10 Stylish Christmas Tree Garland Ideas

Last Updated November 2, 2021 By Bella Zinti

Add a festive flourish to your Christmas tree this holiday with some Christmas tree garlands. From wool pom pom garland to velvet ribbons, they sure will spruce up your holiday decor and bring holiday cheer.

Ditch your faux cypress garland this year and opt-in for something unique. To help you shop, we have rounded up ten stylish Christmas garlands you must add to your holiday collection. Aside from using them for decorating your trees, there are other ways you can use these Christmas tree garlands as part of your holiday décor in your home. You can add it to your mantels, around the front door, wrap around the stair railing, or even turn them into DIY Christmas wreaths.

10 Christmas Tree Garland Ideas For Your Tree

1. Natural Decor

Wooden Bead Garland

Wooden Bead Garland

This beautiful natural wash of carved wood is a great addition to your Christmas tree this year. Aside from using it for decorating your tree, you can use them as an artful addition to your coffee table. Made of mango wood with abaca rope, this beaded garland is completely natural.

Ornament Garland String Lights

If you want to save some time from hanging ornaments and lights this holiday season, you must check out this ornament garland with string lights. The rustic and romantic garland has an artisanal appeal. Perfect for adding to the tree or positioned around the doorway, the glittering lights are a perfect addition to your holiday collection.

3. Pom Pom Garland

Puff White Pom Pom Garland


Simple yet stunning. These snowballs looking pom pom will look great on your Christmas tree. The fluffy texture and the contrast of the white color will make your pine tree pop. In addition, add some twinkle string lights, and you will be good to go.

Faux Ivory Pampas Grass Garland

Transform your Christmas tree with some faux pampas garland. The ivory pampas grass adds a touch of elegance, minimalist, and natural feel. You can either wrap around the tree or add a splash here and there. It can be placed on a tree, used as table decor, or DIY into a Christmas wreath.

Handcrafted Glass Jewel Garland

Add a touch of sparkle and glam to your tree this year. They will make sure to keep spirits bright with glittering soda-lime glass. And not to mention, this garland is completely handmade! Making them heirloom-worthy holiday accents and holiday decor to add to your collection.

6. Red Jungle Bells

Red Jingle Bells Garland

Red Jingle Bells Garland

Red bells drape is a classic Christmas garland to add to your tree. They are classic, festive, and eye-catching. Wrapped the garland around the Christmas tree, and they look great and add a lot of colors! The nice deep red and jingled are just enough to catch anyone's interest.

Feather Christmas tree garland

The fluffy white feather is a great addition to your Christmas tree. They add a nice texture and offer a color contrast to your Christmas tree. Unlike most garlands, the feather can fill up any big gaps without anyone even noticing.

Knit Christmas Tree Garland

Chunky hand-knit is always in trend, and that includes garland! The hand-knit garland can be used on a Christmas tree or mantle. It adds a natural, rustic, cozy, and charming touch to your Christmas decor. Each of the chunky garlands is handmade using pure Peruvian Highland Wool!

Red & Gold Bead Tinsel Garland

Add a festive vibe to your Christmas tree this year with this red and gold bead tinsel garland. Add some led lights, and you are all good to go! Not to mention this fun and shiny accent is super affordable.

10. Pearl Garland

Pearly Beaded Garland

Pearly Beaded Garland

Chic and sophisticated, this pearly beaded garland will guarantee to make a statement on your tree. Perfect as table decor, add to your DIY wreaths, or as tree garland. Pair it perfectly pair it with crystal ornaments for an exquisite look.

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