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Last Updated - November 19, 2021

Flocked Christmas trees are a favorite by many during the holiday season. There is something magical about a tree that is covered with "snow" that gives you an instant winter wonderland feel and makes your cold-weather holiday dreams come true.

To help you shop and find the perfect snowy tree for your space, we've rounded up the best flocked Christmas trees below. These timeless trees are undoubtedly the best on the market this holiday season.

The 12 Best Flocked Christmas Trees of the Holiday Season

Pottery Barn Pre-Lit Flocked Vermont Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Create a serene, snowy display with this Flocked Vermont Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree from Pottery Barn. While some flocked trees feel overly flocked, this stunning centerpiece is perfectly dusted with a light layer of fake snow. Its realistic branches are made from flame-resistant PVC that's durable enough to withstand years of use. The lush spruce tree is pre-lit with clear incandescent bulbs for quick and easy decorating. Just give it a quick fluff, and it's ready to decorate with your favorite ornaments.

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Best Choice Products Christmas Tree with Flocked Branches

Best Choice Products Christmas Tree with Flocked Branches adds a festive feel to any living room or entryway. It's crafted from a durable metal base and flame-retardant PVC branches dusted with snowy white flocking. The full shape and thick foliage create an incredibly realistic-looking tree, especially after a few minutes of fluffing. It's already pre-strung with warm white string lights, so you won't need to worry about burnt-out bulbs and tangled cords. Just connect the three sections, reshape a few branches, and you're ready to decorate.

Height— 6 ft, 7.5 ft, or 9 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Wondershop Balsam Fir Flocked Mini Christmas Tree

Don't have room for a full-sized Christmas tree? This Balsam Fir Flocked Mini Christmas Tree from Wondershop is just right for small spaces! The miniature tree boasts fluffy, snow-covered branches with a subtle glittering finish. A sturdy, burlap-wrapped base adds a touch of timeless charm. Just add a few miniature ornaments and a set of battery-powered string lights, and you've got an adorable tabletop display!

Height— 2.5 ft

Pre-Lit— No

Home Accents Holiday Winslow Mixed Pine Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

Dreaming of a white Christmas? This Winslow Mixed Pine Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree from Home Accents Holiday can create a snowy scene in any weather. The lush artificial tree boasts 1,586 individual branch tips pre-lit with 500 white dome lights. This beautiful tree comes with its own tree stand that is made from sturdy metal. It will create a stable base for an easy, hassle-free set-up every time. A light dusting of snow flocking adds the perfect finishing touch to this stunning Christmas tree.

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Ballard Design Grandis Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree

How stunning is this Grandis Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree from Ballard Designs? Its 2,326 individual branch tips are lightly frosted for a realistic snowy finish. The 550 warm white micro LED bulbs can cycle through eight twinkling effects on an automatic eight-hour timer. A sturdy metal stand hides easily under a tree collar, tree skirt, or pile of presents. Three detachable sections ensure it's easy to set up and store this year, next year, and every Christmas to come.

Height— 7 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Best Choice Products Snow-Flocked Pencil Christmas Tree

Looking for a skinny flocked Christmas tree for your small space? You can't go wrong with this Snow-Flocked Pencil Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products. Its snow-flocked branches command attention and provide ample space to hang tinsel, ornaments, and lights. A foldable tree stand and hinged branches make it easy to assemble and disassemble each holiday season. Tuck one in the corner of your dining room, bedroom, or kitchen to create an unforgettable display that doesn't waste an inch of space.

Height— 6 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Wondershop Potted Virginia Pine Flocked Christmas Tree

Wondershop's Potted Virginia Pine Flocked Christmas Tree makes it easy to create a wintery Christmas display. The versatile flocked tree can be used in both indoor and covered outdoor spaces, making it the perfect choice for entryways, porches, and back patios. Its sturdy potted base boasts a stylish, distressed bronze finish that complements any decor scheme. Pre-strung lights make for easy decorating and speedy assembly every year. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a stunning holiday tree.

Height— 5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Sand & Stable White Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Create a white Christmas in any weather with a pair of Sand & Stable White Fir Artificial Christmas Trees. The slim profile tree boasts lush, down-swept branches pre-lit with warm lights and flocked with fluffy white snow. A sturdy steel frame and durable PVC branches make it versatile enough to use inside and out. Flank them on either side of your front door to create an inviting entry for your holiday party guests. With or without ornaments, they're guaranteed to impress.

