The 6 Best Cordless Snow Blowers for Winter


Last Updated - January 6, 2022

If you're looking to spend less time clearing your driveway this winter and more time throwing snowballs and building snowmen with your family, it's time to invest in a cordless snow blower. Not only can a push snow blower drastically speed up the clearing process, but it can also help prevent back and shoulder injuries and reduce fatigue associated with traditional shoveling.

In this article, we'll highlight the best cordless snow blowers on the market this winter. With a variety of different styles to choose from, we'll break down the plethora of options available to ensure you find the right model for your snow clearing needs. 

What Is a Cordless Snow Blower? 

Unlike traditional snow blowers, which rely on gas and oil, cordless snow blowers harness their power from lithium batteries. While some electric snow blowers claim to be cordless, they require a power source (leading to tangled extension cords and limited operating distance), so it's best to choose a battery-operated snow blower that's completely cord-free. 

Advantages of Using an Electric Blower vs. Gas-Powered Snow Blower

While gas-powered and cordless snow blowers serve similar purposes, they rely on different power sources, giving each its own advantages. Here are a few of the benefits of using cordless battery snow blowers: 

  • Lightweight— Cordless snow blowers weigh less than old-school models that are weighed down by the gas and oil required for operation. 
  • Quiet— If you typically clear snowfall from your driveway early in the morning, your neighbors will thank you for choosing an electric battery operated snow blower that produces less noise than a traditional gas model. 
  • Better for the environment— Because cordless snow blowers do not rely on gas or oil, they're more eco-friendly than gas-powered alternatives. Cordless snow blowers use a rechargeable battery or battery system.
  • Easy to operate— Most cordless snow blowers have a simple push-button start, meaning you won't need to pull a cord (and potentially throw your back out) to get it started. 
  • Require less maintenance— Gas models require constant upkeep. Between refilling gas tanks, oil changes, and replacing spark plugs and filters, maintaining your gas snowblower requires a substantial amount of time and money. Electric snow blowers only require a thorough wipe down to prevent any build-up of salt and debris and to have their battery charged between uses. 

Single-Stage vs. Dual-Stage Snow Blowers 

As you shop for your next snow-clearing gadget, you'll notice that snow blowers fall into two categories: single-stage and dual-stage. To save you the confusion of comparing augers and impellers, we'll summarize the difference: single-stage blowers are suitable for every day clearing and light snow, while dual-stage snow blowers are better suited for heavy snowfall and uneven surfaces.

It's important to note that fully battery-powered snow blowers can only be categorized as single-stage. Some dual-stage models are solely gas-powered, while others rely on a combination of battery power and fuel. Unless you live somewhere with extremely dense, wet snow, a single-stage cordless snow blower can quickly clear snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and patio. 

The Six Best Cordless Snow Blowers of 2021

Snow Joe Single-Stage Cordless Electric Battery operated Snow Blower

Best Cordless snow blower Overall

If you're looking for a cordless snow blower that's lightweight, reliable, and easy-to-operate, look no further than the Snow Joe Single-Stage Cordless Electric Snow Blower. With no pull cords, gas, oil, or tangled extension cords, Snow Joe Single-Stage battery Snow Blower is easy to operate— even if you've never used a snowblower before. Its lightweight design, LED headlight, and user-friendly operation make it one of the best cordless snow blowers currently on the market. 

This sturdy cordless model harnesses its clearing power from a 40 V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 50 minutes of use before needing to be recharged. Its steel auger is complete with two rubber blades that move up to 500 lbs of snow per minute, clearing an 18-inch wide path with ease. The 180-degree rotating chute throws it up to 20 feet and can be adjusted to your liking. 

Weight— 32 lbs

Clearing Width— 18 in 

Clearing Depth— 8 in


  • Steel auger with two rubber blades moves up to 500 pounds of snow per minute with a clearance width of 18 inches.
  • 180° auto-rotate directional chute throw the snow up to 20 ft
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty; energy star certified
  • Lightweight machine and easy to use

EGO Power+ Single-Stage Cordless Snow Blower 

Best Heavy-Duty Cordless Snow Blower

If you live somewhere that often experiences wet, heavy snowfalls, you'll need a powerful cordless snowblower to tackle the job. The EGO Power+ Snow Blower combines the convenience of a cordless model with their signature Peak Power™ technology to create an electric snow blower that's as powerful as any gas snow blowers. Complete with LED headlights, a push-button start, and a foldable handle that saves space in your garage, the EGO Power+ blower is equally as user-friendly as it is powerful.

Built with a high-efficiency brushless motor powered by 2 EGO 56V Ah ARC Lithium-ion batteries, this heavy-duty cordless snow blower can clear a 21-inch path in just one pass. While its powerful auger can throw snow up to 35 feet, users can adjust the throwing distance and direction using the blower's variable-speed controls and an adjustable chute. 

Weight— 51 lbs

Clearing Width— 21 in 

Clearing Depth— 13 in 


  • Have a clearing path of 21 inches
  • Up to 35 feet snow throwing distance
  • Easy storage for quick fold handles.

