18 Best Pink Christmas Tree

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Bored of basic red and green Christmas decorations or tired of the mess and maintenance that comes with a live tree? Add an unexpected dose of color to your home this holiday season with a pink Christmas tree. The eye-catching hue looks particularly festive, decorated with white and metallic ornaments.

The color pink is fun, cheerful, and festive. This color can help set the tone, mood, and feeling of the space. The color pink is often associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Some associate the color with being girly, while others think of romance and love—different shades of pink offer different feelings and emotions. The shades of light pink are described as relaxing, while bright pink can be stimulating or even aggravating. Regardless, pick a shade that makes you and your family feel happy. With the right color combination, your pink Christmas tree can be chic and glamorous. It will be an eye-catching tree and the focal point of your home this holiday.

There are many pink Christmas trees out on the market, and it can get overwhelming to decide which one you want. From bold and bright to subtle pink, there is a pink tree out there that will sure scream your name. To help you get in the holiday spirit, we've rounded up the best pink Christmas trees below. With everything from 9-ft tall to tabletop size, finding the perfect tree has never been easier. And when it's time to put away your beautiful free, be sure to check out our favorite Christmas storage bags

18 Best pink Christmas tree

The Holiday Aisle Pink Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Feeling a bit intimidated by hot pink Christmas trees? Try this Pink Fir Christmas Tree from The Holiday Aisle. The light pink Christmas tree offers a far softer take on the decorating trend. Its 617 branches are crafted from non-flammable PVC for a full, realistic appearance. The X-shaped metal stand even comes fitted with foot pads to protect your floors from scratches.

When it comes to trimming the tree, try swapping your regular white lights for a few strands of bright pink lights. Take your pink theme to the next level with monochrome ornaments too.

Height— 6 ft or 7 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Hashtag Home Flocked Pink Fir Artificial Tree with Stand

Turn your living room into a whimsical winter wonderland with this Flocked Pink Fir Artificial Tree from Hashtag Home. Its dense branches are covered with flocked pine needles in a bright pink hue. Give it a quick fluff, and it's ready for lights, ornaments, and tinsel strands galore. The lightweight metal stand included ensures the product stays perfectly straight (and safe) all December long. Its slim design and 4.5-ft height make it an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

Height— 4.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Best Choice Products Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

When it comes to pink Christmas trees, you can't go wrong with classic hot pink. This Pink Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products looks lush and full, thanks to 1,749 bright pink branch tips. After a few minutes of fluffing, you're ready to string lights and hang ornaments. No trip to the tree farm is required! Its hinged branches and foldable stand make it easy to assemble and take down the tree each year.

Height— 6 or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Millwood Pines Pink Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Celebrate the holiday season in style with this Pink Fir Christmas Tree from Millwood Pines. With just a few minutes of assembly and fluffing, your artificial tree is ready for ornaments, tinsel, tree toppers, and other finishing touches. Its lush pink branches are pre-lit with hundreds of LED bulbs, helping to cut down set-up time and save you the hassle. The sturdy metal stand ensures the tree stays firmly in place while you decorate your eye-catching new tree with the family. With three sizes to choose from, it's a great option for living rooms, entryways, and apartments of all sizes.

Height— 4.5 ft, 5.5 ft, or 9 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

The Holiday Aisle Pencil Fuchsia Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Create a jaw-dropping entryway display by flanking your front door with two of these Pencil Fuchsia Pine Artificial Christmas Trees from The Holiday Aisle. The skinny pink trees also look great tucked into the corners of a dining room, bedroom, or living room. It boasts 800 PVC branch tips with a hinged design for compact storage. Plus, the tree is pre-lit for easy decorating without the tangled strands and broken bulbs. A convenient on-off footswitch makes it easy to turn the tree on and off without needing to crawl behind it.

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Wondershop Pre-Lit Tabletop Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

Don't have space for full-sized Christmas trees? Try this cute Wondership Pre-Lit Tabletop Pink Christmas Tree! The 3-foot tall tree is perfect for dorm rooms, kids' rooms, and small apartments with limited floor space. Plus, it's pre-lit, so you'll never need to worry about untangling and stringing those pesky strands. Just add a few miniature ornaments, and it's ready to show off to your friends and family during your next holiday gathering.

Height— 3.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Pottery Barn Pre-Lit Tuscany Tinsel Rose Gold Artificial Christmas Tree

Put a sophisticated spin on your tree with this Pre-Lit Tuscany Tinsel Rose Gold Christmas Tree from Pottery Barn. The artificial Christmas tree is pre-lit with clear incandescent light to illuminate its lush pinkish-gold branches. Its elegant appearance makes it the perfect pink Christmas tree for an entryway or bedroom. Try decorating with metallic ornaments to really make the rose gold color pop.

Height— 4 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

The Holiday Aisle Pink Pine Flocked Christmas Tree

It's easy to create a gorgeous Christmas display with this Pink Pine Flocked Christmas Tree from The Holiday Aisle. The snow-covered tree boasts 800 frosted pinks branched that add a wintery feel to any space. A sturdy tree stand provides added stability during use, while high-quality PVC material ensures it stays looking its best for years to come. It's guaranteed to wow your family and friends when they visit for the holidays.

