The 9 Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags

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Assembling and disassembling your Christmas tree used to be one of the biggest hassles of the holiday season, but not anymore! Not only can a Christmas tree bag cut your assembly time in half, but it will also keep your decorations safe while in storage. Thanks to the convenient Christmas tree storage bags below, the inevitable task is easier than ever.

After investing in a reusable artificial tree, you’ll want to be sure it stays in perfect shape so that it can be enjoyed year after year. Christmas tree storage bags are the best way to store an artificial tree between holiday seasons, as they keep out dust and protect your tree from insect infestations and water damage.

To help you keep your Christmas tree in tip-top shape, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas tree storage bags this holiday season. From convenient rolling tree storage duffels to colossal fabric boxes to reliable canvas bags, these durable storage options will keep your tree looking pristine for many Christmases to come.

Here are our picks for the 9 best Christmas tree storage bags to conveniently store and protect your artificial Christmas tree between holiday seasons.

9 best Christmas tree storage bags

TreeKeeper 33-in W x 95-in H 59.8-cu ft Polyester Christmas Tree Storage Bag

With TreeKeeper’s Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag, assembling your Christmas tree is a thing of the past! As anyone who owns a large artificial Christmas tree can attest to, assembling and disassembling your Christmas tree each year is a huge hassle. With an upright Christmas tree storage bag, you can keep your tree fully-assembled and ready for decorating.

The upright style not only cuts your set-up time in half, but it also helps save space. The heavyweight bag fits trees up to 7.5 ft. trees with ease and can even hold trees up to 9 ft. with the top removed. Additionally, TreeKeeper’s Christmas tree storage bag has a separate compartment at the base that’s perfect for storing ornaments or lights. The added Christmas tree storage space ensures your lights stay untangled and your decorations stay in tip-top shape.

The simple design attaches to the tree’s base and compresses discreetly below the tree while it’s on display. Simply bunch the bag at the bottom of the tree, then secure it under the attached tree skirt and a pile of presents. When you’re ready to put the tree away, pull the bag up and over the tree, and secure it at the top. The heavyweight bag also features reinforced handles and durable polyester fabric that can be quickly be wiped clean. With these perks and features, this is the best Christmas tree bag overall.


  • Unique upright style.
  • Heavyweight and durable material.
  • Storage space available for ornaments and lights.
  • Clozzers Printed Christmas Tree Storage Bag

    If you’re looking to store your artificial tree in something a bit more aesthetically pleasing, Clozzers’ festively printed Christmas Tree Storage bags are perfect for you! Their eye-catching storage bags feature festive prints that add a touch of holiday cheer to your storage space. Plus, Clozzers also offers matching ornament boxes, wreath holders, gift wrap organizers, and garland bags to ensure all of your holiday decorations stay protected in style.

    The bag’s heavy-duty fabric is water-resistant, tear-proof, and extremely durable, thanks to reinforced stitching. The convenient handles make it easy to carry your tree upstairs or up the ladder to your attic. It measures 48 in. x 15 in. x 20 in., making it ideal for smaller trees up to 7 ft. tall. 


  • Festive design
  • Made from heavy-duty fabric that is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and durable.
  • Hassle-free with convenient handles.
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    West Elm Expandable Tree Dolly

    If you splurged this season on a luxurious artificial tree, then it’s well worth investing in an equally high-quality Christmas tree storage bag. West Elm’s Expandable Tree Dolly will keep your tree in perfect condition for many Christmas seasons to come. The heavyweight bag holds trees up to 12 ft. tall. Its thick polyester canvas, convenient handles, and durable double-zipper ensure your tree stays protected between holiday seasons.

    The dolly-style storage bag has wheels attached, making it easier than ever to transport your tree from the garage to the living room. Not only does storing your tree upright save space, but it also cuts set up time in half by allowing you to keep your tree fully assembled. That means you can spend less time reassembling your tree and more time enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends. 


    • Made with heavy-duty material with double zipper
    • Hassle-free with convenient handles.
    • Expandable up to 12 ft.
    Elf Stor Rolling Duffle Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Green

    One of the biggest hassles of the holiday season is moving your Christmas tree to and from its storage spot. The three rollerblade style wheels on Elf Stor’s Rolling Duffle Christmas Tree Storage Bag makes transporting your tree easier than ever! Consider the struggle of lugging your tree around a thing of the past! At $39.95, it’s an affordable option designed to last. Plus, Elf Stor’s Christmas tree storage bag is eligible for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

    In addition to its convenient wheels, the bag features interior straps that secure your tree in place and prevent it from shifting around during transport. It measures 59 in. x 21.5 in. x 24.5 in., making it large enough to hold a disassembled 9 ft. tree. The festive green storage duffle bag is made with reinforced handles, double-zippers, and heavyweight 100% Oxford canvas that’s water, stain, tear, and moisture resistant.