Height— 3 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Andover Mills Snow-Tipped Pine and Berry Flocked Mini Christmas Tree

Turn your Zoom background or kitchen table into a festive holiday display with this Snow-Tipped Pine and Berry Flocked Mini Christmas Tree from Andover Mills. Pre-strung lights cut down on set-up time while maximizing style. Its snow-covered branches are accented with pine cones and winter berries, so you won't need to worry about adding ornaments either. A burlap-wrapped base makes it a great fun addition to tables, desks, and coffee tables. Not to mention, this cute flocked mini Christmas tree is super affordable that is worth grabbing!

Height— 2 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Martha Stewart Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree

Thanks to this Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree from home decor guru Martha Stewart, holiday decorating has never been easier. It makes the perfect backdrop for your ornament collection and eye-catching tree topper. The durable branches are made from a blend of PE and PVC for a realistic appearance. Unlike other flocked Christmas trees, the fluffy white flocking won't flake off and leave a mess on your floor. Its pre-strung LED lights can toggle between a warm white glow or an opulent multi-colored display.

Height— 5 ft or 6.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Tree Classics by Balsam Hill Snow Pine Flocked Christmas Tree

Turn your living room into a spectacular Christmas display with this Snow Pine Flocked Christmas Tree from Tree Classics by Balsam Hill. The lush branches are pre-strung with energy-efficient, Worry-Free LED lights that won't turn off if a single bulb burns out. A handy foot pedal switch makes it easy to illuminate the tree without needing to search for the outlet. Its removable green tree stand can easily be hidden under the tree collar or tree skirt of your choice. The sturdy flocked Christmas tree even includes an electrical socket at the top for lighted tree toppers.

Height— 7 ft or 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Birch Lane Snowy Avalanche Flocked Christmas Tree

Birch Lane's Snowy Avalanche Flocked Christmas Tree makes the perfect backdrop for your ornament collection. The 1,947 individual branch tips coated with snowy white flocking add a wintery feel to the classic spruced tree. It's pre-strung with warm LED lights, so you won't ever have to deal with tangled extension cords and broken bulbs ever again. Choose from eye-catching lighting styles ranging from steady to twinkling to musically synced. A convenient foot pedal allows you to control the different light functions with ease. Its hinged branches and three-section design make for easy set-up and compact storage. Just give it a quick fluff after assembly, and it's ready to decorate. And when you are done for the season, pack it away with a Christmas storage bag

Height— 7.5 ft

Pre-Lit— Yes

Flocked Christmas Tree FAQ

Here are some answers to a couple of common questions to help you decide exactly what tree is best for you. 

What is a flocked Christmas tree?

So what is a flocked Christmas tree exactly? The popular style is made by dusting an artificial Christmas tree with fluffy white powder that looks just like real snow. These days, flocked Christmas trees come at every size, shape, and price, making them a suitable choice for any home.

How To Add Flocked Trees Into Your Holiday Decor?

Flocked trees are perfect for displaying as is, or you can mix them with some real trees. You can group flock trees together and sprinkle them throughout your house to give you a winter wonderland feel.

You can add stylish Christmas tree garlands or decorate it with ribbon.

Is a flocked Christmas tree messy?

The flocked Christmas tree does shed a bit and will leave some mess behind. Even the best flocked Christmas trees will shed some flocking material as you put lights and decorations on them. Depending on the material and the amount of flock on the tree, some will shed more than others.

If you are looking to skip the mess that comes with a live tree or minimum mess in general, go for a quality store bought artificial Christmas tree as they will shed less than DIY yourself a live tree or a lower quality flocked tree. If you order one online, not only does it provide more convenience and ease to your life during the busy holiday season, but you can skip the mess that it may bring in the car.

How to stop flocked Christmas trees from shedding?

Some people swear by hairspray. However, keep in mind that hairspray is highly flammable. Excessive heat from your lighting can cause an issue. Otherwise, artificial flocked trees are treated with a chemical to reduce the mess they could leave behind.

Is a flocked Christmas tree safe for cats?

While you should ALWAYS check with the tree manufacturer or brand to determine if the specific flocked Christmas tree you are purchasing is safe for cats or not, most fake snow is mildly toxic to pets if consumed. If your cat consumed some of the flock, it might experience an upset stomach.

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