outdoor stoves have been used for centuries in Spain and Mexico for heating, cooking, baking, and more.

Small terracotta and cast iron chimineas make a particularly great heating option for patios, decks, and garden terraces short on available space. But if you've got a bit more room, upgrade to an impressive outdoor fireplace, and it'll create a stylish focal point for everyone to gather around day and night.

To help you upgrade your outdoor space, we've rounded up the most stylish chimineas and garden fire pits below. There's everything from timeless clay chimineas and cast aluminum to modern metal chimineas made of sturdy steel. With every size, shape, and material to choose from, there's something for every home.

What is a Chiminea?

Chiminea originated from Mexico. In essence, they are decorative, portable, outdoor fireplaces used for heating and cooking. Compared to a fire pit, a chiminea is slightly safer due to its unique shape and design, making them easier to control.

What To Look For Before You Buy


What kind of chiminea style will blend right in with your home design? Don't get carried away by those lively painted flowers and Spanish motifs decorating.


Before investing in a chiminea, know where it will be located in your outdoor space. Fire-safe paving choices include either concrete, brick, or stone patios.


Is the chiminea you are looking at fit standard-size pieces of wood? Or will you have to chop or order special size pieces of wood?


Traditional chimineas are heavy and prone to cracking because most are made of clay. If the chiminea you are purchasing is made of clay, it's best to apply acrylic finishes or sealers every 6-8 weeks during the season of use to protect it from water and moisture.

The 15 Best Chimineas and Garden Fireplaces

Before making a purchase, you'll need to ensure your chiminea of choice is compatible with your space. Most chimineas are safe for use on concrete, stone, and brick.

Terrain Weathering Steel Planed Outdoor Fireplace

This Weathering Steel Planed Outdoor Fireplace from Terrain makes a stunning addition to any patio. The modern rectangular chiminea is crafted from a single sheet of COR-TEN weathering steel, a heat-resistant steel alloy that develops a rusty finish over time. A chiminea's design draws fresh air into the fire by moving the smoke and soot of fire away. It's equipped with four rolling casters, a metal log grate, and a metal chimney. Flank the minimalist outdoor fireplace with two of Terrain's Weathering Steel Log Holders for an even more impressive (and practical) display for larger patios.

Sunjoy Pirtle Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Sunjoy's Pirtle Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace is the perfect spot to sip hot cocoa and roast marshmallows. Crafted from manufactured stone and rust-resistant powder-coated steel, it brings the look and feels of a traditional indoor fireplace to your back patio. Mesh doors and a functional chimney prevent smoke and flying sparks from ruining a relaxing evening in front of the fire. Plus, a removable grate makes ash clean-up a breeze between uses. There's even a log poker included helping maintain the perfect s'more-making conditions.

Sunnydaze Modern Black Steel Chiminea Fire Pit

This summer, add a sophisticated touch to your deck with this Modern Black Steel Chiminea Fire Pit from Sunnydaze. The contemporary black steel chiminea is crafted from sturdy 2mm steel panels finished with high-temperature black paint. Its open fire chamber offers a 360-degree view of the flames, making it the perfect patio centerpiece. The rain cap helps keep water from entering the flute, and a wood grate improves air circulation for a more efficient fire.

Blumfeldt Monument Stainless Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Bring the feel of the ski lodge to your back patio with the Monument Stainless Steel Outdoor Fireplace from Blumfeldt. Its sleek silhouette is crafted from fire-resistant stainless steel panels with a polished copper finish. The stylish steel chiminea is designed with a wide, stable base to prevent dangerous tip-overs. It comes complete with a metal grate and a fire poker to help maintain a safe fire. All you'll need to get started is some coal, wood, or charcoal— which you can stash in the convenient log storage area beneath the fire bowl.

Bungalow Rose Jolena Wood-Burning Clay Chiminea Fire Pit

Check out this Jolena Wood-Burning Clay Chiminea Fire Pit from Bungalow Rose for a more classic look. The clay chiminea features a traditional rounded shape with a smoke funnel, a simple steel stand, and a clay lid. Its multipurpose fire chamber can handle all your outdoor heating and cooking tasks. While it draws inspiration from original Mayan and Aztec designs, it still has a modern boho flair. Decorative touches along the body and funnel make for an even more inviting feel.

Endless Summer Steel Outdoor Fireplace with Chimney

Don't have space for a full-size outdoor fireplace? Bring the same inviting ambiance to your small deck or patio with this Steel Outdoor Fireplace from Endless Summer. Its elegant chimney directs smoke up and away for a more enjoyable, smoke-free environment. A slide-out cooking surface allows you to take full advantage of your new fire pit during summer barbeques. The durable steel wood grate makes for easy tending and cleaning no matter the use.

