15 Best Jungle Bathroom Ideas


The bathroom is often our favorite relaxing space. It is small, cozy, and it smells incredible (most of the time). Plus, who doesn't love laying in a bathtub with some bath bomb, lit candles, your favorite book, and a glass of wine on the side in the middle of a jungle. The jungle bathroom theme is not only fun, but a great way to escape the 'jungle' out there.

How much green do you need? We will leave that up to you. Here are 15 jungle bathroom ideas that you must take a look at.

15 Jungle Bathroom Ideas 

1. The Jungle basics

The Jungle Basics

Photo Source: @thekwendyhome

All you need is some greens, and you are in the jungle.

2. Bring your jungle indoor

Bring Your Jungle Indoor

Source: @athomewiththecbs

When you want to bring jungle indoor, add some jungle vibe wallpaper and plants. 

3. Rustic Jungle

Rustic Jungle

Photo Credit: @renovating_ethelwolf

This wood panel is everything. It gives a nature vibe like you are in a cabin.

4.  Is Your Bathroom Powered by plants

Is Your Bathroom Powered By Plants

Photo Credit: @house_plant_community

Love plants? So do we! We love the contrast of the solid color green colored wall with the accent of palm leaf wallpaper.

5. All you need is plant

All You Need Is Plant

Photo Credit: @sunny_inside_out_interiors

We love this dark wall color, and with a few plants, it creates a mysterious jungle vibe.

6. Sunset Jungle

Sunset Jungle

Source: @avalana.design

Can you picture yourself taking a bubble bath in this beautiful sunset vibe jungle? We sure can. 

7. Bring your Jungle inside

Bring Your Jungle Inside

Photo Credit: @raw_home_decor

This is your modern design jungle. Take your modern bathroom to the next level with some textured grass tile to your floor. It makes you feel like you are outdoor when you are actually inside. Is it trick or treat? We will let you decide. 

8. Classic Jungle wallpaper

Classic Jungle Wallpaper

Photo Credit: ideas.kohler.com

We love this subway tile with palm leaf wallpaper combo. The tile offers great texture, and it makes the palm leaves wallpaper pop.

9. Dark And Mysterious 

Dark And Mysterious

Photo Credit: Fiona Murray

Would you dare to go and explore the dark and mysterious jungle? 

10. Sun Rise In The Jungle

Sun Rise In The Jungle

Photo Credit: Unknown

Welcome to the jungle. Anyone want to watch sun rise from my tub?

11. Black and white Jungle

Black And White Jungle

Photo Credit: @the.wheeler.house

We love this black and white palm leaves like wallpaper. It makes the green plants pop. 

12. Jungle Bold

Jungle Bold

Talk about going bold and having a big contrast. We are obsessed with this dark wallpaper along with a shiny textured mirror wall look.

13. Your Colorful Jungle 

Your Colorful Jungle

Photo Credit: @in360.pl

The jungle doesn't have to be only green! We love this wallpaper that offers more than just green color.

14. Leopard 


Photo Credit: etsy.com/

Say hello to my little friends. 

Find this wallpaper from Etsy!

15. Mural 

Jungle Mural

Source: @avalana.design

We are in love with this jaguar mural, and all the green color that is going on over here. 

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