    • Easy transporting with wheels.
    • Hassle-free with convenient handles.
    • Interior straps added to secure your tree and prevent shifting during transporting
    Zober Artificial Tree Storage Bag & Garland Bag Set

    If you aren’t ready to invest in a pricey Christmas tree bag, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available. Zober’s Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag and Garland Bag Set is an affordable and convenient way to store your holiday decorations. Plus, the festive color scheme adds a touch of holiday cheer.

    The three-piece set comes with a Christmas tree storage bag that fits up to a 9-ft. tree and two smaller bags designed to store garlands or wreaths. The waterproof fabric ensures your tree won’t have any problems with water damage or mold while it waits for the next Christmas season.


    • It comes in a three-pack that allows you to store more than just a tree.
    • Made with water-proof polyethylene plastic.
    • Hassle-free with convenient handles.
    Santa’s Bags Extra Large Tree Storage Bag

    If you’re searching for the best duffel storage bag for an artificial tree, look no further than Santa’s Bags’ Extra Large Tree Storage Bag. While many duffel bags only fit smaller trees, this oversized duffel bag can hold trees up to 9 ft. tall. Its roomy interior ensures you don’t have to mangle any branches or loosen any of the tree’s delicate needles as you load and unload your tree.

    Wheel-less duffel bags are ideal for storing your tree in an attic or high shelf. This storage bag’s durable polyester canvas and reinforced handles are built to last. They’ll keep content safe from bugs, dust, and water damage while in storage. This affordable storage option is sure to keep your tree looking good as new for many Yuletides to come. 


    • Hassle-free with convenient handles.
    • One-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
    • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
    TreeKeeper GreensKeeper 9-15’ Tree Storage Bag

    If you have an extra-large tree, you need an extra-large storage bag. TreeKeeper GreensKeeper Tree Storage Bag’s steel frame, durable fabric, and built-in wheels make it the best storage bag for oversized trees. The rectangular storage bag can easily hold 12 ft. to 15 ft. trees or store garlands, wreaths, and other decorations alongside a smaller tree.

    While it’s a bit of an investment, it’s certainly worth it. Storing large trees can be extremely difficult, but this specially-designed bag makes it a breeze! The metal frame and adjustable compression straps ensure your tree is fully secure while in motion. Heavy-duty wheels make it easy to maneuver your massive tree into tight corners and small storage spaces. Plus, the zip-away top section makes it easy to load and unload (or to sneak a peek at your tree between seasons when you need a little holiday cheer).


    • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
    • U-shaped zipper, heavy-duty wheels, and risers make loading and transport easy.
    • Compression straps help secure large trees up to 15 ft.

    Out Of 9

    Classic Accessories Christmas Tree Storage Bag

    Larger Christmas tree bags may be too large to protect smaller trees under 5 ft. adequately. The compact size and interior straps of this Christmas Storage Bag from Classic Accessories make it an ideal choice for protecting your miniature tree. It can fit assembled trees up to 4.5 ft. tall or a disassembled 6-9 ft. tall tree in sections.

    The festively-printed storage bag has sturdy built-in wheels that make it easy to maneuver in and out of a small storage unit or apartment coat closet. Plus, it’s designed with dual zippers, interior pockets, and an easy-view window lid. It’s made with soft padded fabric, and a reinforced base with protective cushioning that prevents damage while tucked away between holiday seasons.


    • Easy transporting with wheels.
    • Adjustable straps and quick-release buckles secure trees and tree sections.
    • Easy-view window lid with dual zippers.

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    Santa’s Bags Topiary Tree Bag Set

    Christmas tree bags aren’t just for the artificial tree in your living room. They’re also suitable for protecting decorative topiary trees from water, dust, and pests. Most run-of-the-mill Christmas tree bags are designed to hold full-sized artificial trees, meaning smaller topiary trees won’t always fit. This can lead to your tree being crushed or damaged during storage.

    With durable, wipe-clean fabric and reinforced handles, the Topiary Tree Bag Set from Santa’s Bags ensures your decorative trees stay damage-free all year long. This two-piece set protects two 4 ft. tall trees with ease. Simply slide the bag over the top of the tree, pull down to the bottom, and cinch the drawstring closed around the base of the tree.


    • 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
    • Made of durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric.
    • Reinforced long handles on the side ensure safe and easy transportation of your trees.

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