The Best Hanging Plant Stands for Every Space in Your Home


Last Updated - March 8, 2022

Indoor gardening can be challenging in space spaces without much-unused floor space, but a hanging plant stand offers the perfect solution. These space-saving hanging planters are an ideal way to a touch of green to any bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or living room space without taking up any room on the floor. 

With countless aesthetically-pleasing materials, sizes, and designs to choose from, they're both practical planters and eye-catching works of art. To help you find the perfect hanging planter for every space inside (and even outside) of your home, we've rounded up the best hanging plant stands so you can add a touch of green to every room in your home! 

Best Hanging Plant Stand To Add To Your Home

Yerbamala Designs Macramé Plant Hangers

Best Macramé Plant Hanger

Yerbamala Designs Plant Hangers

Macramé— a traditional crafting technique of tying knots to make intricate patterns and geometric designs— brings an artistic, eclectic feel to any interior space. If you choose to decorate with macrame plant hangers, it's worth splurging on a handmade piece that keeps the timeless tradition alive and supports small artisans. 

The Yerbamala Designs macramé plant hangers are handmade in Miami using natural and recycled cotton cords. They accommodate planters that are 5-8 inches in diameter and are available in five earthy shades: black, white, gray, sage, and mustard. 

Convivial 2V Hanging Planter 

Best Ceramic Hanging Plant Holder

Convivial 2V Hanging Planter

The ceramic 2V Hanging Planter from Convivial has a crisp white color and modern design that makes the greenery it's holding really pop! They're handmade in Kansas City, MO, using traditional ceramic techniques that have been used for centuries. Each planter is slip cast, cleaned, and glazed by hand, giving them an artisanal feel. Their subtle geometric shape adds the perfect amount of interest to the otherwise minimalist hanging planter. 

Vigoro Wall-Mount Planter Hook 

Best Wall Mount Planter Holder

Vigoro Wall-Mount Planter Hook

A hanging plant wall is a modern way to decorate a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom wall. Hang a single plant to add a pop of color, or show off your green thumb with a wall full of hanging plants. 

These simple black wall planter holders from Vigorol are versatile enough to compliment any style of plant or plants. The streamlined design is made of iron coated with a black anti-rust finish. They hold a 4-inch pot, making them the perfect size for small succulents, herbs, and indoor plants. 

Williams Sonoma Chalkboard Wall Planter

The Chalkboard Wall Planter from Williams Sonoma is perfect for creating an eye-catching hanging herb garden in your kitchen. The vertical wall-mounted planter features ten planting cells, an internal irrigation system, and a collector tray to catch excess water. Its pine frame is crafted by an Amish community in Goshen, Indiana, and the irrigator and collector are made using eco-friendly recycled materials. Plus, the chalkboard paint finish allows you to personalize your planter and label your herbs. 

Pottery Barn Fresh Hanging Globe Terrarium

Terrariums are miniature gardens, typically filled with succulent cacti or an air plant. This tiny globe-shaped terrarium from Pottery Barn comes pre-filled with assorted mini succulents, stones, and dried flowers. Because terrariums are mostly self-sufficient and only need watering every few weeks, they're the perfect hanging plant choice for apartment gardeners who often forget to water their plants. 

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

The Triflora Hanging Planter from Umbra combines a curtain rod's practicality with the artistic flair of hanging plant stands. The hanging rod style is ideal for displaying plants in a sunny kitchen or bedroom window without wasting precious space on your window sill. To customize your hanging garden, the length of the metal rod and position of each three posts can be adjusted to your liking. Each melamine planter fits a standard 3-inch diameter pot. 

Opalhouse Hanging Planter with Wood Base

Best Wooden Hanging Plant Stand 

Opalhouse Hanging Planter with Wood Base

Opalhouse's Hanging Planter with Wood Base is the perfect plant holder option for low-light areas of your home, such as a bedroom or bathroom corner that doesn't get much natural light. The wooden base and woven hanger hold a faux plant that adds color and style to your space without requiring any upkeep. The rounded wooden base, natural wood finish, and simple design are a stylish addition to any neutral color scheme, eclectic room, or boho interior. Plus, a convenient built-in top loop means it only requires a simple hook to be hung. 

