15 Best Jungle Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom / Last Updated - March 4, 2023

Believe it or not, a bathroom has more purpose than maintaining hygiene- it can also be a place to relax and escape. The small, cozy, and incredible smells (most of the time) can provide you with a sense of calmness and feeling relieved. Plus, who doesn't love lying in a bathtub with some bath bomb, lit candles, your favorite book, and a glass of wine on the side in a themed bathroom like you are in another world. Perhaps, in a jungle-themed bathroom that is filled with tropical plants like monstera, bird of paradise ferns, and pothos. A jungle bathroom theme is not only fun for adults and kids but a great way to escape the 'jungle' out there.

So how do you put together a jungle-themed bathroom? What will you need to put the concept together? While putting together jungle-themed bathrooms is not a hard task, it does require some work. Here are 15 interior design tips for jungle-themed bathroom ideas that you must check out to give you some inspiration. 

15 Jungle Bathroom Ideas 

1. Boho Chic

The Jungle Basics

Photo Source: @thekwendyhome

If you have a boho interior design home, you can infuse your boho interior design with the jungle theme. You can achieve a boho-chic vibe by adding texture and layering while adding natural elements but not too much color. To combine the style with a jungle theme, you want items like real plants to add texture, a wooden bath caddy to keep it natural, a fun shower curtain to add a pop of color, and a fluffy cotton bath mat. Search and add other items made of material and add texture to your bathroom.

2. Create A Accent Wall

Bring Your Jungle Indoor

Source: @athomewiththecbs

While most people will go with tropical wallpaper, you can make your bathroom pop by creating an accent tile wall. Perhaps you may want to create a whole wall or just a portion of it or have two accent walls. But whatever you choose, make sure your tile creates contrast against your wallpaper so it can stand out.

3. Use Natural Elements

Rustic Jungle

Photo Credit: @renovating_ethelwolf

There are many ways you can add natural elements to your bathroom. For example, you can add a wooden panel to create an accent wall or act as a divider, plants, woven wastebasket, or laundry basket. These are all great ideas to add a touch of nature to your bathroom.

4.  Powered By Plants

Is Your Bathroom Powered By Plants

Photo Credit: @house_plant_community

Love plants? So do we! And there is no better way to create a jungle feel than adding plants, plants, and more plants. There are other ways to add greens to your home, even if you don't have a green thumb. Wallpaper, decors, pictures are all great ways to add greens to your bathroom. Perhaps add a plant sign for added personality.

To really make your bathroom pop and feel bigger, go with an accent wall.

5. Use A Different Color Pallet 

All You Need Is Plant

Photo Credit: @sunny_inside_out_interiors

White and green is a classic color palette that people would expect from a jungle theme bathroom. You can get a wow factor by going black and green. The color black evokes a mysterious and calm feel, and if you add plants around the bathroom, it gives you a dawn jungle vibe.

6. Sunset Jungle

Sunset Jungle

Source: @avalana.design

You can add a touch of femininity to your jungle bathroom with a touch of pink and green hues. The color pink and green is the perfect color palette for adding elegance and a romantic feel to a home. While pink brings tenderness and enhances romance, green adds a relaxing and pleasant feeling.

7. Bring Your Jungle Inside

Bring Your Jungle Inside

Photo Credit: @raw_home_decor

With today's resources, you can design an indoor bathroom feeling like you are outdoors. You can take your modern design jungle bathroom to the next level with some textured grass tile on your floor, textured walls, and tropical plants outside by the windows, your settings, or on-site. This modern design will surely make you feel like you are outdoors when you are actually inside. Is it a trick or treat? We will let you decide. 

8. Modern Jungle Wallpaper

jungle bathroom

If you have a formal and traditional design bathroom, you can have a jungle bathroom by placing tropical wallpapers above. Or, if you want to have a modern feel to your bathroom, you can install chair rails.

A lighter chair rail should be hair with darker wallpaper and vice versa. Having dark color below and lighter on top will make the space feel taller. And if you keep the color neutral and pale, the wall will simply fall away.

9. Vintage 

Dark And Mysterious

Photo Credit: Fiona Murray

Give your bathroom a vintage tropical vibe by celebrating your sink and toilet. The dark and mysterious wallpaper offers a tropical vibe, While your white sink and toilet will stand out.

10. Immerse Yourself With Plants Wallpaper

Sun Rise In The Jungle

Photo Credit: Unknown

Don't have three thumbs? That is totally okay by us. You can immerse yourself with jungle plants wallpaper. Imagine taking a bathroom overlooking the tropical plants and animals... Are you in?

11. Black And White Classic 

Black And White Jungle

Photo Credit: @the.wheeler.house

The combination of black and white is classic and will never go out of style. It doesn't matter if you have a classic, rustic, or super modern home design, a black and white combo will always be in harmonic balance.

12. Retro Jungle

Jungle Bold

The combination of black and white is classic and will never go out of style. It doesn't matter if you have a classic, rustic, or super modern home design, a black and white combo will always be in harmonic balance.

13. Green and Orange 

Your Colorful Jungle

Photo Credit: @in360.pl

The color palette green and orange combo is a no-brainer. The emerald green works perfectly with burnt orange or tan, and this color combination wallpaper makes a great accent wall against the light-colored wall.

14. Add Leopard Vibe


Photo Credit: etsy.com/

There is no better way to get a jungle vibe than having leopard decor, and a leopard wallpaper is a great option. And with an outdoor sink-like design, you instantly immerse yourself in the deep jungle and leave you, and your guests feel impressed.

Find this wallpaper from Etsy!

15. Farmhouse Jungle 

Jungle Mural

Source: @avalana.design

This farmhouse jungle-themed bathroom is perfect for those who already have a farmhouse style. Adding more green color to your bathroom and adding a green accent wall will bring you a farmhouse-style jungle vibe.

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