Height— 7 ft

Pre-Lit— No

HOMCOM Pink Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree

HOMCOM's Pink Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree is an excellent choice if you're looking to save floor space or just create a unique holiday display. In larger spaces, try flanking an entryway with two skinny pink Christmas trees. The pink tree is covered with 500 plastic branch tips for a life-like appearance without the falling needles and a boring green color palette. Its metal base and sectioned design ensure set-up, display, and storage are always hassle-free.

Height— 7 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Goplus Unlit Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

You're guaranteed to have more fun this Christmas season with this bright pink tree from Goplus. The Unlit Pink Artificial Christmas Tree offers the perfect blank canvas to decorate with twinkling lights, fun ornaments, and a statement-making tree topper. Its lush, life-like appearance is created by 1258 crush-resistant, flame-retardant PVC branch tips. Three hinged sections and a foldable base make for easy storage in your garage or attic between seasons. The attention-grabbing tree is also available in black, gold, and silver if you're feeling particularly bold this year.

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Best Choice Products Pink Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree

For maximalists, there's Best Choice Products' Pink Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree. The impressive pink Christmas tree boasts over 1,500 branches made of shiny pink tinsel. After a few minutes of fluffing, its dense branches look just as full as other traditional artificial Christmas trees. Add twinkling lights and your favorite ornaments, and you're guaranteed to drop jaws at your annual holiday party. Hinged branches and a foldable tree stand to make it easy to tuck your tree away until the next Christmas season.

Height— 6 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

HOMCOM White & Pink Ombre Artificial Christmas Tree

If hot pink trees aren't your style, opt for this pretty White and Pink Ombre Artificial Christmas Tree from HOMCOM. Instead of one solid color, it boasts a gradient of pink and white PVC branches. 450 branch tips create a full, life-like appearance and offer plenty of spots to hang lights and ornaments. A sturdy metal base keeps the product nice and stable while you fluff, decorate, and tuck presents under the tree. The best part is, its branches automatically open to cut down on assembly and fluffing time each year. Plus, you'll never have to worry about adding water or cleaning up falling needles.

Height— 5 ft, 6 ft, or 7 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Mini Pink Tree From Wayfair

Source: Wayfair

If you don't have much space for a full-sized Christmas tree this year, check out this mini pink tree. This adorable and cheerful 2 feet mini pink pine tree comes pre-lit, so you'll never need to worry about untangling and stringing those pesky strands. It is the perfect size for a desk, counter, or any small space. It will bring joy and light up any small space, and create a magical atmosphere.

Height- 2 ft

Pre-lit- Yes

Pink Ombre Christmas Tree From Walmart

Source: Wayfair

This pink ombre tree is a guarantee to make a statement in any space. Easy to assemble and store away. The fun, chic, and unique dazzling pink ombre Christmas tree have the perfect festive glow and comes pre-lit. The pink tree is covered with 105 pre-strung clear mini lights that will give you the perfect glow.

Height- 4 feet

Pre-lit- Yes

Bold Ombre Christmas Tree From Walmart

Source: Walmart

Looking for a full-size statement tree for your home this year? Check out this full-size pink ombre Christmas tree. It is bold and unique, and it will guarantee to be an eye-catching piece in your home this holiday season. Not to mention, it offers a ray of pink color that you no longer need to pick just one shade!

Height- 6.5 feet

Pre-lit- No

White And Pink Ombre Christmas Tree From Amazon

Source: Amazon

If you love pink but are not sure if a pink Christmas tree is right for you, then you must check out this subtle pink and white Christmas tree. It offers just a touch of pink without being overwhelming or standing out. This pink and white ombre Christmas is easy to fluff with high-quality PVC branches, so it will have a natural appearance of a full-bodied that resemble a realistic Christmas tree.

Height- 5, 6 7 feet

Pre-lit- No

Bold And Slender Pink Pine Tree From Amazon

Source: Amazon

While this may not be a pink-colored tree but it's worthy of checking out. The eye-catching bold and fierce purple slender Christmas tree is perfect for any space. It is ideal for an unusual corner or small apartment.

This tree features pre-attached, hinged branches that drop down for a simple set-up and fold back in for quick and convenient storage. Set aside 45-60 minutes of family fun time to properly shape the tree by peeling back the branches and pulling the tips apart.

Height- 6 feet

Pre-lit- No

Shimmer Neon Pink Pine Tree From Macy's

Source: Macy's

This beautiful 3 feet slim pink tree is perfect for any home and even small spaces. Perfect for the office nook or a small apartment. This beautiful neon pink tone tree offers a festive and dreamy vibe that you won't want to miss.

Height- 3 feet

Pre-lit- No

How To Decorate Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas trees are beautiful on their own. But you sure can jazz it up with garland and ornament. Silver and gold colors are great color hues for an elegant touch. Bright and feature decor offers a whimsical vibe. A touch of some shimmering lights can provide a dreamy and magical feel.

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