Hampton Bay Lokia Cast Iron Chiminea

Working with a small budget doesn't mean sacrificing quality, safety, or style. Just look at Hampton Bays Lokia Cast Iron Chiminea for proof! The sturdy cast iron chiminea features a weather-resistant powder-coated finish for increased durability and longer product life. A rounded silhouette provides a 360-degree view of the fire. Its mesh spark screen— which boasts a subtle geometric pattern for added style— keeps flying embers contained for added safety.

World Menagerie Vidar Grapes Wood-Burning Clay Chiminea

Turn your outdoor space into a staycation-worthy oasis with the Vidar Grapes Wood-Burning Clay Chiminea from World Menagerie. Its traditional style will transport you to the wine country, no matter where the compact chiminea is placed. Like centuries-old clay chimineas from Spain and Mexico, it has a round body made from all-natural clay that absorbs heat and acts as a radiator. Swirling vines and grape bunches add a decorative touch to the earthy yellow background. A clay chimney lid and a black metal stand add a practical finish touch.

Sunjoy Curtis Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Not ready to commit to a built-in outdoor fireplace? Skip the hassle and high costs of building a permanent structure and install this Curtis Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace from Sunjoy instead. It comes ready to assemble so you can start enjoying your new outdoor heater in no time at all. The chic steel chiminea is crafted with a black powder-coated frame with decorative ceramic tile accents. Two mesh doors offer guests protection from flying sparks and embers while adding a touch of style. Inside, a removable grate makes clean-up easy after burning wood.

Millwood Pines Houk Cast Iron Chiminea

Milwood Pines' Houk Cast Iron Chiminea turns any deck or patio into a cozy backyard escape. Its classic design is meant to evoke the feel of a chic mountain cabin. Crafted from durable cast iron, the small chiminea will last a lifetime with proper care. Its compact size makes it the perfect heating solution for a backyard setting that's short on free space. The outdoor oven will add just the right touch no matter your design style.

Alcott Hill Barreto Wood-Burning Steel Chiminea

Alcott Hill's Barreto Wood-Burning Steel Chiminea is absolutely beautiful and adds more than just warmth to your outdoor space. Thanks to its sleek silhouette and curved lines, it also brings a touch of beauty. The high-temperature black paint finish won't ever chip or fade. The versatile chiminea features an open design for a 360-degree view of the flames. A log grate, spark screen, and functional rain cap make for a safer, steadier burn. Curved legs create a broad, stable base that can be placed on various surfaces. Needless to say, it'll be your new favorite spot in the yard.

Sunjoy Quillen Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

If your large patio space is feeling a bit empty, give it the focal point it needs with Sunjoy's Quillen Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace. Crafted from rust-resistant powder-coated steel and manufactured stone bricks, the large outdoor fireplace is durable, versatile, and undeniably stylish. Built-in shelves on either side and a firewood storage area make the most of every inch. A functional chimney, mesh screen, and fire poker allow for safe and easy flame control. Choose from black or copper accents, depending on the color scheme of your current patio furniture and lighting.

Sand & Stable Tide Wood-Burning Steel Chiminea

Sand & Stable's Tide Wood-Burning Steel Chiminea makes home improvement easy! The charming chiminea can be placed in almost any outdoor setting with minimal assembly required. Crafted from weathered steel, it has a rusty brown finish for an antique look that evolves over time. Its vertical silhouette and narrow chimney funnel soot and smoke upwards and away from family and friends enjoying the open flame. It also comes equipped with a spark screen to help prevent burns and fire hazards caused by flying embers.

AllModern Trek Outdoor Steel Chiminea

This Trek Outdoor Steel Chiminea from AllModern is guaranteed to impress all your house guests. Crafted from steel with a heat-resistant black finish, it can withstand the elements for year-round use. It's simple design complements any outdoor space, from a brick-lined garden patch to a small patio by the pool. Built-in log storage underneath makes it easy to maintain a steady burn. And did we mention it includes a log grate, fire poker, and weatherproof cover too?

Terrain Weathering Steel Obelisk Chiminea

Few chimineas are more stylish than this Weathering Steel Obelisk Chiminea from Terrain. It's made from COR-TEN weathering steel, a heat-resistant steel alloy that develops a rust-like finish when exposed to the elements. The geometric design is constructed from a single piece of sheet metal for a minimalist feel. The wood storage area below makes it a suitable option for small outdoor spaces. Homeowners can choose between two sophisticated color options: classic black or rust orange.

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