Hanging Planter, 2V Ivory

The right combination of hanging plant stands and lush greenery can turn an overlooked corner into a living work of art. The unique geo-shaped porcelain white planters from West Elm add a modern feel to your space. Each is cast and glazed by hand in Missouri, and it is perfect for succulents or crawling plants.

Olivia & May Modern Iron Hanging Round Planter

A metallic hanging plant stand can bring a luxurious art-deco feel to modern interior space. This pair of iron plant holders set from Olivia & May come in three metallic shades— gold, black, and silver— to perfectly match your current color scheme. Their round shape measures 5 in wide and 7 in high with a shiny metal chain that can be hung from the ceiling. Use them to display bold greenery in a bedroom, hanging ivy in a kitchen corner, or trailing ferns in your living room. 

Abston Paulownia Wood Hanging Planter

For a unique take on plant stand, place your favorite decorative planter or vase on a hanging plant shelf. The Abston Paulownia Wood Hanging Planter from Mistana is cut from a tree trunk cross-section, featuring a live edge and wood grain texture that add a bohemian feel to your space. The wooden plant shelf is suspended from three rope supports that come together in a top loop that's easy to hang on a simple ceiling hook. With 10-inch and 16-inch sizes to choose from, it's perfect for a large, attention-grabbing plant or a group of smaller succulent pots. 

Pottery Barn Drew Clay Hanging Planter

Paired with an eye-catching indoor plant, a hanging clay plant holder brings an artistic flair to any bohemian space. The eclectic Drew Clay hanging plant holder from Pottery Barn is made of classic terra-cotta with a jute rope that hangs from a simple ceiling hook. Its distressed finish and organic shape give it the appearance of an elusive craft market or vintage store find that will impress all your guests. 

Lakeside Rustic Garden Tool Hanging Planter

In addition to interior spaces, hanging plant holders can add a decorative touch to outdoor patios, balconies, and porches. This hanging planter from The Lakeside Collection can be hung on or leaned against a wall to add a rustic feel to your yard. Its two distressed planters hang from a metal shovel that brings a country farmhouse feel to even the most urban apartment. Add the matching pitchfork to complete your set of garden tool plant hangers. 

Abetree Modern Metal Two-Tier Hanging Planter

Two-tier hanging plant stands are ideal for tight spaces, such as kitchen corners, offices, and small bathrooms (assuming the area receives sufficient sunlight). This two-tier metal planter from Abetree features a minimalist design made from durable metal with a weather-resistant black coating. The hanging plant stand comes complete with two drum-shaped pots, an adjustable hanging rope, and a hook. 

PurePino Vegan Leather Strap Plant Hanger_

For a modern take on classic boho plant stands, try these stylish Leather Strap Plant Hangers from Pure Pino. They're handmade and made using eco-friendly vegan leather and cotton rope that provides a sublime nesting place for your indoor plants. The simple design pairs perfectly with highly decorative pots and colorful plants. 

Growneer Self-Watering Hanging Planter

If you're someone who frequently forgets to water your plants, opt for self-watering hanging plant stands that will help keep your plants alive and thriving. The Growneer Self-Watering Hanging Planter's internal water reservoir makes indoor gardening more straightforward than ever by cutting your watering frequency in half. The affordable set comes with two simple plastic hanging planters, two detachable steel chains for support, and hooks for easy hanging. These versatile planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 


No matter which style of hanging planter you choose, it's crucial to properly secure your planter to the wall or ceiling. Double-check that you have the right hook or wall attachment for the size and weight of the planter and plant before hanging it. 

With a hanging plant stand, you'll also be careful when moving your plants in and out of the plant hanger to ensure they don't fall or spill. It's best to remove your plants when watering, especially if your planters do not have drainage holes. To avoid drips on your floors, wait a few hours after watering before returning your plants to their hangers.

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