11 Best Red Christmas Tree Options For Your Home

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Break from tradition and celebrate the season with a red Christmas tree this year. Unlike green branches, red branches are bold, festive, and eye-catching-making it the perfect backdrop for any space with its striking look. And if red is not your color, check out our favorite pink Christmas trees and black Christmas trees.

The Red Christmas tree is a great way to add 'hot and spicy' with some sass to your holiday collection this year. Not to mention, if you don't feel like dealing and maintaining a real tree this year, artificial Christmas trees will be as festive while adding an unexpected dose of color.

The color red can make you feel passionate and energized. At the same time, it makes you feel warm and loved. It is a color you will want to add to your home during the holidays. To help you shop, we have rounded up 11 best red artificial Christmas trees on the market. With everything from tabletop size to pre-lid tree, finding the perfect Christmas tree has never been easier.

11 Best Red Christmas Trees

red christmas tree

Turn your living room into a whimsical winter wonderland with this red tinsel Christmas tree. This 6' tinsel tree brings a whole new dimension to your seasonal decorating scheme. Slim and sleek, this tinsel tree with a matching stand is perfect for display in corners or areas with limited floor space. The setup is quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy a decorative piece that will shine and sparkle.

Available pre-lit!

Height- 6 ft

Pre-Lit- No

6.5' Pre-lit Red Christmas Tree with LED Lights_

If you are seeking a pre-lit red Christmas tree, then you must check this one out. This majestic red tree will bring dazzle to the eyes and bring a festive vibe to any space. The full-bodied is utterly captivating in all its glory. It looks lovely simply as is or can be decorated to match your personality. It is built-in with long-lasting clear 450 LED lights, big and small, so you don't have to spend hours untangling your Christmas lights!

Height- 6.5 ft

Pre-Lit- Yes

3.5ft Unlit Red Flocked Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree_

This cute 3.5 feet tall red Christmas tree is perfect for any small space. Perfect for a dorm room, office desk, and any tabletop. The gorgeously vibrant red color will surely stand out against the traditional Christmas tree. Not to mention, this tree has pull-down branches for easy setup and can be decorated with ornaments or perfectly as it.

Height- 3.5 ft

Pre-Lit- No

Out Of 11

Not sure which shade of red is right for you? Instead of opt-in for a solid color, this tree boasts a gradient of red to your home this holiday season. It is stylish, bold, and unique. The 864 branch tips create a full, life-like appearance. The 6.5 feet tall tree features a sturdy metal tree stand that allows you to fluff while it stands and can be decorated in almost any style to reflect your personality.

Height- 6.5 ft

Pre-Lit- No

Out Of 11

Full Body Pine Tree

red christmas tree 4

Wow your guests this year with this lush and majestic 5' ruby red tree. Full-bodied and utterly captivating in all its glory. It looks lovely simply as is or can be decorated however you like to match your personality. It is built-in with long-lasting clear LED lights that are energy-efficient and emit low heat. Its hinged body makes assembly easy and effortless - and that means more time to spend with family and friends. It comes with a sturdy metal base so you can fluff your tree with ease.

Height- 5, 6.5 and 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit- yes

KI Store Flocked Red Christmas Tree_
If bright red is not your shade, then check out this dark red or maroon red Christmas tree to add a festive flair to your holiday decor. This tree features convenient hinged branches for a simple setup and fluffy. Perfect as is, or add your favorite lights to add a glow. And not to mention, this tree can be used for both indoor and outdoor (dry conditions).

Height- 6 ft

Pre-lit- No

red christmas tree

This 5 feet skinny pop-up tree is a statement piece. The shining tinsel gives any space sparkle, and it will be an eye-catching piece. The tree features a sturdy metal stand that is made of high-quality thick plastic. Perfect for Christmas, valentines day, and even the 4th of July! And perfect or displayed in the living room, entrance, bedroom, and even staircase. Easy to assemble and store away in storage bag when it's not used. Add some white lights or clear lights, and you are all ready to go.

Height-5 ft

Pre-Lit- No

red christmas

Comes in 9 different sizes, this festive Christmas tree will wow your guests. The red fir artificial Christmas tree features rich-colored PVS Tips, making it the perfect alternative to your traditional green tree. It comes unlit, so you can put any lighting that matches your personality. Add some matching red lights for a more red glow.

Height- 3, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 9, 10, 12, 14 ft

Pre-Lit- No

red christmas

If you are tired of setting up your holiday tree, piecing all the sections together, fluffing the branches, and then putting up the string lights? If the answer is yes, then you must check out this "pop-up" tree with a collapsible design. Easy to put together and easy to store away so you can relax and enjoy the holiday without the hassle.

This beautiful tree features 250 clear lights in mini bulb size and a green lead cord that makes the perfect accent. Perfect for dorm rooms, small apartments, and anyone who is looking for a hassle-free tree!

Height- 6 ft

Pre-lit- yes

Evergreen Classics 7 Foot Pre Lit Artificial Pencil Christmas_

Celebrate the season with this beautiful evergreen classic 7-foot tree. It comes with pre-lit white lights, so it makes decorating easier while brightening up your home with ease. Featuring realistic styling with a simple, natural shape of a spruce tree and frosted branch to give you a winter wonderland vibe.

Height- 7 ft

Pre-lit- Yes

Out Of 11

N&T NIETING Christmas Tree

Working with a budget this year? Check out this red Christmas tree that you can get for under $50! The collapsible pop-up tree is easy to install and store in minutes. Perfect for small spaces like the office, entranceway, or dorm room. Display the tree as is, or add your favorite decorations.

Height- 5 ft

Pre-lit- No

What To Consider Before Purchasing a Christmas Tree

  • Shades of red- There are many shades of red, and each shade will help set the tone, mood, and feeling of the space. When shopping for red trees, ask yourself what shade of red do you like. 
  • Size- Before purchasing a tree, be sure to measure the height of your space to make sure it fits. Even the smallest space can fit a small or slender tree.
  • Pre-lit or not- If you are looking to save some time this year from untangling your lights, look for one that is pre-lit.

How To Decorate A Red Christmas Tree

The red Christmas tree has a bold color and grand look, so it is gorgeous on its own with some Christmas light. If you are looking to decorate it and do more, here are my tips.

  • Ribbons- Adding cascading ribbons down the tree will help add beauty and depth to your tree.
  • Gold, white or silver decor- Because the color red is bold, you don't want to have too many colors, patterns, or shape ornaments. The red color pairs well with gold, white, and silver.

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