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In the era of Instagram and Pinterest, where every corner of our homes can reflect our personality, that vast wall is your ticket to creative expression. Today's focus? How to masterfully decorate that expansive canvas in your living room.

First things first, size does matter. A large wall offers a unique opportunity for bold choices—think oversized art pieces or a stunning gallery wall that tells a story. If art isn't your vibe, why not turn the wall into a functional masterpiece? Shelving units that blend aesthetics with utility are totally in. And for those who dare to be different, murals or textured wallpapers can add layers of intrigue to your space.

But wait, there's a twist. It's not just about what you put on the wall; it's also about playing with light and shadows. Strategic lighting can elevate your wall from a background element to a centerpiece. So, let's dive into the world of wall decor where creativity knows no bounds, and take advantage of the blank canvas.

What to consider when decorating a large wall in the living room

Large Wall Decor Ideas

Scale and Proportion

It's important to match the scale of your wall decor to the size of the wall. A single large painting or a big mirror can be striking on a large wall. Alternatively, a collection of smaller items, such as photographs or prints, can work well if arranged to fill the space adequately. The key is avoiding pieces that are too small and look disproportionate.

Color Scheme

Your wall decor should harmonize with the room's existing colors. Adding a burst of color can enhance the appeal of a room with a neutral color scheme. If you already have a lot of color in the room, consider art or decor that complements those hues or adds a contrasting accent.

Focal Point

Decide if you want your wall to be the primary focus when someone enters the room. A dramatic piece of art or a bold wall treatment can draw the eye, while more understated decorations can create a backdrop that complements the rest of the room.

Balance and Layout

For a gallery wall, balance is crucial. Mix different sizes and orientations of frames but keep some elements consistent, like frame color or mat style, for cohesion. Before you begin hanging, create a pleasing balance by arranging your items on the floor first.

Theme and Style

Your wall decor should reflect the room's overall style. For a modern look, consider abstract art or minimalist designs. Opt for classic paintings or framed prints if you prefer a more traditional style.


Decor for your walls has the potential to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Shelves, for example, offer display space for books, plants, and personal items. A large wall-mounted calendar or chalkboard can add a practical element to your decor.


The right lighting can transform your wall decor. Use directed lights like picture lights or spotlights to highlight paintings or wall art. Ambient lighting can create a softer mood and draw attention to textured wall surfaces.

Textural Elements

Different textures add depth and dimension to your decor. Consider mixed media art, wall hangings, or sculptural pieces that add a tactile element. Textures can also come from the wall itself through treatments like brick, wood paneling, or textured wallpaper.

Large Wall Decor Ideas

Large Wall Art or Mural

Large Wall Art

Decorating large walls with a large-scale, beautiful wall art piece or mural makes a bold statement. For example, a striking abstract painting can become the room's focal point, or a scenic mural can transform the space into a visual escape. Large artworks can ground a room's aesthetic, capturing attention and creating a focal point to set the mood. This design idea is commonly seen in a dining room but can also work well in a living room.

However, the choice of art is crucial, as it can dominate the room's decor; a piece that's too vibrant or busy may overwhelm the space. Also, such pieces are often a significant investment and may not be as easy to change as other decor elements. Nonetheless, when chosen thoughtfully, large-scale art or murals can dramatically enhance a living room's ambiance and reflect personal style.

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a versatile and expressive way to decorate a large living room wall. It can range from a collection of family photographs and various artists' prints to a mix of art styles like abstract, modern, or traditional. This method permits personal expression and can adapt over time as you introduce new additions. However, creating a cohesive gallery wall requires a good eye for balance and design, as a poorly planned layout can look cluttered.


Mirrors in living room

Enhancing large, empty walls with mirrors combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. For instance, a large, ornate mirror can serve as a statement piece in a traditionally styled room, while a collection of smaller, geometric mirrors can suit a more contemporary space.

Mirrors effectively enhance the perception of spaciousness and brightness in a room by reflecting light. However, the positioning is crucial; poorly placed mirrors can reflect unappealing areas or create glare. Also, oversized mirrors can dominate a room, potentially overpowering other design elements. Despite these considerations, mirrors remain popular for their ability to open up a space, enhance natural light, and add an element of elegance.



Using shelving to decorate a large blank wall is both functional and stylish. For instance, floating shelves offer a sleek, modern look and can be arranged artistically to display books, plants, or art. Traditional bookcases can create a cozy library feel.

The main advantage of shelving is its practicality; it provides storage and display space, helping to declutter the room. However, shelves require regular dusting and organization to maintain a neat appearance. Overloading shelves with items can also make the space feel cluttered.

Textile Art

Incorporating textile art in decorating a huge wall in a living room can infuse the space with warmth and texture. Examples include hanging a large, colorful tapestry, a handmade quilt, or a series of woven macramé pieces.

Incorporating textile art introduces a tactile element that has the potential to soften the ambiance of a room, creating a more inviting atmosphere. It's especially effective in adding a bohemian or rustic touch. However, textile art can accumulate dust and may require careful maintenance. Nevertheless, textile art is an excellent choice for those looking to create a cozy, personalized atmosphere, bringing a unique, crafted quality to the room.

Wall Wallpaper

Wall Wallpaper

Adorning expansive walls with wallpaper provides an extensive range of design possibilities. For example, a floral pattern can introduce a touch of nature and softness, while geometric prints can add a modern, dynamic feel. Wallpaper can completely transform the ambiance of a room, making it a powerful tool in interior design.

Accent Wall

Accent Wall

An accent wall can dramatically transform a large room, creating a focal point and adding depth to the space. Examples include bold paint color, distinctive wallpaper, or a textured finish like wood paneling or stone. This approach can energize a room, especially if you use vibrant colors or patterns that contrast with the other walls. This also presents an opportunity to explore design elements that you might not incorporate throughout the entire room.

However, the key is balance; too bold a design can overwhelm the space. Additionally, changing an accent wall can be more labor-intensive than repainting a standard wall, particularly if it involves intricate wallpaper or textures. The accent wall, when executed well, can elevate the room's aesthetic and make a stylish statement.

Themed Collage

Themed Collage

A themed collage is a creative and personalized way to decorate a large wall in a living room. Examples include a collection of vintage family photos, an array of botanical prints, or a mix of travel memorabilia. This approach allows for storytelling and can reflect personal interests or experiences, making the space feel unique and intimate.

Oversized Clock

Oversized Clock

Incorporating an oversized clock when decorating a large wall space in a living room can be both a stylish and functional choice. For example, a large vintage-style clock can add a rustic charm, while a modern, minimalist design can complement a contemporary space. The major advantage of an oversized clock is its dual functionality as both a timepiece and a statement art piece. It can anchor the room and draw attention to the wall.

Collection of Art

Decorating a large wall space with a collection of art pieces offers a unique way to personalize a living room. This could be a series of framed prints, a variety of small paintings, or an eclectic mix of artwork in different mediums. The advantage of this approach is the ability to showcase diverse art styles and artists, creating a visually interesting and dynamic display.

Hanging Collection

Decorating large walls with a hanging collection, such as ornate plates or woven baskets, can add a unique cultural or artistic flair. This approach can range from vintage decorative plates in a traditional setting to a bohemian arrangement of colorful, handcrafted baskets.

The advantage of such collections is their ability to create a visually compelling and textured display, offering a departure from typical wall art. However, achieving a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement can be challenging.

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