Greenworks PRO Single-Stage Electric Cordless Snow Blower 

Best Single-Stage snowblower

For everyday cleaning, you can't beat Greenworks Pro Single-Stage Electric Cordless Snow Blower. The lightweight model is designed with heavy-duty materials, quality construction, and a high-efficiency motor that can take on heavy snow. When fully charged, the 60-Volt 4.0 Ah battery-powered snow blower provides up to 30 minutes of run-time. Plus, the battery and charger fit over 40 tools in the Greenworks Pro, giving you serious bang for your buck. 

The cordless snow-clearer can handle snow falls of up to 10 inches, complete with 7 inch rear wheels that make it easy to maneuver on snowy driveways and sidewalks. The discharge chute can be rotated 180-degrees to throw it up to 20 feet in the direction of your choice. Thanks to a lightweight design and convenient folding handles, you can easily transport the cordless snow blower from your garage or tool shed between uses. 

Weight— 48 lbs

Clearing Width— 20 in 

Clearing Depth— 10 in


  • Digipro brushless motor delivers greater torque with higher performance and efficiency
  • Quickly clear your driveway, sidewalks, and patios with a 20-in clearing path
  • The 180-degree rotating chute provides better control and up to 20-foot discharge distance

Snow Joe Cordless Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Best Dual-Stage (gas-powered motor with the convenience of a battery-powered)

If you're looking for a cordless snow blower that can withstand heavy use for years to come, you may want to invest in a dual-stage snowblower. Like the Snow Joe Cordless Dual-Stage Snow Blower, dual-stage snow-clearers combine the power of a gas-powered motor with the convenience of a battery-powered cordless model. Plus, this high-powered Snow Joe snow blower came complete with a self-propelling motor and textured TracAssist rubber tires that speed up the clearing process. Its integrated control panel allows you to adjust the 180-degree adjustable chute, headlights, on/off power switch, variable speed control, and reverse mode with ease. 

The Snow Joe Cordless Dual-Stage Snow Blower is equipped with a 4000-Watt brushless motor that increases the efficiency of its 100-Volt 5.0 Ah batteries, decreases noise and vibration, and extends the life of the powerful motor. Its 2-blade paddle auger clears a 24-inch path through snow up to 17.5 inches deep, making it an ideal choice for households with large driveways and frequent heavy snowfall. The serrated steel blades can power through up to 1720 pounds of snow per minute and clear over 3200 sq. feet of snow before needing to be recharged. 

Weight— 141 lbs

Clearing Width— 24 in 

Clearing Depth— 17.5 in 


  • 2-blade paddle auger clears a path 24 in. W x 17.5 in. D in a single pass
  • 500-Watt drive motor propels the unit forward through the snow to clear more with less effort
  • Max motor performance with less noise and vibration.

PowerSmart Battery Powered Snow Blower

Best on a Budget

If you aren't ready to invest in expensive power equipment for clearing snow, you can still enjoy a snow-free driveway this winter thanks to the affordable PowerStart Battery Powered Snow Blower. The versatile design allows for quick and easy snow removal for mid-sized driveways and sidewalks, with a clearing width of 18 inches and a clearing depth of 8 inches of light snow.

The quiet brushless motor design is powered by a 40-Volt 4.0 Ah Ecosharp battery that requires no gas, oil, or timely tune-ups. The ergonomic design comes complete with a switch start and safety-grip handlebar that ensures safe operation. The high-performing tool can throw snow up to 30 feet for easy clearing. You can easily adjust the direction and distance of thrown snow thanks to the 180-degree rotating chute's adjustable handle.

Weight— 18.5 lbs

Clearing Width— 18 in 

Clearing Depth— 8 in 


  • A versatile function that is perfect on the mid-size driveway, walkways, or other places.
  • It has an 18-inch clearing path and an 8-inch deep with 180 degrees rotating chute.
  • Qualify for three years warranty.

Toro's 60-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Blower 

Best battery-powered snowblower

If you're looking to add a high-powered snow blower to your tool shed, you can't go wrong with the Toro Power Clear Cordless Electric Snow Blower. Complete with not one but two L324 batteries, this powerful snow-clearing tool can clear up to an 18-car parking lot in a single charge. Plus, the 60-Volt MAX 6.0 Ah lithium-ion battery is compatible with all of Toro's 60-Volt Flex-Force Power System tools. 

The ergonomic design features an adjustable handle height, a 180-degree rotating chute with a locking deflector, and LED headlights that make early morning clearing easier than ever. It's powerful enough to clear through wet, heavy snowfall thanks to the durable design of Toro's steel Power Edge auger that can throw the snow up to 40 feet. 

Weight— 53 lbs

Clearing Width— 21 in 

Clearing Depth— 9 in


  • The blower is ideal for concrete and asphalt surface. And it can clear up to an 18 parked car driveway.
  • Heavy duty. It can break through heavy, wet snow and throw up to a height of 40 feet.
  • Quick-turn chute with glove ready grip.
  • Night vision: have a brighter and broader view with the panoramic LED lights.

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