The Best Black Christmas Tree for a Bold Holiday Display


Last Updated - November 4, 2021

Put a twist on traditional Christmas decorations this holiday season with a black Christmas tree. Depending on how it's decorated, a sleek black tree can feel anywhere from elegant and chic to gothic and edgy. But no matter what style you're going for, it's sure to wow all your family and friends.

Halloween lovers can trim their black trees in October with spooky spider webs and orange lights. Once Halloween passes, just swap your decorations, and it's ready for the holiday season. 

To help you nail your holiday decor from Halloween to Christmas, we've rounded up the best black Christmas trees below. We've got everything from tiny pre-lit trees to tall, life-like artificial pines so you can decorate anywhere and any way.

The 12 Best Black Artificial Christmas Trees

Wondershop Pre-Lit Shiny Black Artificial Christmas Tree

Celebrate the holiday season in style with this Pre-Lit Shiny Black Artificial Christmas Tree from Wondershop. The slim silhouette adds style without wasting an ounce of space, making it a great option for smaller homes and apartments. Flame-retardant PVC branches mimic the dense foliage of Alberta spruce branches. It's pre-lit with 210 clear incandescent lights, so all you'll need to do is give it a quick fluff, and you're ready to add ornaments and garland. A matching stand provides stability all season while accommodating any tree skirt.

Height— 6 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

The Holiday Aisle Black Pine Artificial Full Christmas Tree

If you're searching for a basic black Christmas tree at a budget-friendly price, try this Black Pine Artificial Full Christmas Tree from The Holiday Aisle. The sophisticated black tree offers the perfect blank canvas for the lights, tinsel, and holiday decorations of your choice. Just give it a quick fluff, and it's ready to decorate! Its hinged branches and foldable stand make for easy set-up and takedown. Plus, the artificial tree separates into three manageable sections for compact storage between seasons.

Height— 6 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Millwood Pine Black Fir Christmas Tree

Millwood Pine's Black Fir Christmas Tree is guaranteed to turn heads at your holiday party. Try decorating it with fairy lights and metallic ornaments for an extra chic look. The lush black foliage is created by 1216 branch tips made from crush-resistant PVC. A sturdy metal tree stand keeps your tree perfectly balanced while you string lights, hang ornaments, and put your tree topper in place before your guests arrive. The lightweight design and hinged construction make it a breeze to store come January.

Height— 6.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Black Christmas Tree

Don't have space for a full-size artificial Christmas tree? You can still get into the holiday spirit with this adorable Miniature Black Christmas Tree from Hallmark Keepsake. Put it up during Halloween, and leave it up all winter long for a statement-making holiday display. At just 18 inches tall, it's the perfect size for a dorm room, office, or small apartment. The X-shaped base and durable black branches provide superior durability, stability, and versatility.

Height— 1.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

The Holiday Aisle Thompsontown Black Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Elevate your entryway this Christmas by flanking your door with these pencil-shaped Thompsontown Black Fir Artificial Christmas Trees from The Holiday Aisle. The sparse foliage is made from fire-resistant, non-allergenic PVC material that won't shed needles like a real tree. Their slim design makes them the perfect tree for tucking in the corner of your bedroom, dining room, or living room too. Set-up and takedown are incredibly easy!

Height— 6 ft or 7 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Northlight Seasonal Black Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Create a sophisticated winter wonderland with this Black Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. While other all-black trees can feel a bit harsh, the frosted tree offers a more subtle take on the decorating trend. Its fluffy black branches are flocked with classic white for a snowy finish. The 7.5-ft tall black Christmas tree features a hinged design that breaks down into four pieces for easy assembly and compact storage. Be sure to use a protective tree storage bag to keep your tree in tip-top shape.

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Best Choice Products Black Christmas Tree

Make this Christmas one to remember with this impressive Black Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products. Its realistic appearance is created by 1,749 branch tips made of flame-retardant, crush-resistant PVC material. Assembly is easy. Just connect the three sections to the sturdy metal base and fluff! You've got endless options when it comes to decorating this black Christmas tree. Try a bold black-and-white color combo, or stick to a sleek silver and gold theme.

Height— 6 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Hashtag Home North Valley Black Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Add an elegant feel to your living room this holiday season with this North Valley Black Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree from Hashtag Home. While some black Christmas trees look sparse, this natural-looking tree is lush and full. Thanks to over 1300 PVC branch tips, it looks just like a real spruce from the Christmas tree shop. Give it a quick fluff, and you're ready to string lights, ornaments, and garland however you please. The black Christmas tree makes for great Halloween decor too.

Height— 7.5 ft or 9 ft

Pre-Lit— No

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree

Hate untangling string lights every year? Take the hassle out of decorating with this Pre-Lit Black Christmas Tree from the National Christmas Tree Company. The statement-making tree is pre-strung with 550 white lights, so all it needs is a quick fluff, and it's ready for ornaments, tree toppers, and presents. It'll stay lit even if a bulb goes out, making it easy to find and replace burnt-out bulbs. The hinged branches fold in for compact storage and a convenient set-up next year.

Height— 4.5 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

The Holiday Aisle Gold Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Light up the holiday season with this stunning Gold Pine Artificial Christmas Tree from The Holiday Aisle. Your party guests are sure to love this one-of-a-kind tree. It boasts a chic gold and black gradient that pairs well with metallic ornaments, tree skirts, and wrapping paper. Warm LED lights bring a lively glow that accentuates the unique color palette and cuts down on assembly time. Plus, it's got hinged branches and a fully removable tree stands for easy storage.

Height— 9 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Kalwason Black Christmas Tree with Storage Bag

These days, you don't need to spend a ton of money to get a great tree. This Black Christmas Tree from Kalwason is made from durable materials and comes with a protective storage bag to help it last through countless holidays to come. It breaks down into three smaller sections for easy assembly and compact storage between occasions. The large size and full shape make it the perfect statement tree for a living room or entryway.

Height— 7 ft

Pre-Lit— No

The Holiday Aisle Pre-Lit Ombre Christmas Tree

Few artificial Christmas trees are more impressive than this Pre-Lit Ombre Christmas Tree from The Holiday Aisle. Instead of solid black branches, the tree boasts a stylish gradient of black, grey, and white branches. The ombre effect commands attention while still feeling totally sophisticated. Its sturdy tree stand ensures it stays firmly in place while the kids hang ornaments and Santa tucks present under the tree. Plus, it's pre-lit, so you'll never have to untangle the Christmas lights again!

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

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